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Retro Rides Weekender 2018 at Goodwood Motor Circuit

Date: 19-20 May 2018

Location: Goodwood Motor Circuit


Words by Henry Phull / Photos by Matt Dear


We’ve been attending Retro Rides Gathering for years, which is known for its hill climb motorsport action at Prescott Hill, which then moved to Shelsley Walsh. Well, this year the guys at Retro Rides had something else in store for us… In addition to the usual Gathering, they’ve introduced a sister show, the Retro Rides Weekender, held at no other than the legendary Goodwood Motor Circuit. We are huge fans of Goodwood, it’d be hard for any petrolhead not to be! Now, imagine the historical paddocks and grounds taken over by all sorts of weird and wacky classic cars. Retro Rides is where you go to see the biggest mixed bag of old cars, ever. Add the surroundings of Goodwood, and you’re onto a winner – this included Pre-selected paddock displays, point-to-point sprint track action, ‘guest’ vehicles, clubs, retro parking, food, and traders (including ourselves!). Just like the Gathering, Retro Rides Weekender did well to attract that unique blend of anything retro. We attended on the Saturday with our Pop-Up Store and took some photos of our highlights, enjoy…



Kieran Piper’s 1969 Chevrolet Camaro




Rolling Dice’s 1962 Chevrolet Impala on hydraulic suspension



1964 Chevrolet Bel Air wagon on hydraulic suspension



Robert Connolly’s 1976 Nissan Skyline



James Mean’s 1991 Honda NSX





Pipey McGraw’s BMW S65-swapped Jaguar E-Type






Wayne Greatrix’s LS-swapped BMW E30 M3 on KW suspension & Image wheels




Terry Holmes’ Judd Lola Tegra




Scott Paterson’s BMW E36 Touring on BC Racing suspension & M-system Turbine’s





Eden Cayless’ Volkswagen Type2 on Gotti’s



Ben Rees’ 1976 Toyota Celica GT on WORK Equip Spirit 11’s (front) & SSR Riverside R109’s (rear)



Dougie McColm’s Mercedes-Benz W108 280SE on Air Lift / Slam Specialities suspension



Rob Goodwin’s BMW E28 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’





Leroy Goddard-Fletcher’s bagged Mercedes-Benz W126 on custom Mercedes Intra splits



Fresh & Minty’s Honda Acty on hydraulic suspension



Lee Curtis’ BMW E24 635CSI on Air Lift / BAGS by OCD suspension & BBS RS’





Tristan Holmes’ Jaguar XKR on Air Lift / BAGS by OCD suspension & Weds Kranze Bazreia’s



Although we had to leave and run off to Early Edition, Sunday (day two) saw the historic Goodwood track taken over by club stands and cars parked all over it, we can only imagine that it must’ve been quite a sight! So, if you like what you see and missed the Weekender, the usual Retro Rides Gathering is back this year also, at Shelsley Walsh in Worcestershire on Sunday 19th August for more retro goodness. We highly recommend that you check it out. Visit retroridesgathering.com for more info.




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More info on Retro Rides Weekender:

Retro Rides Weekender website

Retro Rides on Instagram

Retro Rides on Facebook





















Retro Rides Gathering 2017

Date: 20 August 2017

Location: Shelsley Walsh, Worcester


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Each year I try and get more and more people to go to Retro Rides Gathering (RRG), which I’ve been attending religiously since 2013. Why? It’s unlike any other automotive event on the calendar… You can expect to see some of the rarest cars that were all the rage back in the day – it’s truly amazing to experience so many retro rides in one place. RRG is all about acceptance… Whatever your car is, it’s cool as long as it’s old! You’ll rarely come across any snobbery at the Gathering; people are there to hang out with friends, talk cars, enjoy some motorsport and party (If you’re there for the camping!). What really makes this event special to me is that motorsport element, the Shelsley Walsh hill climb, which is what a lot of static car shows lack. Well, not Retro Rides, if you get bored looking at cars all day, you can experience the smell of gasoline and burning rubber from the paddocks, or way up on the hill. With morning and afternoon sessions, pretty much anyone can take their car up the historic hill if you register early enough. There are some special ‘guest cars’ – mostly hardcore race cars which are thoroughly breathtaking, but the majority tend to be completely random, from classic Datsun 240Z’s to Ford KA’s! Variety is commonplace here, just check out my photo coverage below and see for yourself…



Dan Prior’s Nissan PS13



Marcin Kobylanski’s BMW E28 on BC Racing coilovers & ACS Type 1’s



Triple B Engineering attempt to get Pipey’s ’20B 3-rotor’ E-Type started…


Olly Green’s Datsun 240Z on Hayashi Racing Type CR’s




James Ibbotson’s Hillman Imp Super





Alex Brown’s BMW E36 on Brock B1’s



William Harris’ Austin Mini Clubman



Carbon Collective’s Porsche 964 on BBS LM’s



James Wade’s bagged Audi 80 B2 on BBS RF’s




George & Jack Heath’s BMW 1602 on hydraulic suspension & BBS RS’

@georgeheath_ / @jack_heath


Rob Palmer’s Mk3 Golf VR6 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’



Dave Walbrin’s Datsun 610 (w/SR20DET)



Monster Reading’s Mercedes-Benz W114 (w/OM606) on Air Lift suspension




Luke Underwood’s Toyota Hilux


Lily Carton’s Honda Civic EF sedan on Autostar Kanji’s



Wayne Greatrix’s BMW E30 M3 (w/LS swap) on OZ Racing wheels




Ben Daniel’s Vauxhall Firenza


Triple B Engineering continue to work on the E-Type…


Andy Ludlow’s Datsun 240Z





Shane Fala’s BMW E28 (w/M50)



Liam Doran’s Group B Pikes Peak Ford RS200



Ben Rees’ Toyota Celica GT on WORK Equip Spirit 11’s (front) & SSR Riverside R109’s (rear)





Jeda Motorsport’s Peugeout 205GTI



David Munt’s Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2 (w/3.0 V6)



Gavin Jewkes’ MG BGT (w/Sebring V8 3.9 Efi)



Jack Hopkins’ Hillman Imp



Pipey McGraw’s Jaguar E-Type (w/Mazda 20B triple-rotor)






This year’s Retro Rides Gathering was an extra special one for us, as our good friend Pipey debuted his long awaited “3type” project, which you’ve just seen above. What is it you ask? Well, Pipey and Coltech Classics took a Luego Viento kit car chassis and a Jaguar Series 2, 2+2 shell and merged the two together, along with Porsche 930 arches. But Pipey being Pipey, didn’t want to go for the usual V8, and swapped this out for an NA bridge-port Mazda 20B built by Triple B Engineering in Northampton. Although the car wasn’t entirely finished, they got it to Shelsley Walsh and the guys at Triple B completed the engine wiring on site! It took them almost the entire weekend to get the motor running, but they finally succeeded. Although limited to just 3,000rpm and in desperate need of a map, Pipey managed to get one run up the hill, completely untested. I think this made a lot of people’s day, including mine! We’ll be taking a closer look at this once it is completed, so stay tuned. This car is the absolute definition of Retro Rides Gathering and the perfect example of why you need to get it on your calendar. I also hear they have a second show coming up next year at Goodwood Motor Circuit, keep your eyes peeled!




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More info on Retro Rides Gathering:

Retro Rides Gathering website

Retro Rides Gathering on Instagram

Retro Rides Gathering on Facebook













Ultimate Stance 2016

Date: 30 October 2016

Location: Telford International Centre, Shropshire


Words & Photos by Henry Phull

Additional Photos by Matthew Dear


Slam Sanctuary has just hit another milestone! One year has passed since debuting our booth, clothing range and pop-up store back at Ultimate Stance 2015. That’s one whole year of taking our brand and products around the UK and Europe, and I have to say, the reception has been phenomenal and better than I could’ve imagined. You are all making my dream come true, so thank you – every single one of you who continues to read the blog, purchase our products and visit us when we are out at events. I’m seeing more and more people wearing our clothing at shows – it means so much that so many of you want to spend your hard earned cash on supporting the brand. With that said, the return of Ultimate Stance this year meant that we had to top our previous efforts. Naturally, we returned to our favourite spot, the VIP carpeted hall in the Telford International Centre, with four of the UK’s best BMWs… representing the two worlds of suspension that we now offer, with Bekir’s E39 & Az’s E92 both on air, and Nick’s E34 & Alex’s E36 showing what can still be achieved on static coilovers. As well as having our new Autumn/Winter clothing collection available, we also brought down our sofa and TV with Xbox One S and Forza Horizon 3 for people to play during the day, it turned out to be a great hangover cure for those not wanting to do much after a heavy night of partying. Ultimate Stance is always the perfect end-of-season event – there’s always a huge variety of cars on display, and I’d say it’s a show completely different people and cars from the automotive world finally come together for one final blowout. Take a look at the highlights…



Xbox One and Forza Horizon 3 set up on our booth




Bekir Iskender’s BMW E39 540i on Air Lift suspension & stepped-up BBS RS’s



Nick Sahota’s BMW E34 540i on BC Racing coilovers & custom-built 3pc Throwing Stars

(Click here to check out our feature on Nick’s 540i)



Alex Wright’s static BMW E36 328i Sport on ACS Type 1’s

(Click here to check out our feature on Alex’s E36)




Az Riz’s BMW E92 330d on Air Lift / AccuAir suspension & WORK VS-XX’s




Prakash Thanky’s M52-swapped BMW E21 on Air Lift suspension & CCW wheels




Dan Guirey’s Volkswagen Mk1 Golf



Sam Duckett’s Nissan Pao



Adam Jones’ Rocket Bunny Toyota GT86 (Stage 3 AVO Turbo) on WORK Meister M1’s





Rob Blackwell’s Honda S2000 on Air Lift suspension & CCW D110’s



Nath Howell’s static Subaru WRX on WORK Emotion CR’s



Nicholas Pritchard’s Supercharged BMW E91 M3 Touring on Breyton wheels




Barry Smith’s BMW E36 328i Sport on AccuAir suspension & 3SDM 3.19’s


3SDM’s wheel lineup



Danny Mellor’s Mk2 Audi TT on Airdynamiks / Air Lift suspension & 3SDM 3.25’s



Sam Muccinni’s Vauxhall Astra VXR on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform TMB’s



Ben Anson’s BMW E21 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’s



Chris Phillips’ static Lexus IS200 on WORK Equip’s



Jack Smith’s bagged Mk1 Golf on Fifteen52 Tarmac 348′s



Alex Hurd’s BMW E46 330ci M Sport on Air Lift suspension & WORK Meister S1′s



Jack Smith’s Lexus GS300 on D2 / Air Lift suspension & Weds Kranze LXZ’s



Josh Parker’s wide-body BMW 2002 on 7Twenty Style44′s



Lala Miah’s BMW 635CSi on Air Lift suspension & custom-built M-system Throwing Star splits




Rory Hamilton’s bagged Mercedes-Benz W115 240D on BBS Mahle’s

(Click here to check out our feature on Rory’s Mercedes)



Ben Fraser’s Nissan 180SX on Rotiform LVS’s



Steve Fraser’s Audi S3 saloon on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform KPS’s





Charlie Croker’s bagged 1977 Lotus S1 Elite



Carl Raine’s Fiat 126



Sean Robbins’ bagged Datsun 240Z with BMW M52 2.8l engine swap on Extreme Offset Wheels



Beinn Dale Goodchild’s static Volkswagen Polo Coupe



Retro arcade gaming consoles set up in the ‘Retro Display’ hall


Oxford Car Audio’s Audi S5 on Air Lift / AccuAir suspension & Avant Garde F541’s



Adam Rhys Burford’s Volkswagen Mk2 Jetta coupe on BBS RF’s




Kenny Germeau’s BMW E32 730iL on BC Racing coilovers




Juan van Oversteyns’ BMW E28 525i on D2 Racing coilovers & stepped-up BBS RS’s



Ford Focus ST Mk2 on Air Lift suspension & Jaguar wheels



Kiran Halsey’s Rocket Bunny Toyota GT86 on Air Lift suspension & BC Forged HB29’s



Dips Amin’s BMW E46 M3 ‘vert on Air Lift suspension



Zak Hobbs’ VW Lupo on “Sudani-style” Compomotive CX501’s




Conor Christy’s Volkswagen Mk4 Golf R32 on Air Lift suspension & Fifteen52 TurboMac’s



Arfan Talib’s Mercedes-Benz W126 “Trasco” 1000SEL on BBS RF’s



Ben Rye’s bagged 1957 Volkswagen Oval Beetle ragtop on custom 3pc smoothies



Plush Automotive’s Audi RS6 on AccuAir suspension & Rotiform SFO’s




Christian Pack’s bagged Seat Leon on VSP Type2’s



Mat Ward’s Eurocco kit car




Pete Blackhurst’s El Camino lowrider


Steve Townley’s Cadillac Fleetwood lowrider



’65 Chevrolet Impala ‘vert lowrider


Ultimate Stance really is a great way to end the car show season. Turning into an overnight event for those displaying cars and trading, it’s a bit more chilled, allowing more time to be spent with friends that probably won’t be reunited again until next year when the season starts again with Ultimate Dubs at the same venue. With some cool touches, like the Wheel Whores display, a Retro Hall packed with classic cars and retro gaming consoles free to play, and even a gathering of Lowriders outdoors… there was plenty going on to keep everyone occupied for the day. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed this season of events in the UK, plus the few we were lucky enough to head over to mainland Europe for. Our next show will indeed be Ultimate Dubs in March 2017 – keep an eye social media and save the date when it’s announced. In the meantime, we have plenty of content coming up to keep you entertained during the winter months, so check back to slamsanctuary.com soon.


More info on Ultimate Stance:

Ultimate Stance website

Ultimate Stance on Facebook

Ultimate Stance on Instagram



Seen your car above? If we haven’t named you, drop us message a through our Facebook page or email info@slamsanctuary.com and let us know if you’d like your name added to the article! Also be sure to let us know if we made any errors regarding your cars modifications. Sometimes we make mistakes, albeit rarely, but we like to make things right!

Retro Rides Gathering 2016

Date: 28 August 2016

Location: Shelsley Walsh, Worcester


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


It’s that time of year where we take a break from the usual shenanigans of static ‘stance-orientated’ car shows, and head deep into the British countryside… more specifically, the idyllic Shelsley Walsh in Worcester, to the historic hill climb. It’s here that every year, members of the Retro Rides forums get together for one big event, the ‘Gathering’. Now, this isn’t like any typical car show. Here you’ll find cars that you won’t see anywhere else, in fact, a lot of them only attend this one event on the calendar, and I’m pretty sure a lot of them aren’t even that active on social media. I know right, that sort of messes up our usual style of event coverage, but let’s go with it. Anyway, I’ve been attending the Retro Rides Gathering since 2013, and it just keeps getting better, year on year (regardless of the weather). Over this time I’ve noticed that more and more classic car enthusiasts are finding out about this motorsport-orientated event, bringing a higher calibre of cars each time I visit.




It’s as simple as that. There’s a huge sense of appreciation for all marques at this event – and no whining about what and what isn’t acceptable like in the VAG scene. You’ll see everything from rat-look to fully prepped race cars. And it’s not just the high-performance cars that get a go up the hill climb either, the variety of cars can be hilarious at times – even a hearse went up this year (which you’ll find below)! I’ve done my best to select the images that show off what the Gathering is all about… A broad range of cars, but still focusing on what you guys and gals come to Slam Sanctuary for. But first, let’s take a look at some of the cars that ventured up the hill.


Steven Foxall’s static BMW M50-turbo’d E30 on Schmidt TH-Line’s




Retropower’s Audi Sport Quattro SWB rep




Joshua Tamwar O’Sullivan’s Mazda MX5




James Ibbotson’s static Hillman Imp on Alleycat & Revolution wheels



Pipey McGraw’s W8-powered Volkswagen K70





Jonathan Briggs’ Renault Extra Van w/GT Turbo conversion



Andy Bower’s Mk1 Ford Capri


Luke Herbert’s Mk2 Volkswagen Polo



Adam Hazlewood’s M52-swapped BMW E30




Tom Barry’s BMW E30 325i



David Whitefield’s Cadillac Brougham Hearse


Richard Woolmer’s Austin A35


Alex Penberthy’s Mk2 Volkswagen Polo



Daniel Lark’s C33 Nissan Laurel



Luke Drinan’s Mk2 Ford Escort



Rob Phillips’ M50-swapped BMW E30



Murray Eversham’s Ford Escort RS Turbo



James Cass’ C32 Nissan Laurel



Mark Brown’s BMW E30 M3 on KW suspension & BBS Magnesium split rims






If the burnouts, tyre smoke and the sound of cars going up the hill climb get a bit too much, there’s always a chance to take a stroll through the club field. Now, unlike most static car shows, the display part of the Gathering is made up of club stands – these are pre-booked prior to the event. This works really well, guaranteeing groups of friends the ability to park up together for the day. There’s also a “Retro Parking” area, too, which allows cars that turn up on the day to still be involved.


Benny Rees’ 1976 Toyota Celica GT on WORK Equip Spirit 11’s (front) & SSR Riverside R109’s (rear)




Rich Tapp’s Nissan Skyline R32 on OZ Futura’s



Lily Carton’s Nissan Silvia S14




Dean Meeson’s Lotus Esprit on AccuAir suspension & custom Lotus splits



Chris’ bagged Ginetta G15




Joe Scott’s BMW E21 on Compomotive TS501’s



Luke Polyblank’s Toyota AE86



Anthony Steel’s Volvo 240 on Advan SA3R’s



Carl Raine’s Fiat 126



Audi RS2 Avant


BMW E34 Touring


C10 Nissan Skyline



Mark Bullock’s Vauxhall Cavalier Turbo


Conor Elliott’s Volkswagen Mk2 Golf



Si McNally’s VR6-swapped Volkswagen Mk2 Golf on Fifteen52 Formula TR’s



Eden Cayless’ VW Type2 on Gotti’s



Arfan Talib’s Mercedes-Benz W126 “Trasco” 1000SEL on BBS RF’s





Lala Miah’s BMW 635CSi on Air Lift suspension & custom-built M-system Throwing Star splits





BMW E12 Alpina B7 S Turbo



William Harris’ Austin Mini Clubman





Adam Burton’s Mercedes-Benz W123 on hydraulic suspension



James Ibbotson’s static Hillman Imp on Alleycat & Revolution wheels




Robin Whitfield’s ‘Bosozoku-style’ Nissan Sunny



Sean Robbins’ bagged Datsun 240Z with BMW M52 2.8l engine swap on Extreme Offset Wheels






There’s not much more I can say really, other than if you haven’t been to Retro Rides Gathering before, don’t let yourself miss it again – book it in the diary for next year. You’ll be amazed by the unmatchable vibe that it possesses. With wacky, rare and intriguing cars, it’s completely different to any other automotive event on the calendar, something I constantly tell people when they ask about it. We will be back again next year, without a doubt.


More info on Retro Rides Gathering:

Retro Rides Gathering website

Retro Rides Gathering on Facebook 

Retro Rides Gathering on Instagram


Seen your car above? If we haven’t named you, drop us message a through our Facebook page or email info@slamsanctuary.com and let us know if you’d like your name added to the article! Also be sure to let us know if we made any errors regarding your cars modifications. Sometimes we make mistakes, albeit rarely, but we like to make things right!


Ultimate Stance 2015

Date: 1 November 2015

Location: Telford International Centre, Telford


Words by Henry Phull / Photos by Steph Clarke & Henry Phull

Flashback to the beginning of the month, the cold weather had returned, and the car community was out in force for the final outing to Ultimate Stance. This year’s show was rather special for us, as we launched our very first pop-up store with a new clothing collection. For the first time ever, we were trading! Luckily our girl Steph was on hand to help out with some awesome photography so we could provide the quality show coverage you’re all used to. As per usual, the Ultimate Stance organisers pulled out all the stops to provide a jam-packed show before the long Winter break. Wheel Whores also took over with their very own mini show and swapmeet, in addition to their super-cool ‘Tikes & Trikes’ display. To top that off, a huge Show & Shine with over 500 cars, club stands and extensive traders! Ultimate Stance is much like sister-company Ultimate Dubs, but targeted at a much wider audience. All sorts of cars were welcome, and even though it was the last show of the year, there were still cars making their debut! Check out our round up below…



Chris Phillips’ static Lexus IS200 on BBS RS

(Click here to check out our feature on Chris’ Lexus IS)



Jamie Hitchcock’s static BMW Z4 on WORK Meister S1’s

(Click here to check out our feature on Jamie’s Z4)


Tom Lilico’s bagged BMW Z3 on face-mounted Lamborghini Diablo splits


Ryan Powell’s bagged Volkswagen Mk3 Golf VR6 on BBS LM

(Click here to check out our feature on Ryan’s Mk3)


Liam Elmore’s Audi TT on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform OZT’s


Auto Finesse’s BBS-kitted Volkswagen Mk2 Golf on Air Lift suspension


Ruairi Coleman’s bagged BMW E36 on OZ Futura’s


Only Charged Dubs’ Mercedes-Benz W201 190E on custom-built air ride & BBS RS


Hayburner Magazine’s Porsche 356


Bobby Wilcox’s static Lotus Elite


Paige Walton’s BMW E91 Touring on Air Lift suspension & 18″ Speedline 3pc wheels


Dan Malley’s Volkswagen Mk2 Golf C on D2 Air suspension & BBS RM


Richard Ansari’s BMW E46 M3 on OZ Mito’s


Joe Addison’s BMW E92 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS2


Jason Bowes’ Audi A5 on Air Lift suspension & 19″ Rotiform TMB’s


Andy Theaker’s BMW E90 on Air Lift suspension & Alpina wheels



Mitch Stirrat’s BMW E91 Touring on AccuAir suspension & Mercedes-Benz Alphard wheels


Edward Johnston’s BMW E36 Touring w/S50 M3 conversion, Air Lift suspension & custom BMW splits


Juan van Oversteyns’ BMW E28 on 18″ BBS RS


WORK Wheels UK Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 on WORK Gnosis CV203’s



Driftworks’ Toyota AE86 LS V8-swapped drift car


Scott McClure’s Volkswagen Up! on H&R suspension & Gotti G1001’s


Dave Phillipson’s Audi A3 on Air Lift suspension & 19″ Rotiform TMB’s



Alex Wright’s G60-swapped Volkswagen Mk1 Golf on BBS E30’s



Oliver Pearson’s chopped 1964 Porsche 356



Wheel Whores’ display


Dan Taylor’s BMW E46 M3 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS Turbo Fans




Richard Colvill’s custom Porsche 911 “Porkchop”





The Wheel Whores’ Tikes and Trikes display




Randell Mario Forte’s Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet on hydraulics & Cromodora CW10′s



James Wilson’s Nissan 350Z on Air Lift suspension & SSR Vienna wheels


Ford KA Sport on hydraulic suspension & BBS RM


Tom Wrigley’s E30 325i cabriolet on Air Lift suspension


Alex Rogers’ Volkswagen 6R Polo GTI on Air Lift suspension & Fifteen52 Turbomac’s



Robbie Milton’s bagged Volkswagen Jetta



Paul Harding’s 1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera




Static Ferrari F355


James Williams’ Hillman Imp on Compomotive’s


Xenonz UK’s widebody kitted Audi RS7 on 21″ Damnraw Honeycombed concave directional wheels


Mark Fandango’s M52-swapped BMW E21


James Ibbotson’s 1967 Hillman Imp


Charlie Croker’s bagged 1977 Lotus S1 Elite


Dean Meeson’s Lotus Esprit & 3DPRINTUK’s 1972 Volvo P1800es


Ian Kelly’s Audi SQ5 on StillStatic suspension & Rotiform DUS


Shaun Lewis’ bagged Volkswagen T5 on Rotiform FUC’s


Dougie Flockhart’s Volkswagen Mk3 Golf VR6 Turbo on BBS LM’s


Ross Mullins’ Volkswagen Lupo GTI on Air Lift suspension & BBS RM’s


Matt Glassup’s Porsche 964 on Eta Beta’s


Joshua Bradley’s Skoda Fabia VRS on Air Lift suspension & 3SDM 0.05’s


Bruce Gowans’ BMW M135i w/BTCC kit, AccuAir suspension & Brada wheels


Nick Sahota’s S54-swapped E30 M3 on Air Lift suspension and Bugatti 3pc centrelock wheels


Gavin Diamond’s 540bhp Ford Sierra RS Cosworth on 17″ Dymag 5 spokes


Our first-ever pop-up store / Click here to check out the online store!



Now available online – click here to visit our online store!



As you can see, the turnout was tastefully varied. Embracing communities like Retro Rides, Hayburner and Driftworks to name a few, really proves that when those from different automotive backgrounds come together, the result can be epic. Unlike most shows, Ultimate Stance is one of the most open events for all sorts of car enthusiasts, despite its name! Our pop-up store was a great success, and we can’t thank our friends at Studio Incar enough for teaming up with us for the joint stand in the exclusive carpeted hall and displaying some insane builds. We’ll be trading at a lot more shows next year, so now you know what our stand looks like – come and say hi! If you missed us at this time, all our new gear is now available online from store.slamsanctuary.com, so have a browse. For more event coverage, we’ll be back next year in March with Ultimate Dubs at the same location. Until then, we’ll be keeping the blog updated with new features and behind-the-scenes shop visits. Check back soon.



More info on Ultimate Stance:

Ultimate Stance website

Ultimate Stance on Facebook

Ultimate Stance on Instagram


Seen your car above? If we haven’t named you, drop us message a through our Facebook page or email info@slamsanctuary.com and let us know if you’d like your name added to the article! Also be sure to let us know if we made any errors regarding your cars modifications. Sometimes we make mistakes, albeit rarely, but we like to make things right!


Retro Rides Gathering 2015

Date: 23 August 2015

Location: Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, Worcestershire


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


The end of August means one thing, the return of the Retro Rides Gathering (RRG) to Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb in Worcester… A mix of club stands, retro parking and of course some intense cars giving it hell up that famous RWYB hillclimb. A day of adrenaline, petrol fumes and burning rubber – what more could a petrolhead want at a car show? What we love about RRG is the variety of vehicles that turn up every year.. It’s a rather ‘anti-scene’ show – this is the place where a retro classic that is a little rough around the edges will shine over a typical ‘show car’ that’s had a full respray, retrim and air install, although there were still plenty of the latter getting recognition. This is the event where cars that will normally stay hidden away throughout the year, will make an annual appearance at RRG. There’s something special about this show, you just have to be there to fully appreciate it. Take the hillclimb for example, you’ll see everything from a Metro to a full bore race car blasting up there – jaw dropping!


Things were unfortunately a little quieter this year, due to a disastrous weather forecast which no doubt put a lot of people off the idea of coming to a venue which is essentially situated on a grassy, hilly field. With that in mind, the turnout was still pretty good, with plenty to keep you entertained. We had a few hours in the morning to get round the venue before one of the worst rainstorms we’d ever seen came down in full force…


Honda Prelude Thundersaloon






DS Motorsport’s BMW 2800 CS


Mark Fandango’s BMW E30 M3 on KW suspension & BBS Magnesium split rims



Land Rover 101 Forward Control
(see what we mean by varied! Going up the hillclimb, too!)


Liam Stolton’s Mk2 Ford Fiesta


Whitspeed’s Mk1 Ford Escort



Charlie Croker’s bagged 1977 Lotus S1 Elite


Austin Watts’ (Waboo Automotive) 1967 Commer Car-Camper


Tom Earwicker’s Volkswagen Mk1 Golf on G60 banded steels


Lee Curtis’ Volvo 240 estate


Pipey McGraw’s 1952 split-oval (Zwitter) Beetle on hydraulic suspension & narrowed beam


Coltech Classics’ 1930 Ford Model A pickup


Josh Pritchard’s Ford Mk4 Zodiac wagon


Ryan Flyng-Jones’ & Charlie Evans’ BMW E28’s


Ellz Henderson’s Toyota Corolla AE86 on 14″ Impul’s



Scott Andrews’ Datsun 140Y B310


Jamie Carter’s 1988 Nissan Laurel w/Skyline RB25DET swap



Lotus Esprit 3



Robert Cumberbatch & James Ibbotson’s Hillman Imp’s


Mercury Marauder


Phill Hall’s BMW E30 coupe on Image split rims


Dean Flowers’ Mercedes-Benz W140


Simon Finnegan’s Volvo 240 on Ferrari 308 wheels


Jake Ryan’s bagged BMW E30 318is on OZ Futura’s



Matthew Veal’s Toyota Cressida





BMW E21 w/M60B40 V8 conversion



Rich Tapp’s Nissan Skyline R32 on Fifteen52 Tarmac wheels


Greg Fulford’s Volvo 240 GL


Lewis Webb’s Honda EF Civic sedan


Mazda B2000 pickup on air ride


Matt Creed’s bagged BMW E30 on 16″ WORK Meister CR01′s



Kevin Fitzgerald’s bagged BMW E30 325i Touring on Klutch SL1 wheels
(Click here to check out our feature on Kevin’s E30)


Vauxhall Nova saloon



The Motorworks lineup


Tom Harris’ Volkswagen Mk2 Golf on BBS RM’s


Ian Woodridge’s bagged 1969 Mercedes-Benz W114 (w/install by Studio Incar)



Steph Clarke’s BMW E30 ‘loon


Sam Beach’s bagged BMW E24 635CSI (w/install by Studio Incar)


Volkswagen Mk2 Golf GTI on BBS RS


BMW 2002


BMW E36 coupe


Triumph Vitesse


James Mc’s Volkswagen Mk1 Jetta



Ever wanted to see what a Volvo V70 looks like on fire? This unfortunate example randomly went up in flames!


That sums up our highlights of the show before the bad weather hit and made it somewhat impossible to shoot. Amazingly people still stuck around during the torrential rain, and those waiting to go up the hillclimb didn’t even seem put off, continuing to send the cars up until the end of the day. Impressive, yet mad! After spending the whole weekend in the campsite, we however decided to call it a day at about 2pm and made our way home. Despite the rain, Retro Rides Gathering continues to surprise us every year, it will always be at the top of the list for hunting out unseen cars and including the ones you only see once a year. Finally, thanks to the organisers for having us!


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Retro Rides Gathering 2014

 Words & Photos by Henry Phull


I had been looking forward to this one for some time. It’s no secret that Retro Rides Gathering is my favourite show on the season calendar, thanks to the sheer variation of cars that you just don’t see anywhere else.. anything and everything is accepted, and to top things off, the day is mixed up nicely with an adrenaline pumping hill climb allowing general show-goers a chance to hoon it up the hill in their own pride and joy. Plus everyone has a chance to walk around the paddock and experience the essence of motorsport right up close. It’s a pretty awesome set up that you don’t usually get at other shows.


This year welcomed a venue change to Shelsley Walsh in Worcestershire, the historic hill climb venue. As good as Prescott Hill has previously been for the gathering, it seems to have been outgrown. Shelsley Walsh happens to be a much bigger venue, and the attendance was still phenomenal.



Just chilling out around the paddock and you’ll encounter a continuous line up of cool machinery waiting for their turn up the hill.




This year the trade stands seemed a little on the thin side compared to previous years, but there were still some gems like this Audi Quattro. A seriously mean bit of kit.



I’ve never seen so many E21’s all together in my life, there was a whole row of them.. it was a lot to take in. Here are two of my favourites.





I’m a sucker for a nice 190E. This one was super clean and ready for the track.




Another thing about Retro Rides I like is the amount of Jap classics that turn up, very rare cars over here in the UK.




Two of the most breathtaking cars from the show have got to be the following Lotus Esprits which were sensational. The first one we saw a couple years back at Prescott, but we hadn’t seen the white one before. These are a rare sight, let alone modified examples. Very cool indeed.





This Triumph was really well executed, such an awesome little car.



The banded wheels really add something extra to the car and make it stand out.






Of course Retro Rides always graces us with a few AE86s..






The E30s were plentiful, each with a variety of modifications and styles.




It was nice to see these two M3’s together again. What a colour combo.




One of the best bits of the day is being up close and personal at the start of the hill climb. Noise, petrol and burning rubber gracing the air, pure heaven for us petrolheads.





A major highlight for me was this track spec E30, rocking an S50B32 motor in the bay with some tasteful velocity stacks fitted. Pure porn. The best bit? It was actually being thrashed up the hill all day!






Let’s revisit what I said at the start.. Retro Rides is the most varied show there is. There are no rules or scene you need to stick to, to ‘fit in’. Check out this Hillman Imp for example…



Now check out this Hillman Imp. Two very different cars, unique in their own ways!




The cars on the RollHard stand were looking stunning as usual. Good work guys.






Slowly but surely we are starting to see a few more E34s at shows. This one was sitting well on banded steels.



This must still be one of the lowest static E30s around.



Nice to see a set of real G60 steels on this Mk1, colour coded too and looking classy.




An E34 M5, it doesn’t get much better than this, one of the last hand built M cars.




I see a lot of Mk1 Golfs on my travels, and this has to be one of the cleanest I’ve seen. A credit to the owner.



As common as the MK2 + BBS look is, it does work and looks awesome.




This Hot rod was a pretty insane vehicle. Definitely cool. I’d sort out that rear tyre though, blimey.










I was a big fan of this Mk1 sitting on a set of Work Equips.



There must be some sort of record for the amount of banded steels in one place!






It’s pretty gutting to think we’ll have to wait another whole year before we get our next Retro Rides fix. Cannot wait! Props to all the organisers for doing so well with everything, being their first time at the new venue they still managed to keep it all running smoothly. And luckily for us, the new campsite was good too. We were there all weekend, and it’s definitely recommended, but make sure you book early, we know a few friends that missed out on tickets. Don’t be one of those people – see you next year.

Event Coverage: Retro Rides Gathering 2013 – Retro & Public Parking Highlights

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Continuing on from our Retro Rides Gathering 2013 coverage, I thought it would be ideal to take a look at some of the cars that caught my eye from the show’s special “Retro Parking” area. Basically for show attendee’s not on a club stand, this was the place to show off their retro cars.



A rather tidy E32 7 series sitting on M Parallels.




Standing out as usual and representing RollHard – Tom Heap’s 300CE on air.




This original E30 M3 was in impeccable condition.







An E36 sitting on a black set of BBS RTs.







This Mk1 Scirocco was lovely.



So was this incredibly clean Beetle.




On the other side of the show I decided to also check out the main car park as there are always some gems to be found… this Mustang was the first thing to greet me!






This Passat works really well with Porsche twists.




A Z3 with some meaty looking tyres!



A very classy Lexus.




You don’t usually see a completely standard E34 Sport, with the original alloys too.



Caught this as I was leaving the show, a nice example of a 190E on splits with a decent drop. Very nice.



Do let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this car park coverage and we’ll look in to doing the same at upcoming shows.

Event Coverage: Retro Rides Gathering 2013

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


The Retro Rides Gathering has to be one of our all time favourite shows, simply because of the diverse range of clubs and cars in attendance. The Gathering was born thanks to the creators and members of the Retro Rides forum and has now grown into something much bigger, being well known throughout the UK and even overseas. This isn’t just any show, this is a hillclimb too, hosted at the famous Prescott Hill Gotherington in Gloucestershire. All you need is £30 and you can take your car up the hill in either the morning or afternoon session. It’s great fun to watch and makes the day truly exciting.


The first car I was drawn to as I entered the venue was a BMW E34 being driven off a trailer. I thought it must have been a 540 as it looked completely drift-ready, but to my surprise the bonnet was removed and I noticed an E39 M5 V8 engine in the bay. What a machine!





Also along with the E34 on the Huxley Motorsport stand was this Volvo 240 estate with a BMW V8 transplant.



I literally stood at this stand for ages drooling over these cars.. anyway, time to explore the rest of the show…



See what I mean by variation…






Possibly one of the loudest cars of the day, Jeffry Sol’s High Octane 1005bhp SWB Audi Quattro. Yes you read correctly.. 1005 bhp! Do yourself a favour and youtube this car going up the hill… words cannot describe it.



Forge Motorsport were out in force with their own stand and noticeably the highly tuned Mk1 Golf, one of the coolest cars in the UK right now.





What makes this show great is that everyone can wonder around the paddock area where the cars are waiting for their turn to go up the hill. This gives the chance to admire the cars closely and chat to the owners.




…and of course there’s all sorts of mad stuff going up.





You can watch the hillclimb from the start line…



…or walk up the hill to get a closer look, a great place was the hair pin where I was able to get a few nice shots, including one of this Corolla AE86.



and Mk2 Golf GTI.



Forge’s Mk1 looked uber cool on one of it’s many guest sessions up the hill.



Even some real boats, in this case a manual E32, thrashed it.



This Mk1 was packing a V8 under the hood!




And another somewhat different Mk1 Golf, that we’ve pictured before on Slam Sanctuary, Pipey’s static Mk1 on a Beetle floor pan. He took home the “Dare To Be Different” award which is not surprising!



Check out the old school swamp cooler on the drivers window.




There was even a lowrider club, with some quite entertaining hydraulics.



It’s nice to see something different that has been properly lowered. This Hillman Imp was stunning.






A cleaner than clean E21…



Or how about a BMW that looks the complete opposite, but still rocking it hard.







James McCafferey’s Mk1 Polo was sporting two sets of wheels and looking immaculate as always.



…continuing the ‘immaculate’ theme, i must not forget Carl Levy’s caddy.



This MX5 was looking pretty sitting on a set of OZ Turbos.



A lovely original Quattro.




One of the few 911’s of the show which also could be seen gunning up the hill.



These old Toyota Celica’s sum up Retro Rides.



A Honda Civic saloon nicely dropped.



I always have time for VW Caddy’s, this one is sitting on a tasty set of banded steels.



Our friends over at Coltech Classics came down in this Citroën Dyane which, like Pipey’s Mk1 Golf, also sits on a Beetle pan.



This E30 caught my attention, it is sitting so nicely, the stance is spot on. Three photos were needed, you can thank me later.






I was pleased to see a couple of 2002’s including this well modified orange example.



Well, there you have it. If you’ve never been to the Gathering before then it is the place to be if you want to see a huge variation of classics. There was so much to see that we’ll be continuing the Retro Rides coverage with a second part – a look into the “Retro Parking” and the general car park areas as there were some real gems there too. Check back to the site soon to see Part 2 of the show.