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The Learning Curve – Ethan Sexton’s 1990 BMW E30 318is

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Looking back on 2017, I think it’s fair to say that the E30 has easily been one of the most fashionable cars in the ‘stance’ scene, which is kind of weird, considering how much prices have soared. That said, buying one now would be a justified investment for the future, as values are only going to continue to rise, so maybe that’s what everyone’s doing? Or could it be down to the fact that the E30 is still one of the most enjoyable, driver-oriented, and beautiful, cars that money can buy? Probably a mixture. Well, with so many examples out in the wild, you do have to filter through them to find the real gems, which brings us to Ethan Sexton’s gorgeous 318is, one E30 that’s been on our radar for a while now. Having owned the car for almost five years, Ethan has put it through several guises during his ownership, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that I felt the car was at its best, so, naturally, I was eager to set up a shoot.



Ethan’s story is like that of most BMW owners, it was a family affair. His dad happened to own a beaten up 325i Sport for a brief period, but long enough for Ethan to fall in love with BMWs… “I’ll never forget drifting around in it and realising how fun cars could be” he exclaims. The E30 was the car that truly sparked his interest in all things automotive, and when he turned 18, Ethan bought an E46 318ci. Although he loved the car itself, he was disappointed with its lack of power for a new, heavy car. That constant want of an E30 was at the back of his mind, and after seeing lots of modified examples online, he knew he had to have one for himself. The search was on!



It’s worth mentioning that before buying the E30, Ethan had no experience with modifying cars. It was the BMW that changed everything and allowed him to learn so many new skills. “I’ve had access to a fairly big workshop for the last few winters and I’d spend pretty much every evening there with friends just messing around with each other’s cars”. So the E30 that Ethan ended up buying, was a 1990 318is, which he selected over the normal 318 due to the “is” model being a fair bit quicker and sportier looking. Unfortunately, a straight-six model was out of the question at the time because of high insurance prices. Amazingly, Ethan found his Alpine White example under an hour away from home, owned by a Volkswagen enthusiast who had only owned it for a short period.



“I literally knew nothing about cars when I bought the car” Ethan explains… “But I had seen a white E30 online, it was slightly lowered and on BBS RS’. At the time, plans to get the car looking anywhere near similar to the one I’d seen online seemed very unrealistic, but things soon spiraled out of control!”. Ethan started out by doing everything cheaply to get the car looking how he had imagined as quickly as possible, but soon came to realise that it was worth investing more money when buying parts, especially considering he never wants to sell the car.



At first, Ethan fitted some cheap JOM coilovers, but quickly became sold on the idea of air suspension. “It gives you the flexibility to use the car practically, as well as being able to have it looking exactly as you want it when aired out” Ethan explains. Plus, his girlfriend was living in Birmingham at the time, so driving up from Southampton regularly was out of the question for a very low static car, and the 318is M42 sump sits incredibly low, too. “I still find it surprising how many people expect a car on air suspension to handle extremely poorly… to me at least, I think it’s perfect for a road car. And not soft/sloppy as many people expect.”



Ethan decided to go for an Air Lift Performance setup with AutoPilot V2 management for his air suspension package. At the time, he wasn’t clued up on air ride, and had heard plenty of great reviews of Air Lift products. He opted to visit his local installer, Shakey at Studio Incar who ended up fitting a completely custom setup, as an E30-specific kit hadn’t been released at the time. Shakey had experience with E30’s, having bagged Nick Sahota’s M3 previously, the first bagged E30 M3 in the UK (Click here to check out that feature!). Shakey also created a bespoke hardline boot setup at the same time, although Ethan eventually wanted his spare wheel and boot space back. As a result, he’s reworked the installation and is now running an air tank mounted on the rear parcel shelf which looks super cool.



Getting a classic car sitting right isn’t usually just as simple as installing the bags. Ethan has fitted a new shallow sump to allow the car to air out even lower. Plus, the rear subframe was dropped to fit a CAtuned camber kit, designed to remove negative camber which the E30 chassis naturally gains once lowered. Ethan mounted the kit in the opposite way to gain more negative camber. At the same time, he fitted Revshift poly bushes on everything, along with Powerflex front lollypop bushes. The car now sits extremely well. Evidently, it was worth the extra effort!



Looking into the cockpit, “It’s always been a bit mix and match, due to me always changing my mind about things and cheap seats coming up for sale” Ethan laughs… The E30 actually started off with the standard “is” interior, then to a set of OMP retro/classic bucket seats, and finally to a pair of Recaros removed from a Rover. These grace the car currently, along with a Nardi Deep Corn wood steering wheel and matching gear knob. Ethan then sourced a new carpet to update the original retired example, and dyed it from grey to black, along with the rear bench. Being a bit of an audiophile too, he wanted to update the retro audio system, opting for Hertz component front speakers and a JL Audio subwoofer.



Believe it or not, the first wheels that Ethan purchased for the car were a set of BBS RS’ reps.. yes, REPLICA wheels. Although we’ll forgive him, as he later saw sense and fitted a set of brand new 17″ Schmidt TH-Lines which he ran for quite a while – they looked great. Now, however, things have been switched up again with a set of 16″ Carline/Dyna CM2’s. “I knew I wanted some new wheels but couldn’t decide what to go for, until my decision was finally influenced by Sean Crompton’s E36 on Carline CM6s, so when I saw that Prakash Thanky was selling his CM2s off of his E21, I just had to go for them” Ethan explains.



After roughly measuring the car, Ethan let excitement get the better of him and went to pick up the CM2s regardless of not being sure whether they’d fit. Often with second-hand wheels, they don’t. Amazingly, the rears did fit just as he’d imagined, but the front wheels did have to be rebuilt with 3″ lips, changing them from 8J’s to 9J’s, and still required 15mm spacers to get them to fit exactly as he wanted. “Fitting tyres to them was a nightmare, due to the inside design of the barrels, the usual tyre shops were unable to fit the tyre sizes I was after and I ended up driving back to Luton, where I’d bought the wheels from, to see Faz at Specialist Tyres, who had come up with a method of fitting the tyres and got them on with no issues” he recalls. The wheels are now 16×9 up front with 195/40 tyres, and 16×10 rears with 215/40 tyres. As a result of the wheel building and work to get the front end lower and having the arches rolled, Ethan now has that glorious arch-to-lip fitment he desired.



Bodywise, Ethan has replaced the bonnet and both front wings due to their poor condition. At the same time, he had the “is” bootlid spoiler removed, although he now slightly regrets doing so. Various front lips have been fitted over the years, including a Reiger-style lip, which ended up in two pieces! He’s now settled for a genuine “is” lip and side skirts. Aside from that, you’ll also notice the euro-style yellow lights which compliment the Alpine White bodywork nicely. The M42 engine remains stock (other than the shallow sump, and the addition of a K&N air filter), but he did, however, have a complete custom stainless exhaust fabricated by Powerflow in Totton for a sportier driving experience.



Having recently bought himself a remapped BMW 123d daily driver, Ethan can now keep the E30 on the driveway and tinker with it as and when he pleases, without having to worry about it every day. With no plans to get rid, I get the feeling it will be a forever ongoing project. With a car like this, there’s always something do to, and Ethan absolutely loves a challenge and admits that the car is constantly changing (there are even talks of an M50/M52 swap in the future). Props to him for keeping at it for so long, his hard work has definitely paid off and he should be proud to have built himself one of the most eye-catching E30’s in the UK. Let’s see what next year brings!




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More info on Ethan Sexton:

@ethansexton on Instagram
























Ultimate Dubs 2017

Date: 11/12 March 2017

Location: Telford International Centre, Shropshire


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


It’s been a long, drawn out, winter for us at Slam Sanctuary. So, we were fully stoked to finally arrive at Ultimate Dubs in Telford last weekend for the ‘show season’ opener. Hosted over a Saturday evening and all day Sunday, it’s a great chance for friends to catch-up after being busy with their normal lives… With the majority of people staying overnight, there’s plenty of time for social gatherings, whether it’s over cars, food, or beers – unless you’re too busy setting up and running a stand, like us, unfortunately! That’s because we’ve been sitting on the brand new Spring ’17 clothing collection for a couple of months waiting to drop it on you all at Ultimate Dubs. Well, it went down an absolute treat – we can’t thank everyone enough for almost clearing out the whole store. In fact, we’ve already had to restock a lot of items, which should be available through our online store in a few weeks time. We also supported our good friends at Distinct Detail Co. with debuting their new brand of boutique car care products on our booth – they’re definitely a company to watch!


This year we displayed Ben Rye’s ’57 Beetle (which we recently featured), Jack Royston’s incredible Type 3 Notchback, and of course, (with us being us) we had to have a BMW on the booth… in the form of Jack Williams’ E28, which was finished just a couple of days prior! I’ll let the photographs do the rest, sit back and enjoy…


Our Pop-up Store all set up and ready for the day


Jack Williams’ M52-swapped BMW E28 on Air Lift suspension & OZ Breyton’s



Ben Rye’s ’57 Volkswagen Oval Beetle on Air Lift suspension & custom 3pc smoothies
(Click here to check out our feature on Ben’s Beetle)


Jack Royston’s ’71 Volkswagen Type 3 Notchback on Air Lift suspension & BBS E30’s




Richard Skinner’s ’83 Volkswagen Santana on Air Lift suspension & BBS RF’s



Parm Panesar’s BMW F80 M3 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform LAS-R’s




Dwane Thompson’s Vauxhall Adam on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform RSE’s



Vick Nagi’s Mercedes-Benz W126 560SEL on Air Lift suspension & BBS E28’s



Mark Riccioni’s Mazda RX-7 on Rotiform LAS-R’s



Steve Fraser’s Audi S3 Saloon on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform ZRH’s




Dan Taylor’s BMW E46 M3 on Air Lift suspension & WORK Meister R’s



Jay McToldridge’s Datsun 260Z on Rotiform GTB’s




Ryan Stewart’s Alpina B10 3.3 Touring on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform RSE’s


(Click here to check out our feature on Ryan’s B10)


Becky Evans’ BMW E21 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’



Jason Zeigler’s VW Mk7 Golf R on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform LSR’s



Nicholas Pritchard’s Ford RS500 Cosworth on Compomotive TH1882’s



Kat Giles’ Audi Q3 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform ROC’s




Max Lumb’s Porsche 944 S2 on Airdynamiks / Air Lift suspension & OZ Futura’s



Julian Loose’s Audi B7 RS4 Avant on Air Lift / AccuAir suspension & Ispiri FFR7/FFR8’s



Ben Chandler’s Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG on Rotiform SLC’s



Faye Collins’ Audi RS3 on HP Drivetech / AccuAir suspension & Rotiform YVR’s



Jack Hogg’s Audi A7 on HP Drivetech / AccuAir suspension & AG AGL24 SPEC3’s



Alex Begley’s BMW F80 M3 on Air Lift suspension & Fifteen52 Formula GT’s



Rachid Ait Moumad’s Audi B5 S4 Avant on Air Lift suspension & RAD48 VR’s



Jordan Warren’s Rocket Bunny Mazda RX-7 on AirREX / Air Lift suspension & WORK Meister R’s



Only Charged Dubs’ Audi C5 Allroad on Airdynamiks / AccuAir suspension & stepped-up OZ Futura’s




Alex Challinor’s Mk2 Audi TT on Air Lift suspension & BBS CH-R’s



Kristof Mombaerts’ Porsche 964 on KW suspension & Rotiform STR’s



David Paiva’s Audi B5 A4 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’



Black Sheep Belgium’s Porsche 964 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform LHR’s



Rob Kelly’s Audi C7 A6 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform OZT’s



Sean Robbins’ bagged Datsun 240Z with BMW M52 2.8l engine swap on Extreme Offset Wheels




Ben Braeckman’s Volkswagen Passat CC on Air Lift suspension & RAD48 LR 2.0’s




Corey Nolan’s BMW F32 435i on Air Lift / AccuAir suspension & Rotiform RSE’s



Jack Smith’s bagged Mk1 Golf on Fifteen52 Tarmac 348′s



Maarten’s Porsche 964 on KW V3 HLS suspension & Cargraphic Racing wheels



André Neudert’s Volkswagen Beetle on Air Lift suspension



Sam Curtis’ Mk2 Golf GTI on Air Lift suspension & custom-built BBS RA’s



Glenn Sweeck’s Audi Allroad on Air Lift / Accuair suspension & BBS RS2’s



Bradley Mckee’s bagged ’78 Volkswagen B1 Passat on BBS LM’s



Auto Finesse’s BMW F80 M3 on HP Drivetech / AccuAir suspension & ADV.1 wheels




Niall Fearon’s Volkswagen Mk3 Scirocco on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform OZT’s



Alistair Cox’s Porsche 996 GT3 on Airdynamiks / AccuAir suspension & BBS LM’s

@coxy914 / @ceautomotive


Angus Munro’s Porsche 964 on Air Lift suspension & BBS Super-RS’




Liam Handley’s Volkswagen Mk2 Polo Coupe GT on BBS RS’




Toby Wilkinson’s Mk2 Audi TTS on StillStatic / H&R suspension & MB LV1’s



Alex Wright’s static BMW E36 328i Sport on ACS Type 1’s


(Click here to check out our feature on Alex’s E36)


Marc’s Volkswagen Mk4 Golf on Air Lift suspension & BBS RC300’s



Ian Kelly’s Audi SQ5 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform wheels



James Munro’s Porsche 356 Speedster on Air Lift suspension



Yeah, yeah, I know… It didn’t seem like much of a ‘Dubs’ show, but let’s face it, that argument is getting old now. Times are changing, and there just aren’t as many people building Volkswagens anymore, or at least there aren’t many stand-out builds. Ultimate Dubs is much more of a trade exhibition these days, and if companies are building BMWs, Mercs, and Jap cars, then that’s what you’re going to see. We still did our best to showcase some of our favourite VAG examples, though – but we’re always going to photograph what captures our attention and what we feel is ‘cool’. We hope you all had a fantastic weekend if you attended, and you’ll be glad to hear that our next event will be entirely Volkswagen based, as we’re heading to The Volksworld Show on the 25/26th March!




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More info on Ultimate Dubs:

Ultimate Dubs website

Ultimate Dubs on Facebook

Ultimate Dubs on Instagram


Bagging Our Wagon – The Slam Sanctuary Audi C5 A6 Avant

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


2016 presented a new chapter for Slam Sanctuary. With the introduction of our Pop-Up Store, I had the task of transporting it around the UK and Europe to multiple automotive events. This meant that I needed a suitable vehicle to haul a lot of gear around, although I still wanted the car to look cool. I knew that whatever I chose, it was by no means going to be a show car, but more of an appealing daily beater that could demonstrate some of the products we sell. A true BMW fan at heart, I first thought about an E46 Touring (having owned one previously, I knew what great cars they are). Unfortunately, they just weren’t big enough, so I then considered E39 530d Touring’s, but the price of these were still ambitious. Then there was the option of buying something newer, like an E60 530d, however then there would’ve been no spare funds to “slam” it.


I started looking at Audi’s with the 1.9tdi engine. Although having never owned one myself, I’d heard nothing but good things about the economy of these engines (essential for my needs) and how cheap they are to maintain. With a C5 S6 Avant in my household already, I knew that the C5 platform was capable of fitting all of the Slam Sanctuary gear inside, as I’d used it to transport everything to Ultimate Stance in 2015. Plus, they were extremely comfortable on long journeys – ideal! So, the hunt was on for a C5 A6 Avant. After wasting my time viewing several poor examples, a clean 2004 1.9tdi finally popped up at a local car dealer, overpriced and finished in an obscure colour (hearing-aid beige, which it is jokingly known as amongst friends), it was much tidier than anything I’d seen previously. A deal was done, and it was time to transform it into a wagon worthy of the Slam Sanctuary name.


Our Pop-Up Store, all this had to fit in the A6!




Naturally, the A6 had to be lowered as much as possible… But coilovers or air? That was the question. I’ve had people ask me why I didn’t just fit coilovers if I was on a tight budget. Well, the car was going to be fully loaded and weigh a lot. Coilovers just didn’t seem like the right way to go. In fact, I knew from the start that it was going to have to go on air, as I wanted to be able to load the car up whilst simultaneously having it stay at the exact height I wanted, so that it wouldn’t even look like it was under load. Also, with lots of driving planned to new places, including Europe, I didn’t want the hassle of driving a static low car. I’ve done it in the past and as much as I respect those that have the patience for it, the whole goal for this wagon was for it to be a hassle-free daily driver. The less worrying, the better.



Prior to picking up the A6, I had been talking to our friends at Only Charged Dubs (OCD) about their own A6 Allroad, which shares the same C5 platform. They’d just bagged it too, so I knew that they would have first-hand experience with the platform and would be able to recommend which method would work best on my car. Matt at OCD was enthusiastic from the get-go and was always keen on discussing ideas to present me with the most affordable custom solution. I was completely sold on taking the car to OCD and letting him work his magic. The toughest choice, however, was deciding what air management to run. I was on a budget, yes, but a manual setup was out of the question. This was going to be a daily driver, so ease of use was essential. I also knew that the more affordable pressure-based digital systems were not as reliable as they claim to be, so it was really Air Lift 3H vs AccuAir e-Level, the two readily available height-sensor based systems. It seemed better to spend more money in the first place and do things right. In the end, seeing as I was going with Air Lift bags, I went with the tried-and-tested AccuAir e-Level management system, so we could demonstrate as many products that we offer as possible.



Of course, Air Lift Performance was the first choice for bags/struts. However, my A6 is a FWD model and unfortunately Air Lift only offered a complete bolt-on kit for 4WD/Quattro models (standard over in the USA, where Air Lift are based) so we had to go with a front-only Air Lift kit. This meant that a custom setup would need to be fabricated for the rear end… Another reason why I took the car to the very capable OCD.



Luckily, Only Charged Dubs were just about to release their new line of universal bags (BAGS by OCD) so Matt reassured me that there would be no issues with creating a custom rear air setup specifically for my car using their BAGS. Using custom CNC’d mounting cups, the BAGS would fit perfectly in the rear suspension setup of the FWD A6 with very minimal modification.



As the A6 was going to be used more like a van than a car, part of my requirements were to keep all the boot space available, in addition to my spare wheel. As I was going to do a lot of long trips in this car, I wanted the piece-of-mind of having a spare wheel should I ever need it. After some test-fitting, Matt and I agreed that the most effective way to go about it was to mount the AccuAir VU4 manifold and ECU underneath the car. Besides, they’re completely weatherproof! With limited spare space in the boot, there was actually one side compartment that was unused. A small Air Lift 2.5-gallon tank and a single VIAIR 400c compressor were selected to mount in this limiting compartment, whilst everything else would be bolted underneath the car.





Matt’s first task was to run and connect the AccuAir wiring harness from the rear to the front of the vehicle to ensure we had power for the ECU and VU4 underneath the car.



Next, he completely stripped the boot, which was actually a lot more time consuming than you would imagine. Audi certainly know how to engineer their interiors! This left the fitting area completely exposed and ready for installation of the air tank and compressor.



In what limited space we had, the compressor was mounted above the rear wheel arch for a very snug fit. Followed by some minor trimming, the 2.5-gallon tank was secured in the remaining enclosure, preventing it from any unnecessary movement.



Once the boot was reassembled, the result was a completely hidden air install, easily accessible using the factory compartment cover. This was exactly what I wanted, with my spare wheel area completely untouched.



The next step was to get the car onto the ramp and into the air to start fitting the suspension components.




The Air Lift Performance struts were a direct fit and designed specifically for the C5 chassis, so installation was straightforward – replacing the existing shocks for the new units, much like fitting coilovers, with the added connection of the air lines.



The front level sensors were fitted next. The AccuAir e-Level system is based on height, which is determined by specialised sensors on each corner of the suspension. They’re extremely accurate and the system will maintain the vehicle height when loading or unloading passengers or when road conditions change… This is also regardless of load, which is perfect for when I completely load the car up with gear. The location of these is absolutely essential to give an accurate reading. Luckily Matt has installed hundreds of these kits, even on his own C5 Allroad, so he knew exactly where to place them for the best result.



He then moved on to bolting the AccuAir VU4 4-way manifold and ECU underneath the car. It was mounted to the driest area, close to the rear bumper, keeping it out of the elements as much as possible. Although, being completely weatherproof, it’s really nothing to worry about anyway.



The 3/8″ air line was then run to all four suspension corners and also into the boot along to the tank and compressor through one of the factory grommets, keeping the install as OEM looking as possible.



Moving on, it was time for the custom part of the install… the rear setup. The original springs were removed, ready to be replaced with the universal BAGS by OCD.



These stunning custom bag cups were CNC’d to place in between the bags and the car’s chassis.



Matt fully pressure-tested the BAGS prior to installation to check for any leaks to ensure no faults during use.



The only modification needed to install the new bags was to drill a hole into the spring locator so that the bag cup could be bolted in for a tight fit and to avoid the bags coming detached from the vehicle.



The OEM rear shocks were kept during installation, but I later upgraded these to shorter TA-Technix sport shocks, as the original ones were worn out.



Finally, the remaining two level sensors were fitted close to the rear beam, to complete the management part of the install.



Once the auto-calibration was set on the e-Level touchpad, it was finally time to air out the A6!




There you have it. Matt and the team at Only Charged Dubs did an incredible job getting the car on the floor. The first part of the puzzle was complete.




Obviously, I couldn’t rock the ‘broken suspension’ look for long, so a few final elements were needed to complete the A6’s transformation. Firstly I just had to put some nicer wheels on the car, so I opted for a set of 19×8.5 Rotiform IND-T’s, which were then powder coated in matte anthracite by our partners at The Wheel Specialist Bournemouth and fitted to a set of Nankang NS20 215/35/19 tyres resulting in some subtle stretch. 15mm spacers were also added up front. To match the finish of the wheels, I called on the services of Jack & Luke at JCT Developments in Ringwood to apply some Slam Sanctuary branding using 3M wrap film across both front doors, resulting in a perfect match with the anthracite wheels.


I next visited our friends at Xclusive Customs in Poole to get the rear windows tinted – although I wouldn’t usually go for a complete ‘limo spec’ tint, it was important to hide what I was carrying from view, especially when leaving the car in random places overnight. Lastly, the car was finished off with a Seat Cupra R front splitter which makes the rounded front-end slightly more aggressive. Other than that, the car remains standard. I then got on the phone to our insurers, Herts Insurance Consultants (HIC), to declare the new modifications and agreed on a specialised policy. Don’t forget to do this when bagging your car or your insurance could be invalid… it isn’t always more expensive to do so.











Nine months of testing and abuse later, I finally took the A6 to the New Forest one evening to capture these photographs. To conclude, this car has been the perfect daily workhorse and it does exactly what I need it to do without costing the earth to maintain. I’ve driven it thousands of miles all over the UK and Europe and had no issues with the air ride whatsoever. I can jump in it and drive anywhere without worrying. If you want a hassle-free way to lower your car, I can’t recommend bagging your car enough. Do not fear if there isn’t a bolt-on kit readily available for your car, hopefully I’ve shown that there’s usually a way around it by using universal bags and some basic fabrication which doesn’t have to bankrupt you. Only Charged Dubs even offer a bag upgrade for BC Racing coilovers now, so there really are endless options out there. Don’t be put off, make it a life on air.


Only Charged Dubs / BAGS by OCD:

Only Charged Dubs on Instagram

BAGS by OCD on Instagram

Only Charged Dubs website


Air Lift Performance:

Air Lift on Instagram

Air Lift website



AccuAir on Instagram

AccuAir website



Rotiform on Instagram

Rotiform website


Herts Insurance (HIC):

HIC on Instagram

HIC website



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Gravity 2016

Date: 17 July 2016

Location: NAEC, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Launching a new automotive event in the congested UK show circuit is a daunting task. For people that do what we do, a dedicated show is the ultimate dream and accomplishment, which our friends at Slammed UK have managed to achieve this year with their debut show ‘Gravity’. With more and more shows popping up on the calendar, the venue has become the ‘make or break’ factor. Jordan, the main man behind Slammed UK and Gravity, spent a lot of time getting it right, opting for NAEC at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire – just outside of Coventry. An ideal central location, easily accessible for the rest of the country, and with plenty of indoor space – absolutely critical now that the British weather has become as unpredictable as ever. With two halls; a VIP-style room similar to those at Ultimate Dubs, a main hall with barn-like lighting & attributes, plus a large outside area, there was a nice contrast of backdrops which makes for an overall captivating feeling. Slammed UK are known for their variation in the car scene and their show was the perfect example of that. Take a look at our highlights…


Paul Burns’ bagged BMW E28 on Gottis





Joe Stubbs’ Mercedes-Benz E350 on HP Drivetech/AccuAir suspension & Rotiform YVR’s



Jack Parson’s Volvo S40 on D2 / Air Lift suspension & BBS SR’s



Daniel Coates’ Mk6 Golf GTI on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform BLQ-T’s



Mat Finch’s Porsche 997 Gen1 CSR on HRE forged wheels



Chris Howes’ VW T5 on Air Lift suspension & Detroit Steel Wheels




Luke Shaw’s Mk3 Golf on Air Lift suspension & BBS RC041’s



Sam Curtis’ Mk2 Golf GTI on Air Lift suspension & custom-built BBS RA splits



Auto Finesse’s BBS-kitted VW Mk2 Golf on Air Lift suspension & Ronal centrelocks



Liam Elmore’s Audi TT on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform OZT’s



Lala Miah’s BMW 635CSi on Air Lift suspension & custom-built M-system Throwing Star splits





Danny Webster’s bagged Mk6 Ford Fiesta on BBS RS’s




Abi Clarke’s VW Beetle on Air Lift suspension & 3SDM 0.08’s



Rich Knowles’ Mazda MX5 on hydraulic suspension & WORK Meister S1’s



Joshua Woodward’s Mini Cooper S on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’s



Shaun Grazette’s BMW E92 on Air Lift suspension & Blitz Technospeed Z1’s




Sam Roden’s bagged Renault Clio 197 on OZ Futura’s



Joe Chatfield’s Mk2 Jetta on Air Lift suspension & Fuchs’



Ben Hughes’ bagged Mini Cooper on Fifteen52 Tarmac’s




Team SPB’s Mercedes-Benz CLS on hydraulic suspension & Vossen CV7’s





Dean Meeson’s Lotus Esprit on AccuAir suspension & custom Lotus splits



Steven Foxall’s static BMW M50-turbo’d E30 on Schmidt TH-Line’s



James Cowley’s static wide body Honda S2000 on WORK Meister S1’s



Rob Blackwell’s Honda S2000 on Air Lift suspension & CCW D110’s




Kaz Singh’s BMW E39 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform LHR’s



Adam Moore’s Mk4 Golf on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform IND-T’s



Tom Grimshaw’s Audi Q3 on AccuAir suspension & Rotiform IND-T’s


Karl Runeckles’ BMW Z4 on hydraulic suspension & custom-built Style32′s



Sam Dean’s VW Lupo on Air Lift suspension & custom Exip wheels



Zak Starr’s Nissan Skyline GTR R32 on Cosmis Racing XT-005R’s





Robert Cumberbatch’s Hillman Imp on Air Lift suspension & J A Pearce Magna’s




Andy Ware’s Mk6 Golf on Air Lift suspension & stepped-up BBS RS’s




Dan Taylor’s BMW E46 M3 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS2’s



Thom Williams’ Honda S2000 on Air Lift suspension & BBS LM’s



Meguiar’s Ford Crown Victoria on Air Lift suspension





Sumil Pancholi’s BMW E39 on Air Lift suspension & Hartge splits



Dan Birkinshaw’s bagged Mk5 Jetta on BBS GT004′s



Charlie Evans’ static BMW E28 on AC Schnitzer Type 1’s




George Powell’s static Hillman Imp on Ultralite wheels



Mark Loony’s Honda Civic EK on hydraulic suspension & BBS RS’s




Tom Heap’s bagged Mercedes-Benz C124 on WORK Meister S1’s



Az Riz’s BMW E92 on Air Lift / AccuAir suspension & WORK VS-XX’s





Joe Addison’s static BMW E36 cabriolet on Gotti’s



Beinn Dale Goodchild’s static Polo Coupe



Our Audi C5 A6 on Air Lift / Bags by OCD / AccuAir suspension & Rotiform IND-T’s



Lee Curtis’ Audi C5 A6 Allroad on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform CCV DDT’s





So, did Gravity exceed our expectations? I’d say so. It’s difficult to stand out from other shows, but the choice of venue completely made it for us. We don’t always want to see a perfect looking show hall, and Gravity’s main hall was different to most shows – with more of an air-cooled vibe to it, which actually worked really well with the range of cars on display. Of course, being a debut show, there were a few things that could be improved on, but that’s to be expected – I’m sure Jordan and the team now have plenty to think about and are already planning next year’s show. If you missed it, don’t think twice about attending in 2017 – Gravity is definitely one to watch.


More info on Gravity/Slammed UK:

Gravity website

Slammed UK on Facebook

Slammed UK on Instagram


Seen your car above? If we haven’t named you, drop us message a through our Facebook page or email info@slamsanctuary.com and let us know if you’d like your name added to the article! Also be sure to let us know if we made any errors regarding your cars modifications. Sometimes we make mistakes, albeit rarely, but we like to make things right!




http://store.slamsanctuary.com – Use code SUMMER at checkout!



Slam Sanctuary Clothing – June ’16 Update

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


We first launched our clothing range in November 2015, debuting our physical pop-up store at the Ultimate Stance event which was an incredible success. As the months have gone by, we’ve been steadily shipping out our clothes to all of you – It’s been amazing to see so many of you wearing them at car shows. Well, the time has come to introduce some new items to the line… First up, the ‘Motors’ tee, a classic styled design which is proving a hit with all motoring fans. Second, we decided to print our ‘Logo Hex’ design onto super soft, heather charcoal t-shirts to work alongside the ‘Logo Hex’ sweatshirt which was really popular (in fact, we’ve now restocked them in all sizes). Next up, we opted for a simple breast print design for the ‘Essential Hex’ t-shirts, available in either black or white – as a lot of people have asked us for them, so here you are! Finally, we have introduced some new colours for our ‘Label’ beanies; antique mustard and moss green, as well as restocking the classic antique grey and burgundy hats. It may almost be Summer, but this is the UK… it still gets cold in the evenings! And guess what… we reduced the price of all our older t-shirts (Daily Driven, C-Spanner Warrior, Fitment Junkies, Stance Enthusiasts and Bagged) to just £10 + postage, while stocks last. Take a look at our current lookbook shots below…


Troy in the ‘Motors’ t-shirt



Sophie in the ‘Motors’ t-shirt



Troy & Sophie wearing the ‘Logo Hex’ charcoal t-shirt



Sophie in the ‘Logo Hex’ charcoal t-shirt



Troy wearing the ‘Essential Hex’ t-shirt in white



Troy in the black ‘Essential Hex’ t-shirt



The current t-shirt line-up


Troy in the ‘Logo Hex’ sweatshirt – now fully restocked!



‘Label’ beanie in antique mustard (left) and antique moss green (right)



We’d like to say a massive thank you to anyone that has purchased our clothing in the past, it is what keeps Slam Sanctuary going, well and truly. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do – keeping you up to date with the latest shows and incredible cars. You can catch us at most of this year’s UK car shows with our pop-up store where all our clobber will be available – so pop down and save yourself postage fees. It’s always nice to meet you all, too.



Ultimate Dubs 2016

Date: 12/13 March 2016

Location: Telford International Centre, Telford


Words & Photos by Henry Phull / Additional Photos by Steph Clarke


It’s been a long time coming, but show season has finally returned for 2016, kicking things off last weekend in Telford at the one and only Ultimate Dubs. To most of us this is the big show to start the year with – a perfect opportunity to show off the new builds and projects which have been hidden away during the cold Winter months. With that in mind, there was pure excitement in the air – we’ve all been away from the car community for a a few months which seemed like forever. Not have we been away from the cars, but friends too – so UD is the perfect reunion! Plus, following our success at Ultimate Stance back in November, we decided to bring back our Pop-Up Store for this show, with plans to hit a lot more events throughout the year – so keep your eyes out for us. As hectic as it is trading at a busy show like Ultimate Dubs, we still managed to get some time in for the all-important photographs. So sit back, grab a cuppa, and enjoy what the modified car scene has to offer so far…


Our pop-up store all ready for trading!

Missed us? Check out the online store HERE



Pipey McGraw’s W8-powered Volkswagen K70




Nick Sahota’s BMW E34 540i manual on BC coilovers and custom built 18″ Throwing Star M-system wheels





Shaun’s Mk5 Golf R32 on Air Lift suspension & OZ Superleggera’s



Kleen Freaks Belgium’s Caddy on Rotiform YVR’s




Route 32’s R32-swapped Mk1 Golf on Air Lift suspension



Kats Giles’ Audi Q3 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform BLQ-2 DDT’s



RAD 48’s bagged Scirocco on LR 2.0’s



Haps Gill’s Mk5 R32 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform NUE’s



Prakash Thanky’s M50-swapped BMW E21 on custom Air Lift suspension & Gotti splits



Radioworld’s Lamborghini Gallardo on D2 Air suspension



Amar Flora’s static Polo 6n2 on BBS RM’s




Dan Taylor’s BMW E36 328i ‘vert on WORK Meister’s




Only Charged Dubs’ bagged Mercedes-Benz W201 190E on custom Barrock splits

(click here to check out our feature on the OCD Merc)



Carl Atkins’ bagged Mk2 Golf 16v on BBS RM’s



Danny Mellor’s Mk2 Audi TT on Airdynamiks suspension & 3SDM 3.25’s



Matt Payne’s Audi A6 Allroad on Airdynamiks / AccuAir suspension




Josh Hall’s bagged Mk6 Golf on BBS RS (step-up from 16-18)



Ryan Castleman’s bagged Mk5 Jetta wagon on custom built Audi A8 Winter wheels



Guy M. Plex’s bagged Mk1 Golf on custom built 4×100 17″ Smoothies by 2Polished



Juan van Oversteyns’ Mk2 Golf GTI 16v on BBS RS




Corbyn Dickason’s ‘Manila Green’ Mk1 Golf on BBS E75’s



Richard Colvill’s custom Porsche 911



Eden Cayless’ Type2 Bus




Dave Paulus’ Mk1 Golf GTI on AccuAir suspension & BBS E50’s




Eddy Chhlang’s Mk2 Golf on BBS RS



Stefan Vandenabeele’s Mk1 Golf on KEAN Suspensions & BBS E50’s



Auto Finesse’s BBS-kitted Mk2 Golf on Air Lift suspension & Ronal centrelocks



Auto Finesse’s Mk1 Caddy on Air Lift suspension & BBS E50’s




Jamie Hitchcock’s static BMW Z4 on WORK Emotion CR2P’s



Forge Motorsport’s Mk1 Golf



Alex Hurd’s BMW E46 on Air Lift suspension & WORK Meister’s



Grant Owens’ Audi 100 on Rayvern Hydraulic suspension



Vento R32 on BBS E50’s



Brandon’s BMW E30 on AccuAir suspension and VIP Modular VXS210 wheels



Matt Clifford’s BMW E81 840ci Sport on Air Lift suspension



Liberty Walk UK’s Mini Cooper S with their full LB kit & 3SDM 3.01 FX’s




Kelly Holliday’s bagged Mk4 Golf R32 on HRE 501’s



Plush Automotive’s Audi RS6 Avant on HP Drivetech / AccuAir suspension



Jay McToldridge’s G60-swapped Mk1 Golf on Rotiform YVR’s



Sole Flavours’ Mk4 Golf on WORK VSXX wheels



The Install Company’s Type 3 Fastback on Fuchs



Steve Fraser’s Audi S3 Saloon on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform OZT’s



Parm Panesar’s Audi RS4 Avant on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform KPS



Will Drayson’s BMW E92 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform BLQ’s



Chris Scragg’s Audi A5 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform CCV’s



Raj Sangha’s BMW M4 on Air Lift Suspension & Rotiform RSE’s



Vick Nagi’s T5 on Air Lift suspension & 19″ steels



Jack Dinsdale’s Audi TT on Air Lift suspension & Fifteen52 Tarmac’s



RIIVA Design’s Mk6 Golf wagon on Air Lift suspension



Alex Rogers’ Polo GTI on Air Lift suspension & BBS RC041’s



Alex Begley’s BMW E92 M3 on Air Lift suspension & Fifteen52 Integrale SC’s





Patrick Brennan’s wide-arch Mk1 Golf on BBS RS



Mk5 Jetta coupe on Air Lift suspension



Still Static’s Audi B8 on Vossen LC105-T’s



Matt Woodgates Porsche 997 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform LHR’s




Mk2 ‘Shorty’



Rob Palmer’s Mk3 Golf VR6 on ceramic polished BBS RS



Balls’d Type 181 (Trekker)



Vick Nagi’s Mk5 Golf R32 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform IND-T’s



Tom Harding’s Mk5 Golf Edition30 on Air Lift suspension & BBS GT001’s



Bagged Mk6 Golf GTI


BMW E21 Alpina


Craig Sims’ bagged BMW E28 on Gotti’s




Conor Elliott’s static Mk2 Golf on Extreme Offset Wheels




Jason Bowes’ Audi A5 on Air Lift suspension & Vossen VFS2’s



Ryan Stewart’s Porsche Cayman on Fifteen52 Formula LTW’s



Ben Hughes’ bagged Mini Cooper on BBS RF’s



Dave Mcdiarmid’s BMW E46 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RF’s



Manda Fry’s Audi B8 A4 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform SNA’s



And there you have it, it was a long one so thanks for sticking it to the end. As you can see, we have another exciting show season ahead with some incredible cars, if Ultimate Dubs was anything to go by. We’d also like to say a big thank you to everyone that came down to support our trade stand – we were tucked away, so it does mean a lot to those that made the effort to track us down! Look out for us at upcoming shows if you’re interested in grabbing some of our clothing.

In the meantime, you can check our our web store (store.slamsanctuary.com) which now includes Air Lift, Rotiform, VIAIR, AccuAir, Airdynamiks and BC Racing coilovers in addition to our soft goods.



More info on Ultimate Dubs:

Ultimate Dubs website

Ultimate Dubs on Facebook

Ultimate Dubs on Instagram


Seen your car above? If we haven’t named you, drop us message a through our Facebook page or email info@slamsanctuary.com and let us know if you’d like your name added to the article! Also be sure to let us know if we made any errors regarding your cars modifications. Sometimes we make mistakes, albeit rarely, but we like to make things right!

Slam Sanctuary’s Black Friday x Cyber Monday SALE

As you may know, we recently launched a new clothing collection which was debuted earlier this month at the Ultimate Stance show. Since then our new gear has been available exclusively online from our store. This holiday weekend we are offering a massive 25% discount on any purchase, starting on Thursday 26 November at 23:59 GMT and ending on Monday 30 November at 23:59 GMT. To take advantage of this offer, make sure you enter the code BLACKFRIDAY on the checkout page. Happy holidays and happy shopping from us at Slam Sanctuary!















Ultimate Stance 2015

Date: 1 November 2015

Location: Telford International Centre, Telford


Words by Henry Phull / Photos by Steph Clarke & Henry Phull

Flashback to the beginning of the month, the cold weather had returned, and the car community was out in force for the final outing to Ultimate Stance. This year’s show was rather special for us, as we launched our very first pop-up store with a new clothing collection. For the first time ever, we were trading! Luckily our girl Steph was on hand to help out with some awesome photography so we could provide the quality show coverage you’re all used to. As per usual, the Ultimate Stance organisers pulled out all the stops to provide a jam-packed show before the long Winter break. Wheel Whores also took over with their very own mini show and swapmeet, in addition to their super-cool ‘Tikes & Trikes’ display. To top that off, a huge Show & Shine with over 500 cars, club stands and extensive traders! Ultimate Stance is much like sister-company Ultimate Dubs, but targeted at a much wider audience. All sorts of cars were welcome, and even though it was the last show of the year, there were still cars making their debut! Check out our round up below…



Chris Phillips’ static Lexus IS200 on BBS RS

(Click here to check out our feature on Chris’ Lexus IS)



Jamie Hitchcock’s static BMW Z4 on WORK Meister S1’s

(Click here to check out our feature on Jamie’s Z4)


Tom Lilico’s bagged BMW Z3 on face-mounted Lamborghini Diablo splits


Ryan Powell’s bagged Volkswagen Mk3 Golf VR6 on BBS LM

(Click here to check out our feature on Ryan’s Mk3)


Liam Elmore’s Audi TT on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform OZT’s


Auto Finesse’s BBS-kitted Volkswagen Mk2 Golf on Air Lift suspension


Ruairi Coleman’s bagged BMW E36 on OZ Futura’s


Only Charged Dubs’ Mercedes-Benz W201 190E on custom-built air ride & BBS RS


Hayburner Magazine’s Porsche 356


Bobby Wilcox’s static Lotus Elite


Paige Walton’s BMW E91 Touring on Air Lift suspension & 18″ Speedline 3pc wheels


Dan Malley’s Volkswagen Mk2 Golf C on D2 Air suspension & BBS RM


Richard Ansari’s BMW E46 M3 on OZ Mito’s


Joe Addison’s BMW E92 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS2


Jason Bowes’ Audi A5 on Air Lift suspension & 19″ Rotiform TMB’s


Andy Theaker’s BMW E90 on Air Lift suspension & Alpina wheels



Mitch Stirrat’s BMW E91 Touring on AccuAir suspension & Mercedes-Benz Alphard wheels


Edward Johnston’s BMW E36 Touring w/S50 M3 conversion, Air Lift suspension & custom BMW splits


Juan van Oversteyns’ BMW E28 on 18″ BBS RS


WORK Wheels UK Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 on WORK Gnosis CV203’s



Driftworks’ Toyota AE86 LS V8-swapped drift car


Scott McClure’s Volkswagen Up! on H&R suspension & Gotti G1001’s


Dave Phillipson’s Audi A3 on Air Lift suspension & 19″ Rotiform TMB’s



Alex Wright’s G60-swapped Volkswagen Mk1 Golf on BBS E30’s



Oliver Pearson’s chopped 1964 Porsche 356



Wheel Whores’ display


Dan Taylor’s BMW E46 M3 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS Turbo Fans




Richard Colvill’s custom Porsche 911 “Porkchop”





The Wheel Whores’ Tikes and Trikes display




Randell Mario Forte’s Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet on hydraulics & Cromodora CW10′s



James Wilson’s Nissan 350Z on Air Lift suspension & SSR Vienna wheels


Ford KA Sport on hydraulic suspension & BBS RM


Tom Wrigley’s E30 325i cabriolet on Air Lift suspension


Alex Rogers’ Volkswagen 6R Polo GTI on Air Lift suspension & Fifteen52 Turbomac’s



Robbie Milton’s bagged Volkswagen Jetta



Paul Harding’s 1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera




Static Ferrari F355


James Williams’ Hillman Imp on Compomotive’s


Xenonz UK’s widebody kitted Audi RS7 on 21″ Damnraw Honeycombed concave directional wheels


Mark Fandango’s M52-swapped BMW E21


James Ibbotson’s 1967 Hillman Imp


Charlie Croker’s bagged 1977 Lotus S1 Elite


Dean Meeson’s Lotus Esprit & 3DPRINTUK’s 1972 Volvo P1800es


Ian Kelly’s Audi SQ5 on StillStatic suspension & Rotiform DUS


Shaun Lewis’ bagged Volkswagen T5 on Rotiform FUC’s


Dougie Flockhart’s Volkswagen Mk3 Golf VR6 Turbo on BBS LM’s


Ross Mullins’ Volkswagen Lupo GTI on Air Lift suspension & BBS RM’s


Matt Glassup’s Porsche 964 on Eta Beta’s


Joshua Bradley’s Skoda Fabia VRS on Air Lift suspension & 3SDM 0.05’s


Bruce Gowans’ BMW M135i w/BTCC kit, AccuAir suspension & Brada wheels


Nick Sahota’s S54-swapped E30 M3 on Air Lift suspension and Bugatti 3pc centrelock wheels


Gavin Diamond’s 540bhp Ford Sierra RS Cosworth on 17″ Dymag 5 spokes


Our first-ever pop-up store / Click here to check out the online store!



Now available online – click here to visit our online store!



As you can see, the turnout was tastefully varied. Embracing communities like Retro Rides, Hayburner and Driftworks to name a few, really proves that when those from different automotive backgrounds come together, the result can be epic. Unlike most shows, Ultimate Stance is one of the most open events for all sorts of car enthusiasts, despite its name! Our pop-up store was a great success, and we can’t thank our friends at Studio Incar enough for teaming up with us for the joint stand in the exclusive carpeted hall and displaying some insane builds. We’ll be trading at a lot more shows next year, so now you know what our stand looks like – come and say hi! If you missed us at this time, all our new gear is now available online from store.slamsanctuary.com, so have a browse. For more event coverage, we’ll be back next year in March with Ultimate Dubs at the same location. Until then, we’ll be keeping the blog updated with new features and behind-the-scenes shop visits. Check back soon.



More info on Ultimate Stance:

Ultimate Stance website

Ultimate Stance on Facebook

Ultimate Stance on Instagram


Seen your car above? If we haven’t named you, drop us message a through our Facebook page or email info@slamsanctuary.com and let us know if you’d like your name added to the article! Also be sure to let us know if we made any errors regarding your cars modifications. Sometimes we make mistakes, albeit rarely, but we like to make things right!


Slam Sanctuary ‘Cursive’ T-shirt launch

We thought it was about time we released some new clothing, so say hello to our latest product… the ‘Cursive’ t-shirt designed by our good friend and talented illustrator/calligrapher Ben Mercer. The 100% cotton mens t-shirt is available in both black and white in sizes S-XXL, and features custom branded Slam Sanctuary tags and packaged in polythene bags for protection. Priced at just £15 + P&P, we’re really proud of these, so grab one while stocks last and look good! Visit our online store at slamsanctuary.bigcartel.com – we ship Worldwide.












Project 635csi

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


I’d like to welcome a new addition to Slam Sanctuary, a car I have dreamt about owning for years, ever since my dad had an M635CSi during my childhood. From that moment I was hooked on BMW’s, with the E24 forever stuck in the back of my mind. It’s that classic shark nose that does it for me, a timeless shape. Anyway, I was originally on the hunt for an E34 540i, another personal favourite. Having looked at a couple, the search was proving difficult. Then out of nowhere, a friend mentioned he knew of an E24 coming up for sale. He sent me some bad phone photos and I saw that it was white in colour, pretty rare especially in the UK. I phoned up the seller immediately and arranged to have a look…



I drove up to view the car with hardly any details or specifications, other than it had a few issues. It happened to be a 1990 635csi. Yes, a 1990. They stopped production of these in 1989, so this would probably have been sitting on a forecourt somewhere before it was registered, making it one of the very last E24’s. I gave the car a test drive, inspected it with a friend, and the deal was done. She drove home with no issues whatsoever.



When I picked up the car, it was sitting on a very tired set of original metric wheels with tyres nearing the limit, so I had to change them as soon as possible. I had a set of BMW Throwing Stars in the garage, waiting to go on an E34 I had planned to buy. After a bit of googling, it turns out these bolt straight on to E24’s, so I sent them off to be refurbed. The guys at The Wheel Specialist Bournemouth did a fantastic job on them. I’ve already had mixed opinions on the wheel choice, but they’ll do me for now until I am ready for some deep dish splits.



After a bit of DIY at Coltech Classics, we have the 635 temporarily sitting a little lower than when it left the factory. The ultimate question for the future is, bags or coilovers? A difficult decision for this car!




On the whole, the car is a little rough in places and its going to need a bit of TLC. I’m already in the process of replacing the brakes all round. The tappets are pretty noisy, there’s an oil leak, quite a few bushes need doing, the fuel pump is on the way out, and countless small issues to add to the list… but to be honest it’s not surprising with such an old, expensive car.



Inside is the definition of 80’s luxury, with the full leather interior including the dashboard, door cards and headlining.



The 4 speed automatic gearbox suits the 6 series as a cruiser, but maybe one day I’ll look at a manual swap, which isn’t too difficult on an M30 engined car.




As much as I was looking forward to 540 V8 ownership, It feels great to finally be driving my dream ride. The looks this thing gets literally everywhere is incredible. I think everyone can appreciate a 635csi, even if you hate BMW’s, this shape just oozes ‘cool’. I can’t wait to get it how I want it, and on the floor of course. Keep your eyes peeled for updates in the near future and come and say hello at shows, the 6 will be there!