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Gravity 2016

Date: 17 July 2016

Location: NAEC, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Launching a new automotive event in the congested UK show circuit is a daunting task. For people that do what we do, a dedicated show is the ultimate dream and accomplishment, which our friends at Slammed UK have managed to achieve this year with their debut show ‘Gravity’. With more and more shows popping up on the calendar, the venue has become the ‘make or break’ factor. Jordan, the main man behind Slammed UK and Gravity, spent a lot of time getting it right, opting for NAEC at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire – just outside of Coventry. An ideal central location, easily accessible for the rest of the country, and with plenty of indoor space – absolutely critical now that the British weather has become as unpredictable as ever. With two halls; a VIP-style room similar to those at Ultimate Dubs, a main hall with barn-like lighting & attributes, plus a large outside area, there was a nice contrast of backdrops which makes for an overall captivating feeling. Slammed UK are known for their variation in the car scene and their show was the perfect example of that. Take a look at our highlights…


Paul Burns’ bagged BMW E28 on Gottis





Joe Stubbs’ Mercedes-Benz E350 on HP Drivetech/AccuAir suspension & Rotiform YVR’s



Jack Parson’s Volvo S40 on D2 / Air Lift suspension & BBS SR’s



Daniel Coates’ Mk6 Golf GTI on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform BLQ-T’s



Mat Finch’s Porsche 997 Gen1 CSR on HRE forged wheels



Chris Howes’ VW T5 on Air Lift suspension & Detroit Steel Wheels




Luke Shaw’s Mk3 Golf on Air Lift suspension & BBS RC041’s



Sam Curtis’ Mk2 Golf GTI on Air Lift suspension & custom-built BBS RA splits



Auto Finesse’s BBS-kitted VW Mk2 Golf on Air Lift suspension & Ronal centrelocks



Liam Elmore’s Audi TT on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform OZT’s



Lala Miah’s BMW 635CSi on Air Lift suspension & custom-built M-system Throwing Star splits





Danny Webster’s bagged Mk6 Ford Fiesta on BBS RS’s




Abi Clarke’s VW Beetle on Air Lift suspension & 3SDM 0.08’s



Rich Knowles’ Mazda MX5 on hydraulic suspension & WORK Meister S1’s



Joshua Woodward’s Mini Cooper S on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’s



Shaun Grazette’s BMW E92 on Air Lift suspension & Blitz Technospeed Z1’s




Sam Roden’s bagged Renault Clio 197 on OZ Futura’s



Joe Chatfield’s Mk2 Jetta on Air Lift suspension & Fuchs’



Ben Hughes’ bagged Mini Cooper on Fifteen52 Tarmac’s




Team SPB’s Mercedes-Benz CLS on hydraulic suspension & Vossen CV7’s





Dean Meeson’s Lotus Esprit on AccuAir suspension & custom Lotus splits



Steven Foxall’s static BMW M50-turbo’d E30 on Schmidt TH-Line’s



James Cowley’s static wide body Honda S2000 on WORK Meister S1’s



Rob Blackwell’s Honda S2000 on Air Lift suspension & CCW D110’s




Kaz Singh’s BMW E39 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform LHR’s



Adam Moore’s Mk4 Golf on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform IND-T’s



Tom Grimshaw’s Audi Q3 on AccuAir suspension & Rotiform IND-T’s


Karl Runeckles’ BMW Z4 on hydraulic suspension & custom-built Style32′s



Sam Dean’s VW Lupo on Air Lift suspension & custom Exip wheels



Zak Starr’s Nissan Skyline GTR R32 on Cosmis Racing XT-005R’s





Robert Cumberbatch’s Hillman Imp on Air Lift suspension & J A Pearce Magna’s




Andy Ware’s Mk6 Golf on Air Lift suspension & stepped-up BBS RS’s




Dan Taylor’s BMW E46 M3 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS2’s



Thom Williams’ Honda S2000 on Air Lift suspension & BBS LM’s



Meguiar’s Ford Crown Victoria on Air Lift suspension





Sumil Pancholi’s BMW E39 on Air Lift suspension & Hartge splits



Dan Birkinshaw’s bagged Mk5 Jetta on BBS GT004′s



Charlie Evans’ static BMW E28 on AC Schnitzer Type 1’s




George Powell’s static Hillman Imp on Ultralite wheels



Mark Loony’s Honda Civic EK on hydraulic suspension & BBS RS’s




Tom Heap’s bagged Mercedes-Benz C124 on WORK Meister S1’s



Az Riz’s BMW E92 on Air Lift / AccuAir suspension & WORK VS-XX’s





Joe Addison’s static BMW E36 cabriolet on Gotti’s



Beinn Dale Goodchild’s static Polo Coupe



Our Audi C5 A6 on Air Lift / Bags by OCD / AccuAir suspension & Rotiform IND-T’s



Lee Curtis’ Audi C5 A6 Allroad on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform CCV DDT’s





So, did Gravity exceed our expectations? I’d say so. It’s difficult to stand out from other shows, but the choice of venue completely made it for us. We don’t always want to see a perfect looking show hall, and Gravity’s main hall was different to most shows – with more of an air-cooled vibe to it, which actually worked really well with the range of cars on display. Of course, being a debut show, there were a few things that could be improved on, but that’s to be expected – I’m sure Jordan and the team now have plenty to think about and are already planning next year’s show. If you missed it, don’t think twice about attending in 2017 – Gravity is definitely one to watch.


More info on Gravity/Slammed UK:

Gravity website

Slammed UK on Facebook

Slammed UK on Instagram


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Slam Sanctuary x The Wheel Specialist Bournemouth Open Day 2016

Date: 9 April 2016

Location: The Wheel Specialist Bournemouth, Ferndown, Dorset


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Down in Bournemouth we don’t have much going on in terms of modified cars… well, ‘quality’ cars I should say. Evidently, they are out there… there’s just been nowhere to congregate, until now. Most weekends we travel all over the country to see cars we adore, but every now and then it’s nice to do something local. Our partners, The Wheel Specialist Bournemouth have always wanted to improve on their open day, so we decided to join forces and organise something special, and different to the area. With a select few hand-picked cars, and the rest of the event open to the public, we invited some of our favourites to come down to TWS’ premises in Ferndown for a full look into their facilities and what services they can offer. Their neighbours very kindly allowed us to take over their car park, making the event as large as possible. Mix this with a food truck, coffee van and music, we were on for a fun day. Plus, we were out with our Pop-Up Store keeping you all looking fresh.



Lawrence Warner-Green’s BMW E60 on Air Lift suspension & 3SDM 0.08’s



Benny Rees’ 1976 Toyota Celica GT on Watanabe wheels




David Mcdiarmid’s BMW E46 on Air Lift suspension & WORK Emotion CR2P’s





Craig Yate’s BMW E36 on Air Lift suspension & Rota wheels



Rich Tapp’s Nissan Skyline R32 on OZ Futura’s




Matty Davis’ BMW E30 on WORK Seeker CX’s




Lee Curtis’ 1962 Beetle “Purple Haze”




Harry Hindmarch’s Mazda MX5 on WORK Equip’s



Freya Filippa’s Honda Integra Type R on Desmond Regamaster EVO’s





Ryan Powell’s bagged Mk3 Golf VR6 on BBS LM’s


(click here to check out our feature on Ryan’s Mk3)




Mark Allen’s bagged Mk4 Golf estate with Bora front-end on Rotiform VCE’s



Nugget Caldicott’s BMW E82 on AccuAir suspension & BBS RF’s



Adam Hutchings’ Volkswagen Mk1 Jetta on Stern splits





Chris Phillips’ static Lexus IS200 on stepped-up BBS RS’s


(click here to check out our feature on Chris’ Lexus)




Sean Crompton’s static BMW E36 ‘vert on Carline CM6’s



Ethan Sexton’s BMW E30 318is on Air Lift suspension & Schmidt TH-Line’s



Carlos Gomez’s BMW E36 on Style19’s




Matt Beddis’ turbocharged Lexus IS200





BMW E31 850ci Sport manual


Lucy Barlow’s bagged BMW E21 on BBS RM’s




Neil Clements’ Mitsubishi EVO 4 on Wedsport SA-90’s




Lee Curtis’ Audi Allroad on Air Lift suspension & 20×10 Rotiform CCV DDT’s





Dan Bartlett’s Volkswagen Mk2 Golf



Volkswagen Scirocco on 20″ ETA BETA Venti-R’s


Dan Lewis’ static BMW E28



Adam Hodge’s static Audi S3 on 20″ Audi Rotor’s




Connor Clark’s bagged Lexus GS300 on Weds Kranze LXZ’s



Dorset Volkfest’s VW T5 & Oli Thorpe’s BMW E46





The Wheel Specialist Bournemouth’s Volkswagen Mk1 Caddy on Porsche D90’s



This being Britain, the weather was all over the place.. starting with perfect sunshine in the early morning and leading to rain showers and even hail later on. Everyone seemed to stick with it though, so thank you! We were so impressed with the quality of cars that made the effort to come down and support us and The Wheel Specialist. So much so, that we are looking to make this an annual thing, or maybe even twice a year. A lot of you were saying that more Southern events are needed, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming events – we are thinking about an End of Season event to finish off 2016.



More info on The Wheel Specialist Bournemouth:

TWS website

TWS on Facebook

TWS on Instagram


Seen your car above? If we haven’t named you, drop us message a through our Facebook page or email info@slamsanctuary.com and let us know if you’d like your name added to the article! Also be sure to let us know if we made any errors regarding your cars modifications. Sometimes we make mistakes, albeit rarely, but we like to make things right!

Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – June 2015

Location: Queen Square, Bristol

Date: 14 June 2015


Words & Photos by Steph Clarke


Another month and another early start which can only mean another outing to Queen Square, hosted by the Avenue Drivers Club. Setting off from a bit further afield this time, so a little earlier than usual, and in convoy with Lee Johns in his Honda CRX, we made our way into Bristol for another Sunday morning of cars.



Lee’s CRX has been off the road getting an overhaul including a full re-spray in its original Frost White and this weekend was its first big venture to both Players Classic (click here to check out our coverage!) and Queen Square.



Ferrari Testarossa, these wheels haven’t aged a bit, splits and polished dish. Who’d have thought that would ever become popular..



It’s not just about exteriors, sometimes it’s worth having a quick look inside and you never know what quirky interior is hiding.



911’s will always be my favourite at any show/meet, no exception here with this ’89 911 Turbo and subtle addition of clear indicator lenses.



Some people regard the 928 as the ‘uglier’ Porsche but this one, the S2, produces over 300BHP from it’s V8 engine. That’s not bad straight out of the factory in the mid 80’s!



Tom Harris and Laura Hunt from The Motorworks in Gloucester bought their MK2 Golf with its freshly built 2.0L 16v engine on Yamaha R1 carbs, custom inlet, Omex management and a one off radiator from the guys at Forge Motorsport.




These crazy wheels immediately drew me towards this Ford Model A.



I’m still yet to see anything that looks out of place in the square, this Ford Consul fits right in.



Who needs a bonnet? This hot rod Ford Model T with a 5.3 V12 Jaguar engine sure does not!




Don’t think I’ve seen a Jaguar XK R-S in person before, it’s big but looks purposeful.



We last saw this BMW E10 equipped with a M60 V8 back in April’s coverage although you might not recognise it as it’s gone from primer grey with flames down one side to this rather fetching orange. It certainly catches your eye now!




One that hasn’t changed since we last saw it in last month’s coverage is Justin Appleford’s bagged Audi RS5, still looking great as ever.



Okay, so maybe the XK R-S wasn’t that big after all.. This Ford F350 Super Duty made everything else look like a toy!



Looking straight out of the 80’s was this Ford Escort RS 1600.



One of my favourite Lotus’, the Esprit. Love the side profile on this thing.



More orange on show on this Reliant Scimitar GTE.



Jamie Ray’s Mercedes W124 on hydraulics made its debut outing after being off the road for five years.



Pretty cool way to advertise a business on the side of this 1952 Chevrolet Pick-up. The brown against the white wall tyres looked awesome.



A Noble M12 GTO looking raring to go.



I have a slight emotional attachment to this car as this very Honda CRX, now owned by Adam Galt, used to be mine and was probably my favourite car I’ve owned to date! It looks quite a bit different now but it was good to see it again since I sold it well over a year ago.



As we’ve learned from our previous visits to Queen Square, it always brings out the rare and cool BMW’s. This month was this gorgeous Alpina E12 B7S Turbo. It was a little rough around the edges but car of the morning for me.




This gunmetal grey Nissan Skyline R32 was literally perched on the curb on a popular wheel of choice, Rota Grids.



By no means is the Mk2 Golf GTI a particularly rare and expensive classic but there’s still something about a clean and unmolested one that does it for me.



Sometimes you need that wind in your hair to wake you up on a Sunday morning!



We had a nice chat with the owner of this E30 M3 and he kindly let me know where I could get my original rear window dealer sticker for my E30 re-made which was very helpful. He’s such a perfectionist but so worth it. This was immaculate and he drives it too as he’s a bit nervous about it getting damaged being loaded on to a trailer and to be honest, I think I would be as well!




Finally, a tidy little BMW E28 making it’s way towards the exit of the way one system around the square.



I don’t mean to repeat myself every month but I’m still amazed at the variation the Queen Square meet brings each month. I learn something new every time! This month’s was probably the quietest I’ve been to so far, but there was still a great deal to look at and with it being the weekend of Le Mans I suspect a majority of regulars headed off early to go and catch the finish, it was definitely on in my house when I got home! Let’s wait and see what next month’s will bring.. In the meantime you can still go and check out April and May’s coverage for some more of the Queen Square’s diverse following.



Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – May 2015

Words & Photos by Steph Clarke


So the past month has flown by and it was time for another early start and short trip into Bristol for the Avenue Drivers Club’s Breakfast Club Meet held at Queen Square. If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out last month’s meet coverage then you can do by clicking HERE. Arriving just before 8am we parked up and went for the first on-foot lap around the square taking a few minutes here and there to stand still and watch the others roll in, either on their own or in small convoys like these Porsches.



Before you had time to even realise, the square quickly stated to fill up with a huge variety of vehicles, which is what impressed me most at my first meet here last month, it’s so diverse! Among those coming in was this beautiful Nissan Skyline R32, I remember seeing this inside at Ultimate Stance and it looks even better out on the streets and now rocking a set of OZ Futura’s. Insert Fast and Furious quote here!



This Jaguar X-Type was super underrated, looking almost OEM when it drove in but aired out up on the pavement it looked so badass. We had a quick chat with the owner but I can’t remember what set up he was running apart from it was auto leveling..



Up on the pavement seems to be a popular spot for those rocking air ride, Justin Appleford’s Audi RS5 on Accuair and BC Forged HBR05 wheels was no exception. Gorgeous car and a pretty sweet number plate to match!




There’s never a shortage of American pick-ups with this Ford F50 and Chevrolet C10.



Over the other side of the square was this Chevrolet B350.



The old Fords always seem to make it out in force but this ridiculously clean Escort RS Turbo caught my eye, refreshing to see something other than your usual white/red/black RS’s.



From old to brand new, a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. I prefer the older 911’s but this wasn’t so bad in person.



Another making it’s way round the square was David Mcdiarmid’s bagged BMW E46 with some meaty fitment. Even at it’s more practical driving height I think it looks pretty cool!



Now I don’t know if it’s because I want one that was making me notice them more, but there was definitely a decent Mercedes turnout this month. This W202 was one of them.



As always the BMW’s that attend these meets make me incredibly jealous. Some more Alpina goodness with this rare B9 / E28 535i.




This original M-Tech 2 E30 was also looking good.



It sounds bad, but with such a wide mix of stuff here you almost tend to ignore the exotics like this Ferrari 348.



There were a handful of race livery cladded cars this time, and who doesn’t like a big wing? This Dodge Viper GTSR doesn’t.



Yet again, I hold my hands up and say I didn’t know what this was, apart from being something very small. A little research and it’s a Trojan 200. Originally made in Germany under the name of Heinkel Kabine until a plant in Croydon took over production and renamed the little three wheeler.



Another BMW E28 and after a cheeky look at the for sale sign in the window this is hiding a fully rebuilt engine from a B10!



I imagine a good majority of you have seen this already, if not this is Bruce Holder’s Series 1 Landrover. Not only is it collectively about the height of your average Landrover wheel alone, it’s equipped with a V8!



More American metal and I can’t even explain the size of this Chrysler Newport Station Wagon, it was more like a stretch Limo!



I loved these style headlights on this Ford Escort RS2000 Custom.



Not too sure on the particulars of this apart from being a Ford Model A hot rod of some type. Bet it’s a giggle to drive!



This Porsche 911 was a little rough round the edges with its slantnose-esque type body kit.



Yep, I definitely want a Merc! Loved this immaculate Mercedes 190E 2.5-16.



It’s not very often that you get to see a Notchback Volkswagen, let alone one this clean.



I also have a not so secret love for 80’s/early 90’s Renaults, so without doubt this Ragnotti replica’d Renault 5 Turbo 2 was my favourite of the day.




Carrying on the race theme was this rather bright Ginetta.



Really liked the colour of this factory fresh Mercedes W109 300SEL.



And last but not least, we got to see Rory Hamiltons bagged W115 240D again, never a bad thing!



Once again it was a great morning with an awesome selection of vehicles! I’m not sure it was as busy as last month’s meet, but by no means was it quiet or boring – quite the opposite. This time a food festival was setting up in the middle of the square which possibly made people want to leave earlier before the rest of Bristol had woken up and made their way over for lunch. Even so, I don’t think we left until about 11.30am. I think this is going to become a regular meet to attend in my calendar and if you want to join, they’re held every second Sunday of the month which by my workings out will be on the 14th June, starting at around 8:30am. See you there!



Ultimate Stance 2014 – Part 3

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Better late than never! We’re back with the final part of our Ultimate Stance coverage. In the first two parts we saw some incredible cars and this section gets even better, focusing on the final two halls of the show. First up, Wheel Whores were out in full force with an exclusive ‘Wheel Whores Show’, making its debut at Ultimate Stance. We were super excited for the swap meet they set up which allowed anyone to buy, sell or trade rare wheels right there at the show. Considering it was timed at the end of show season, this was the perfect opportunity for enthusiasts to buy and browse possible rims for winter projects. Plus they had the gorgeous Wheel Whores promo girls skating around the hall taking ‘Instagram selfies’ with show-goers. Adding live wheel building and refurbishing, tyre fitting tips and live pin striping, it was certainly the place to be.




Continuing along the infamous Wheel Whores pink carpet, we were taken in by Matt Glassup’s incredible Porsche 964 on a beautiful set of BBS RS wheels. This is an absolute dream 911.





Up at the front and representing the Wheel Whores show was Jayne Kay’s Pink Lady Racing fuel altered Model T drag car, along with Richie of Milestone71’s stunning Porsche 964.



We loved this cool addition to the show, the ‘Tikes and Trikes’ display and competition, some really outstanding kids toys that have been modified like nothing you’ve ever seen before!



Over on the Rothink stand was Andy Rudd’s insane T25 Transporter Pick Up, which completely blew us away – considering this is static with no air ride or hydraulics. Impressive!




Having snapped this a while back at Retro Rides Gathering, it was nice to see Shaun Mint’s Mk1 Nova saloon in attendance. It’s such a clean car after a long restoration and respray, and looks perfect on the G60 banded steels. No doubt, one of our favourite Vauxhalls of all time.



Huxley Motorsport were showing off their intense RA28 Celica drift car running an SR20 with around 300bhp and hoping for over 400 next season, definitely something to watch out for.



Alongside was Bryn Musselwhite’s Volvo 245 which recently had a new set of Volk Racing / Rays TE37 wheels, resulting in a hard as nails look.





Dan Taylor’s E46 M3 looked the business on Broadway Static custom coilovers and OZ Breyton splits.




Our friends from LikeHell were breaking necks as per usual with Jordan O’Sullivan’s Mini on Carline CM6 splits…



…And Josh Mussell’s static Nissan 350z on Work Meisters.



The last time we got up and close to this beauty was actually at Edition38 2013. Finally, we got to see it fully exposed thanks to Wheel Whores. Alex Wright’s Mk1 Golf has to be one of the countries best examples. Sitting on 8.5×15 BBS E30 splits, this Helios blue GTI is packing a 16v G60 motor and is not one to be missed.





Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular Mk2 Golf’s of the year is Simon Delahaye’s immaculate example on custom Pirelli P-Slot splits. Overall a car built to perfection.



Mixing things up quite a bit was Bobby from Milkandtwo with his DKW Schnellaster/F89, a super rare sight.



We adored Jack Hale’s Mercedes 280CE drag car running a small block Chevy V8. There’s something about building a drag car out of a luxury barge, so wrong, yet SO right. Clearly an incredible amount of work has taken place for this build and the result is outstanding.





The variation of vehicles has already been pretty awesome, and it continued with Ade Brannan’s Chrysler Horizon. A perfect example of bringing a retro car back to life with lows and wheels. It’s clean, too!



The same goes for Shaun Morris’ Mk1 Astra on polished Gotti splits, a credit to him in every way.



One vehicle that debuted at the start of show season was Jamie McToldridge’s Players’ Datsun pick up built by Balls’d. It’s crazy to think it’s done a whole season already, and we’re excited to see what’s in store for it next year.




The Kleen Freaks lineup is always on point and this show was no different, starting with Kats Gile’s bagged Mk5 on a gorgeous set of 3-piece Rotiform LHRs.



Not forgetting Rob and Harry’s Candy red Lupo GTI on CCW D11L 3-piece wheels along with Steve’s bagged Mk6 Golf.



With their amazing 0% Finance deals, Car Audio & Security always have a busy trade stand, in fact it was hard to take a shot due to the sheer amount of constant people gathering around the booth. Make sure you hit them up for your winter project needs.



BBS LM’s are not a wheel we often see anymore, but Neil Hargraves’ bagged Audi TT pulled them off really well with the gold centres and red caps to match the body colour.



CCW’s are always a stunning combination on Civics, especially like the polished examples shown below on Aaron Gemmell’s awesome EK.




Moving over to the Players & Dubkorps stand, we checked out Jay’s other car, a stunning Mk1 Golf which we’ve seen plenty of back from Players at North Weald a few months ago. Here it was sitting on a new set of wheels, some spectacular BBS E50 which really bring the car together.



We can’t forget the Players S14 either, built to be driven hard, on Air Lift Performance bags and Rotiform TMB’s.



Across the way, a lot of people including ourselves were talking about this R32 Skyline. If you think back to the old school Gran Turismo days, this is what you’ll remember. The car was absolutely immaculate, and looked like it had just driven out the showroom, all thanks to a squeaky clean colour change/respray. A show favourite, for sure.




Moving through the hallways we took a look at the PBMW and PVW magazine stands with some nice cars on display as usual.




…And into the final show hall, the more intimate carpeted room of them all, kicking off with Seb de Latour’s (editor of PBMW) E39 540i recently bagged by the guys at Studio Incar which sits very nicely especially at the rear, holy tuck!





Continuing with the theme of diversity.. what a pleasant surprise it was to see Retro Rides in attendance with their own stand. Retro Rides Gathering is one of our all time favourite shows so we loved that they had their own selection of cars at Ultimate Stance. Naturally, everything on display was something else! First up, Dean Meeson’s show-stopping Lotus Esprit, packing a 24v Alfa Romeo V6 engine, air ride and Compomotive CXN wheels. A sensational combination. What a car!




Another retro car with another engine swap… Dave Colledge’s Ford 2.3 Duratec powered Lada on banded steels, beautifully executed.



Aaron Harrison’s Volvo C30 was looking flawless on hydraulic suspension and finished off nicely with a set of RH ZW1 splits.



Tornado Red will always be one of the best colours on a Mk2, this example was simply stunning. A solid representation of how a classic Golf should look. Sitting low using Air Lift V2 suspension and 16″ BBS RS splits, this is one clean car. We loved the rear louvre too.



Going back even further in time was this mint Mk1 on Maserati/Campagnolo wheels, air ride and an AFH in the bay. Mk1 perfection?



On the other side of the hall Studio Incar had set up shop with a huge display, nice job Shakey! On show were some of the best car’s they’ve built over the past year.



Of course, Nick Sahota’s bagged E30 M3 with the S54 engine swap that debuted at the start of the season in the very same room at Ultimate Dubs. Nick and Studio Incar have done a tremendous job building a car with the intention of it going viral, and it certainly has. It’s probably one of the most talked about cars of 2014. Even the purists have grown to love it.



Their demo car, the Liberty Walk E92 M3 was recently given a fresh new style with a toned down wrap and black painted Rotiform TMB’s. It will be sad to see this car go soon.



Sam Beach’s murdered out E24 635CSI was looking menacing on a full Air Lift V2 custom suspension and Kerscher RX splits. Certainly an inspiration for our own 635 project!



Alongside was Joshua Hay’s E92, bagged with Air Lift bags/struts and controlled with AccuAir eLevel management. This thing sits SO well, check out the rear tuckage.



As if one wasn’t enough, let’s finish up back on the Retro Rides stand with another Lotus on air, Charlie Croker’s 1977 S1 Elite. Having read his build thread over at Retro Rides, it’s evident that Charlie has undertaken a massive project. Seeing what the car looked like when he picked it up and how gleaming it looks now is incredible.




And there we have it, our final show write up until next year. It has to be said, the organisers did extremely well with the first ever ‘Ultimate Stance’. We previously heard lots of people worrying about what the turnout would be like, given it being so late in the year with the Winter weather approaching and so on… Well, it was one of the best show’s we’ve attended, and it all comes down to the variation of cars, especially with these last two halls. Sure, we love Ultimate Dubs, but Ultimate Stance displayed cars from all walks of life in the car world, not just the usual specific show cars we have all become accustomed to (Of course, they still play a massive role in what we do). This time around, show goers were presented with vehicles which some would found difficult to work out what they even were. We feel a lot of eyes have been well and truly opened to what is possible if you look outside the box, this is a great thing and the right direction for the scene. Here’s to seeing more diversity next year… Thanks to the organisers for having us and see you all at Ultimate Dubs in 2015 for the season opener.



When stance isn’t enough – Jamie Carter’s 1988 Nissan Laurel C32

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Standing out in the car scene is a challenging prospect these days, especially if you don’t want to follow the the typical trend of ‘Air Ride and Rotiforms’ that so many seem to opt for. First glance at Jamie Carter’s 1988 Nissan Laurel 2.4SGX and it’s clear that he is not one to follow trends… You won’t find his car at any mainstream shows, as he simply does not care what others think. Let’s get things straight, there’s nothing glamorous to see here. Rough around the edges with surface rust and scuff marks scattered around the bodywork, this Laurel is definitely no show queen. There’s much more to it than looking pretty. Jamie built the car for himself to enjoy, and that’s what matters. It’s just a bonus that it happens to look so badass.



Jamie first picked up the C32 Laurel as a completely standard example. Naturally, the first job was to chop the springs and get it on the floor as quickly as possible. Consequently the car looked amazing, although soon after, Jamie realised it was time to take the car to the next level and do it properly.



To improve the handling, Jamie installed S13 hubs which allowed him to fit HSD adjustable coilovers for a healthy drop, which ride surprisingly well for such a heavy saloon car.



Wheels are always a difficult choice for a rare, retro vehicle. Jamie didn’t want to spend a silly amount of money, and as a result opted for 16×10 Diamond Racing steels, refurbed in a gunmetal grey – which go extremely well with the Laurel’s two-tone colour scheme. These are paired to slightly stretched 225/40 tyres all round.



It’s not until you notice the custom 2.5″ stainless exhaust and hear it start up, that you realise there is something more to this car. That’s because for Jamie, stance isn’t enough.




The idea was to keep the original retro looks… but turn it into a complete animal.



After much pondering and peer pressure, an engine swap was on the cards. Jamie set himself a budget, and the search was on… A few weeks later he ended up purchasing a complete written-off Skyline R33 GTST, which, if you are a Jap fan, you’ll know these carry the RB25DET motor. A prime candidate for Jamie’s build.



It was no simple task, with the swap taking a good few months to complete. Being a mechanic by trade, Jamie luckily had access to a workshop and took on the build himself with a couple of like-minded mates whenever there was a free evening or weekend, bar a couple of issues such as the critical wiring which required special expertise from engineer and friend Giles.



Modifications to allow for the swap include a modified subframe from the Skyline donor car, custom driveshafts and prop, in addition to the RB manual gearbox. A new front mounted intercooler was installed along with a new inlet to get the most out of the RB25 lump.



Although it’s not yet seen a rolling road, Jamie estimates the Laurel is now putting out around 300bhp. This extra power means the original Laurel brakes would not cut it, so they were scrapped accordingly in place for uprated 300ZX front brakes.




As with most mechanic’s cars, the Laurel will always be an ongoing project. With so much time spent working on other people’s cars, there’ll always be something that needs finishing on his own pride and joy.



As a result, the interior is dirty, and there are missing panels all over the place, but really, who cares? In my opinion he should keep the car like this. It’s the rawness that makes it what it is. The car was built to be abused – there’s no point in hiding it. You’ll notice Jamie did however opt for a Nardi steering wheel, always a tasteful upgrade whatever the car.



There’s something truly special about 80s Japanese cars, character.. which is what modern cars unfortunately seem to be missing most of the time.




The attention the Laurel gets whilst crawling through traffic just proves what looker it really is. While most people tend to ask what the hell it is, they are always affectionate over it. It truly is a thing of beauty.



There is no doubt in my mind that Jamie built this car as a big “f**k you” to the current Volkswagen scene. Opting for 80s Jap (something we don’t see enough of in the UK!), along with big power, and absolutely no worry or care about the condition of the car or what trouble it might land him in. Burnouts aplenty and sessions at his local drifting track – the car sees plenty of action. It’s the definition of ‘retro cool’, fun, and intimidating, mixed into one. It’s a pleasure to see it out on the road, not giving a shit.

Early Edition 2014: Part 2

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


As I mentioned in Part 1 of our Early Edition coverage, the show was absolutely packed with people and cars, so many in fact that I had to split the report into two parts. There was so much to see with such a variation of vehicles including a countless amount of non-VAG cars finally being appreciated. Walking around the show, of course I still heard a few people complaining that Edition38 is a VAG show despite them being outside the show anyway. If you don’t like it, move on, and let others enjoy a day out with other car enthusiasts! So, let’s take a look at some of my highlights from the lower and upper car parks at the venue…


Starting off with the FourSeasons Audi’s. B5 perfection right there.




This was pretty badass, an EOS with Scirocco front end conversion.



I was ecstatic to see this classic, a BMW 2002 looking elegant.





A familiar set of wheels from Ultimate Dubs…



You don’t come across Mk1 Polo’s that often, except for Famous James’ of course, so this was a nice surprise.



A bagged E46 rocking the new Rotiform VCE rims.




These Mazdaspeed wheels were awesome!




I’m a sucker for RF’s, yes they are popular, but as we saw the TT in Part 1 pulled them off as 18″, and here on this E46 they’ve been stepped up big time. Very cool.




A personal favourite B5 wagon, I had to wait about 10 minutes crouching down to get this shot with the amount of passers by.







Nice to see these two out together again, they make a great pair. Lovely clean examples of the E36 M3.



Later they were joined by two more…





An absolutely stunning E21 on air.






Both these guys are taking E46’s to the next level with seriously impressive static ride height.




There were also a few air cooled VW’s near the show entrance including this Beetle.




Moving on to the upper car park, there was even more variation to see.




Even a couple of nice Jap examples…




It’s always nice to see the LikeHell Mini, this year rocking new wheels!




It’s not often that you see these on anything other than a BMW, but this set of BBS RT splits seem to really suit the Mk3.






You’ll either love or hate Rota’s but I personally thought this E36 touring sat nicely on them.







Cool Fifteen52 TurboMac’s on this TT…




I’m not normally a roofbox fan but this “LOLVO” caught my eye with a few tasteful modifications.






Two nice examples of Rotiform IND usage, they seem to work on so many cars.






I’ve noticed that E39’s are becoming more popular this year already, perhaps people are getting inspired from Rich’s example we featured? Great to see.



That about concludes our Early Edition photo coverage. What a simply breathtaking turnout for the Edition38 guys, so thank you for having us. This was just the pre-show, I can’t begin to imagine what the main show and shine event will be like later in the year!

Event Coverage: Players 7.0

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Players has become known as one of the the biggest car shows of the year to many enthusiasts nationally and overseas. This year marked their seventh year running, and my gosh has it got big… Everyone had been hoping that the weather would hold off, as the days leading up to the Sunday had been dreadful. On arrival at North Weald Airfield, the clouds were hovering but luckily it stayed dry for the majority of the morning. A few showers here and there luckily didn’t put people off, as the attendance was phenomenal. People were being turned down to the show and shine because it was so busy.



Speedhunters had their own hangar with several cars on display and photoshoots going on in the background. Check out the Mk1 Golf with R32 transplant above that was also seen at Edition38.


This RX-7 was looking seriously mean.




This Mercedes was one of my show favourites, it was immaculate with an interior to match.




I saw this bagged E46 back at DC13 earlier in the year, it’s now rocking some new shoes, BBS RFs.



If you’ve been to a car show in the UK, you’ve probably seen this 635CSI, I never get tired of this beautiful car.



Two of Audi’s finest on the Airlift Performance stand.





I was impressed with this static E36, those are the lows we like to see.







Adrian May’s tough R32 on the Wheel Whores stand.



On the Vabric stand, check out the Mk1 Jetta sitting on BBS RFs…



and Pipey’s static Mk1 Golf.



Opposite was the Low Standards’ stand with their Mk2 Golf.





These two Mercs were very tastefully modified.



Further into the Show and Shine area, I ran into Ben Koflach’s E36 Touring, featuring a set of old school BTCC Rays wheels and the latest addition, an S54 engine from an E46 M3. Wow!





I’ve snapped Tallis Godfrey’s E36 cab a few times at shows, but I’d not seen it with the hard top fitted. What can I say, I love this car!











Nice to see a set of Advan 3 spokes, looking awesome on this A3.




Toyota Celica sitting well on Rotas, a healthy drop and de-spoilered. Win win.







An E30 cab rocking a set of E34/E31 M-System’s.




The amber sides on this E39 really make the car!





Chris Newton’s Mk2 with BBS fans, stunning! He took home the Wheel Whores ‘Best Wheels’ award.



Perhaps a familiar sight for some of you? Poor E36… the things we do for lows.





I’ve not seen such a nice Mk3 in a while…





I’m a sucker for E34’s, especially when they are low like this 525tds.



Jack Waller’s supercharged R32.





I love the RollHard E91 M-Sport Touring, sitting pretty on a set of Squared wheels.



This little Lupo was rocking the steelies. Loving the wing artwork too, not overdone like so many examples.







Our E46 Touring, still a work in progress!



Kingsley Black’s bagged Passat on Rotiforms.



Unfortunately the rain decided to arrive in the afternoon and people started to leave. I don’t blame them, it was cold and wet.. but did give me the opportunity to snap a few cars leaving.










Despite the typically British weather, I enjoyed my day at Players. Splitting the show into several areas – two hangars, tarmac outside the hangars and then the huge show and shine area meant there was plenty to look at and keep busy. See you next year!