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Ultimate Dubs 2017

Date: 11/12 March 2017

Location: Telford International Centre, Shropshire


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


It’s been a long, drawn out, winter for us at Slam Sanctuary. So, we were fully stoked to finally arrive at Ultimate Dubs in Telford last weekend for the ‘show season’ opener. Hosted over a Saturday evening and all day Sunday, it’s a great chance for friends to catch-up after being busy with their normal lives… With the majority of people staying overnight, there’s plenty of time for social gatherings, whether it’s over cars, food, or beers – unless you’re too busy setting up and running a stand, like us, unfortunately! That’s because we’ve been sitting on the brand new Spring ’17 clothing collection for a couple of months waiting to drop it on you all at Ultimate Dubs. Well, it went down an absolute treat – we can’t thank everyone enough for almost clearing out the whole store. In fact, we’ve already had to restock a lot of items, which should be available through our online store in a few weeks time. We also supported our good friends at Distinct Detail Co. with debuting their new brand of boutique car care products on our booth – they’re definitely a company to watch!


This year we displayed Ben Rye’s ’57 Beetle (which we recently featured), Jack Royston’s incredible Type 3 Notchback, and of course, (with us being us) we had to have a BMW on the booth… in the form of Jack Williams’ E28, which was finished just a couple of days prior! I’ll let the photographs do the rest, sit back and enjoy…


Our Pop-up Store all set up and ready for the day


Jack Williams’ M52-swapped BMW E28 on Air Lift suspension & OZ Breyton’s



Ben Rye’s ’57 Volkswagen Oval Beetle on Air Lift suspension & custom 3pc smoothies
(Click here to check out our feature on Ben’s Beetle)


Jack Royston’s ’71 Volkswagen Type 3 Notchback on Air Lift suspension & BBS E30’s




Richard Skinner’s ’83 Volkswagen Santana on Air Lift suspension & BBS RF’s



Parm Panesar’s BMW F80 M3 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform LAS-R’s




Dwane Thompson’s Vauxhall Adam on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform RSE’s



Vick Nagi’s Mercedes-Benz W126 560SEL on Air Lift suspension & BBS E28’s



Mark Riccioni’s Mazda RX-7 on Rotiform LAS-R’s



Steve Fraser’s Audi S3 Saloon on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform ZRH’s




Dan Taylor’s BMW E46 M3 on Air Lift suspension & WORK Meister R’s



Jay McToldridge’s Datsun 260Z on Rotiform GTB’s




Ryan Stewart’s Alpina B10 3.3 Touring on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform RSE’s


(Click here to check out our feature on Ryan’s B10)


Becky Evans’ BMW E21 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’



Jason Zeigler’s VW Mk7 Golf R on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform LSR’s



Nicholas Pritchard’s Ford RS500 Cosworth on Compomotive TH1882’s



Kat Giles’ Audi Q3 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform ROC’s




Max Lumb’s Porsche 944 S2 on Airdynamiks / Air Lift suspension & OZ Futura’s



Julian Loose’s Audi B7 RS4 Avant on Air Lift / AccuAir suspension & Ispiri FFR7/FFR8’s



Ben Chandler’s Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG on Rotiform SLC’s



Faye Collins’ Audi RS3 on HP Drivetech / AccuAir suspension & Rotiform YVR’s



Jack Hogg’s Audi A7 on HP Drivetech / AccuAir suspension & AG AGL24 SPEC3’s



Alex Begley’s BMW F80 M3 on Air Lift suspension & Fifteen52 Formula GT’s



Rachid Ait Moumad’s Audi B5 S4 Avant on Air Lift suspension & RAD48 VR’s



Jordan Warren’s Rocket Bunny Mazda RX-7 on AirREX / Air Lift suspension & WORK Meister R’s



Only Charged Dubs’ Audi C5 Allroad on Airdynamiks / AccuAir suspension & stepped-up OZ Futura’s




Alex Challinor’s Mk2 Audi TT on Air Lift suspension & BBS CH-R’s



Kristof Mombaerts’ Porsche 964 on KW suspension & Rotiform STR’s



David Paiva’s Audi B5 A4 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’



Black Sheep Belgium’s Porsche 964 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform LHR’s



Rob Kelly’s Audi C7 A6 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform OZT’s



Sean Robbins’ bagged Datsun 240Z with BMW M52 2.8l engine swap on Extreme Offset Wheels




Ben Braeckman’s Volkswagen Passat CC on Air Lift suspension & RAD48 LR 2.0’s




Corey Nolan’s BMW F32 435i on Air Lift / AccuAir suspension & Rotiform RSE’s



Jack Smith’s bagged Mk1 Golf on Fifteen52 Tarmac 348′s



Maarten’s Porsche 964 on KW V3 HLS suspension & Cargraphic Racing wheels



André Neudert’s Volkswagen Beetle on Air Lift suspension



Sam Curtis’ Mk2 Golf GTI on Air Lift suspension & custom-built BBS RA’s



Glenn Sweeck’s Audi Allroad on Air Lift / Accuair suspension & BBS RS2’s



Bradley Mckee’s bagged ’78 Volkswagen B1 Passat on BBS LM’s



Auto Finesse’s BMW F80 M3 on HP Drivetech / AccuAir suspension & ADV.1 wheels




Niall Fearon’s Volkswagen Mk3 Scirocco on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform OZT’s



Alistair Cox’s Porsche 996 GT3 on Airdynamiks / AccuAir suspension & BBS LM’s

@coxy914 / @ceautomotive


Angus Munro’s Porsche 964 on Air Lift suspension & BBS Super-RS’




Liam Handley’s Volkswagen Mk2 Polo Coupe GT on BBS RS’




Toby Wilkinson’s Mk2 Audi TTS on StillStatic / H&R suspension & MB LV1’s



Alex Wright’s static BMW E36 328i Sport on ACS Type 1’s


(Click here to check out our feature on Alex’s E36)


Marc’s Volkswagen Mk4 Golf on Air Lift suspension & BBS RC300’s



Ian Kelly’s Audi SQ5 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform wheels



James Munro’s Porsche 356 Speedster on Air Lift suspension



Yeah, yeah, I know… It didn’t seem like much of a ‘Dubs’ show, but let’s face it, that argument is getting old now. Times are changing, and there just aren’t as many people building Volkswagens anymore, or at least there aren’t many stand-out builds. Ultimate Dubs is much more of a trade exhibition these days, and if companies are building BMWs, Mercs, and Jap cars, then that’s what you’re going to see. We still did our best to showcase some of our favourite VAG examples, though – but we’re always going to photograph what captures our attention and what we feel is ‘cool’. We hope you all had a fantastic weekend if you attended, and you’ll be glad to hear that our next event will be entirely Volkswagen based, as we’re heading to The Volksworld Show on the 25/26th March!




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More info on Ultimate Dubs:

Ultimate Dubs website

Ultimate Dubs on Facebook

Ultimate Dubs on Instagram


Ultimate Dubs 2015 – Part 3

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Welcome back, to the final part of our Ultimate Dubs 2015 coverage. What a fantastic weekend it was for everyone, catching up with friends and checking out people’s new builds. We’ve already taken you through the outside areas and two main exhibition halls, which leaves us with two remaining indoor areas, which are mostly occupied by the traders. The quality of cars keeps on getting better and better, with ridiculously high standards in every class. We’re still amazed how much money is being thrown into new builds every year. Anyway, let’s check them out… Grab a cuppa, get comfy, and enjoy…


We’ll start in the exclusive carpeted hall, always dimly lit – annoying for photographers, but the cars do look incredible under the light. The first car that grabbed our attention was Matt Glassup’s Porsche 911 (964) sitting on a mint set of widened Eta Betas with Rotiform finished centres.




Over on the ‘I Love Bass’ stand, Niall O’Dowd’s Porsche Cayman S took things to the next level, with a hydraulic suspension install and Rotiforms!



The VRS Northampton Mk7 Golf R on the StillStatic stand was looking mean, with a big brake upgrade, StillStatic coilovers and mbDESIGN wheels.



Alongside was this brutal Audi B7 A4 on a gorgeous set of 20″ Vossens.



We loved this Audi S3 on custom BBS Super RS’. Is it just us, or is there a bit of a gold wheel vibe going on this year?



Check out Clark Thurman’s bagged Mk1 Caddy on Keskin KT1s, which we first papped at last year’s Show & Glow event.




We were pretty stoked to see this, Kevve Raekelboom’s AccuAir equiped BMW E30 on the Wheel Whores stand, although the car is still a work-in-progress, it’s already looking to be an incredible build. The brown VIP Modular VXS210 wheels certainly make it stand out from the crowded E30 scene.



In Part 2, we mentioned that there are some cars that you keep seeing throughout their build process, whether it’s through Instagram or Facebook… Steven Doe’s E21 is another of these cars, so it was awesome to finally see it finished and on display. Bagged, but switching things up from the norm and opting for CCW wheels, it is one beautifully executed project.




Continuing along the Wheel Whores stand, we bumped into Adrian May’s US spec Mk3 Golf, we loved the paintwork on this along with the Corvette salad shooter wheels.



Dan Taylor’s E46 M3 was the centre of attention sitting super low on Broadway Static coilovers and a lovely set of OZ Futura splits.




Check out the new in-your-face Fatlace wrap by JD Wraps on the Players Show S14, along with a colour switch up on the awesome Rotiform TMBs.



Jamie McToldridge’s Mk1 Golf was equally eye-catching sitting alongside it…



Over on the Meguairs stand, Greg Howell’s Porsche 911 was sparkling due to his impressive paint, on KW V3 Ultra Lows + HLS 4 (Hydraulic Lift System) and 19″ BBS E88s splits.



We actually captured this last year at Ultimate Stance when the car was in a completely different state, but still cool nonetheless. Rory Hamilton has put his Mercedes W115 240D through a complete transformation over the winter, including a full respray and a beautiful set of BBS Mahle wheels which add to the car to no end.



We see it a lot, but Richie Payne’s ‘Milestone71’ Porsche 911 is one 964 we never tire of seeing. This is as close to Porsche perfection as you can get.




Never have we seen so many 964’s at one show.. We also loved this black beauty on Voodoo’s stand, demonstrating some of Elie’s split rim handiwork.



Heading over to the Radioworld stand, their Nissan GTR was certainly unique, being on D2 air suspension and a set of 20″ D2 Racing Forged OS02 wheels.



Not forgetting the E38 740i, also on D2 air suspension. We shot this back at Ultimate Stance, and it’s now rocking an Alpina splitter, amber corners and D2 Racing TS-05 wheels. One badass car.



Check out this incredible BMW M4 on the BC Forged Wheels UK / Swissvax UK stand, on H&R suspension and BC HB09 wheels in custom gloss black and BMW Sakhir Orange to match the car.




Kay Singh was along in a black E30 M3, parked up next to the M4, on a classic set of BBS RS with yes, you guessed it, gold centres! A flawless example of a truly heroic motorsport icon.



Props to the guys at Plush Automotive, for going all out on Ollie Manuello’s Audi R8. Who’d have thought AccuAir suspension and BBS magnesium E28s would look this good on a supercar.




The standard continues with this 700hp Audi RS6, again on AccuAir and HP Drivetech suspension and ADV1 wheels.



We also loved Justin Appleford’s bagged Audi RS5, which was tucking huge 21″ BC Forged HB-R5s!




This Mk6 Golf wagon on the Dub Fiction stand caught us by surprise, sitting very nicely on air and Cast13 RB2 wheels.



Gepfeffert UK had an incredible Audi S3 on their stand which some of you may remember seeing last year with a different guise. It’s now slammed on Gepfeffert’s very own HLS 140 slam kit.




We caught up with Car Audio & Security a few weeks ago back at their ‘Caffeine & Cars’ event, but we had to of course take a couple of snaps of their rides again. Check out their Air Lift bagged Mk5 Golf on the new Rotiform SPF wheels – they go together so well.



Parm switched up the wheels on his stunning new RS4 Avant with a set of double dark tint IND-Ts. Click here to check out our coverage from the ‘Caffeine & Cars’ event for more on this car and boot install.



The copper plated Rotiform SPFs on this B7 RS4 were definitely out of this world and super cool!



So that just about finalises our round up of the year’s show starter. We had a fantastic weekend overall. Ultimate Dubs is always the busiest show and the buzz it creates is just amazing. From the quality of cars debuting here, the car community is certainly on the way to a very exciting year ahead. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on our latest car show visits. Next up is VolksWorld for a check up on the air-cooled community. Stay tuned!



Ultimate Dubs 2015 – Part 1

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


It’s been a long old wait, but this year’s show season has finally begun, kicking off with Ultimate Dubs at the Telford International Centre. This has always been one of the biggest car shows on the calendar, and being the first show of the year means people are attending with new projects and updates that have been worked on throughout the winter. Plus, like us and a lot of people in the show, there’s the option of staying overnight in a hotel, a good chance to catch up with friends in the bar until the early hours. To some people that’s part of the fun of Ultimate Dubs. Turning up the day before also means there’s usually some interesting cars scattered around the venue and the onsite hotel car parks, so it’s always worth a wander around. In Part 1 we’ll primarily be taking you around the outside areas of the show.


Every time we’re at the International Centre we bump into this beautiful 911, which is always worth a quick snap.



Opposite the Porsche, Alex Hurd’s bagged BMW E46 was parked up, check out the white-centred BBS RFs with gold hardware which work nicely against the silver paint and amber corners.



Over the road we caught Max Wilde’s gorgeous M4 and Shakey’s E39 M5 parked up whilst they spent a lot of the weekend in the adjacent hotel bar.



We thought we’d put this up to show that not everything runs smoothly at car shows. Our friend Kiran Mistry had some issues with his Mk1, involving a wheel falling off on route on the motorway at high speed. Luckily he’s OK, unfortunately the same can’t be said for his poor Golf.



It’s always fun to see the show car’s getting a clean outside before they queue up to their indoor spots. Here Aneysha (of FittedUK) giving her stunning ’64 Beetle a wash…




Out of the many Lupo’s in attendance, this was a clear favourite of ours, a bagged GTI sitting perfectly on Rota Zeros, it’s just a shame they’re not the genuine Work Equips, but other than that a great looking car.




We were also feeling James Cousins’ bagged Audi A5, there’s a definite chance that white cars are going to big this year.



Fifteen52 Tarmac’s on Mk4 Golfs are always a match made in heaven. Sean Lamb’s bagged R32 is pulling off this look flawlessly.





These two Jetta’s stood out, what’s not to like about a Mk1.. Jamie Lockyer’s example above, and  Travis Price’s bagged Jetta below.



Abi Clarke has upped her game with the addition of Zender Phase 2 Turbos and fans on her Polo, incredible wheels.



Vossen CVTs look spectacular on most modern cars, shown here on Kiran Attwal’s bagged Audi TT wrapped by S6 Wraps in an eye catching yellow.




We’re fans of static and bagged cars, but Scirocco’s always seem to look their best on air. Check out this silver stunner on black Rotiform INDs, spaced out for some awesome fitment.



Although Ultimate Dubs is primarily a VAG show, there’s always going to be a turnout of other marques like we’ve already seen. Let’s move on to some more BMWs… like David Mcdiarmid’s newly bagged E46. With rare factory white paint, M3 front bumper and amber corners, but more importantly those insanely wide OZ Breytons!



But the winner of perfectly executed fitment goes to our Thom William’s and his bagged E46 saloon on newly lipped BBS RFs. Absolutely killer.




Alex Gray’s EOS was turning heads, not surprising as it’s bagged on 18″ Artec Turbo splits which bring the car together brilliantly. We loved the decals, too.



Moving along to a couple of the Taunton boys, Adam Wyatt has unleashed his Vento with a super bright new colour, now fitted with Air Lift suspension and a set of Rays Nismo wheels, making this something really different!



Facing it, Aggs Gaines’ awesome new Polo 6R GTI, also on Air Lift suspension. The gold OZ Ultraleggera’s compliment this car so well.




We see a lot of cars throughout the year, but Porsche 968’s unfortunately don’t pop up that much. What a nice surprise it was to come across Giles Ramsden’s impeccable example.



The 3 piece Teledials were a nice touch to Tom Michael’s bagged Mini Cooper S which was also rocking a rather impressive boot build.




We don’t see too many bagged Mercedes CLS55’s, so it was cool to come across Lee Patterson’s AMG on Airrex bags. This thing sounded ridiculous, but that’s to be expected with a supercharged V8.



Wagons are a popular choice in this day and age, but how often do you see a Polo estate? Joe Stackman’s static example really looks the part.




Thankfully we did come across some air cooled goodness, including Khol Parker’s ’66 Beetle.




Our mate Jack Ellis made the journey up from down South in his static B3 Passat. That front heckblende still makes the car for us!



Mk5 Golfs, tough cars to crack as they are so popular within the show scene, but Lee Johns’ new look is ticking all the right boxes – a lovely example.



As we get closer to the heart of Ultimate Dubs, we spotted Nick Sahota queuing up to take his place indoors. Here’s a little teaser of one of our favourite BMW’s new look for 2015. Two words, Bugatti Centrelocks.



Or how about an M4 convertible….



That’s it for our outside portion of Ultimate Dubs. We’ve shown you a variation of car’s that stood out – we’ll continue into the halls in Part 2, so check back soon to see what all the trader’s have been working on during those winter months. The quality of cars will continue to improve – we were not disappointed.



Ultimate Dubs 2014 Part 3: Outdoors

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Continuing from Part 2 of our Ultimate Dubs coverage, it’s time to take some air and have a look at what the car park had to offer. Weather wise, it was an absolutely stunning day, which meant a lot of the show goers were spending most of their time outdoors to explore the cars and to just generally hang out with friends. I highlighted a few non-VAG cars indoors, continuing more so here as the variety outdoors was a mixed bag. I’ve taken focus on a few BMWs, Mercs and a selection of classic air cooled stuff that stood out to me, a real treat – and hopefully you agree.



The first car that stood out for me was this tornado red R32, on Rotas and static. An impressive ride height which is something you just don’t seem to see that often on Golfs of this age unless they’re on air.





The guys from FourSeasons have kicked off the year hard with an eye catching trio of cars, including Thom’s E46 sitting really nicely on BBS RF splits.



…and Steven’s stunning B5 S4 with a healthy drop. You should hear this too, very loud!



Standing out with an E36 has become tough practice, given the popularity of the model. Josh however has pulled it off with his 328i, adding a set of Carline CM6’s and a crazy bit of rear camber.




This 911 appeared to be parked up here throughout the show, a shame it wasn’t more involved in the show as its a lovely example.



Taking Scirocco’s to the next level…



I had a bit of a moment finally seeing Ian and Shaun’s E36 M3’s in person. Both are extremely tidy and look stunning parked up together. Hopefully they’ll make this a regular occurrence at shows this year!





“Miss Piggy” hanging out with a bunch of cool B5s.




The colour coded lips work nicely on this Golf.




One car that had people breaking necks throughout his entrance was Muhammed’s retro cool Mercedes 190e. It doesn’t get much better than this.




Another car I’d been admiring online was Jas’ E38 so I was ecstatic to see it parked up.





This Speedster coupe was a nice surprise!





A good 5-10 minutes were spent taking in this awesome Beetle, done right.



The same goes for this Type 2, which immediately attracted a huge crowd of admirers whilst it was parking up.




The E36 theme continues, with Kaz’s static example. One of my favourites from Players last year.



One of my cars of the show was this Notchback. Utter perfection.




That concludes our photo coverage of Ultimate Dubs. There’s been an amazing selection of cars and the standard was simply jaw-dropping. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings – people definitely have their work cut out to better some of these cars. I’d like to say a big thank you to the team at UD for having us, a fantastic start to 2014.

Ultimate Dubs 2014 Part 2: Indoors

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Following Part 1 of our Ultimate Dubs coverage, we’re finally indoors (slightly hungover from the previous nights antics) and ready to take a look at what’s on offer at the show season starter. Get ready for some stunning vehicles and a surprising variation from within. Luckily we were able to shoot most of the show on the Saturday afternoon, just as well, because show day on Sunday was absolutely packed with people. It was difficult to even move around at times, a tremendous turn out for the organisers.




This E63 AMG V8 biturbo Mercedes was pretty impressive with Rotiform splits and painted in a controversial taxi-esque yellow, on the Design4Automotive/AccuAir stand.



Yes, there are going to be a lot of Rotiform wheels…




I remember this car from Edition38 last year, a really well executed Mk2 Golf on Ronals that made the journey over from France.



And another from Europe, this Type 2 came over from Belgium and was a major head turner.



Unfortunately I heard these guys had some bad luck on the way home and the engine caught fire. Hope you guys manage to sort it out!




There’s a big question being asked throughout social media at the moment – isn’t UD supposed be a VAG only event? Well, there was certainly quite a large selection of non-VAG around. Personally I don’t have a problem with this, but I am biased being a BMW guy and everything… I know some people seemed to be a bit upset about it, but it’s all about variation in my opinion, so I fully support it, and it was nice to see some great motors like this bagged E21.




Amazing bit of tuck on this air ride S3, with a set of stunning Vossen rims.





It was great to see Kristof’s 911 from Belgium again, one of my personal favourite Porsche’s, now sitting on Rotiform FUCs.





Danni’s new colour definitely helping her Scirocco stand out from the crowd.




More Mercedes wheels on this cool Mk6 Golf on the Lowsocial stand.




Famous James returned with the Polo on a set of 16″ Teddys, helping him take away Wheel Whores Best Wheels and Best Polo of show.



Mark’s “Bolf” estate now rocking new paint.





The guys at RollHard had their own stand this year with some impressive cars including this Mk2 Golf.



Dan’s E46 was a favourite for many at the show, not surprising with such great fitment and a super sexy set of Breytons.









As per usual, our friends at Forge Motorsport had some awesome race cars on display!




The Milestone 71 Porsche was rocking a brave new colour for 2014. You can’t get much more eye catching than this.




Brian from Rotiform brought along this Mk2 on the Players stand. I love the aggressiveness of this car thanks to the huge dish and flares.



..and the Players Datsun we spotted on the way into the show in Part 1. Balls’d have done a fantastic job with this, looking forward to seeing it completely finished.



The Auto Finesse shop caddy was drawing in crowds throughout the day, nicely done guys.




After seeing them on the road, rolling, on the way up to the show (see Part 1), I was intrigued to see Car Audio Security‘s cars close up.



Personally I wouldn’t bag an E46 M3, but there is no denying it looks incredible, a definite OEM+ car, with a square setup of the standard 19″ wheels.




Their E92 was sitting on a super cool set of Rotiforms, with just the right amount of dish.




It’s always a relief to find some classics, like these nice examples over on the Euro Sunday stand.



The Autostrada Monza’s are a nice addition to this Jetta.




The colour coding and Porsche twists on this TT really work well.





I’m not usually the biggest fan of the newer Golfs, but this Mk7 GTI was fresh. The BBS’ and those lips set it off extremely nicely.




There’s always time for a B5 Avant.




Nick Sahota’s E30 M3 built by Studio Incar is going to divide opinions. Its on air ride. I’ll let you make your own judgement, but I think it looks stunning, and they made a great choice on the colour. Fair play for taking on the project, it’s certainly different!





This SWB Quattro was an absolute beast of a machine.




Rocking that classic Mk1 look…



Studio Incar‘s E92 was looking a bit different to when we all saw it last year!



As common as BBS LMs have become, I still think they’re awesome wheels. Especially when they are genuine like the ones on this B5 RS4. It just works.




So, a stunning selection of cars on display. Ultimate Dubs have really set the standard high for the first show of the season, especially with the acceptance of a few non-VAG cars this year. This meant there really was something for everyone to enjoy. And that’s not it, there were just as many cars outside as there were inside the halls, so check back soon for Part 3 of our coverage.

Ultimate Dubs 2014 Part 1: The Road To UD

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Show season is finally here, kicking off in style with Ultimate Dubs up in Telford. This was the first time I’d been to UD, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but nonetheless I was fully stoked. Initially I thought I’d be travelling up early on the Sunday morning, but amazingly managed to get hold of a hotel room next to the venue, an ideal situation – meaning a later start and the chance for drinks on Saturday night! I decided to bring along my good friend and photographer Keith (check out his work over at Bridle Photography). He picked me up Saturday morning in his Mk3 and we set off from Bournemouth to the Midlands, or ‘up north’ as we refer to it. We are proper Southern boys, anywhere above London seems like the North to us!



A morning coffee pitstop was definitely required. The amount of McDonald’s consumed on this trip was quite plainly, ridiculous.



We were hoping to catch a few other show-goers on the journey and amazingly came across the folks over at Car Audio Security and their epic convoy.



These cars look awesome on the road!




We got up to the Midlands in good time, but instead of heading straight to the show in Telford, we made a detour to Stoke to meet up with our friend Danni who had just finished her Scirocco ready for the show.



After much waiting around for her to get back, we hit the road again. She’s done a good job with the new colour, plus the addition of a fresh set of Mercedes rims, a nice surprise to the typical 3SDMs or Rotiforms.




On arrival at the International Centre we were met by the new Players Datsun, built by the guys at Balls’d. It’s unfinished, hence the trailer, but this thing is still pretty badass!



We checked in to our hotel and then headed down to the show to help Danni prep her car for the stand. (ok, I just took photos, d’you expect me to get my hands dirty?)




We took advantage of our early access and spent the rest of the day shooting the show before the general public came in on Sunday. Make sure to check back here soon for Part 2 where we’ll take a look at the indoor show cars, which will be followed by a third post showcasing the cars outdoors, stay tuned!