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DTA End of Season Meet 2017

Date: 22 October 2017

Location: The Old James Cond Printer Works, Birmingham


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


The last time I was at the Old James Cond Printer Works in Birmingham city centre was back in 2014 when DTA held the previous End of Season meet. If you were there, I’m sure that day will be imprinted in your memory just like it is mine. It was quite possibly the best car ‘meet’, or ‘gathering’, that I’ve ever attended, and that’s saying something, considering I am an avid BMW fanatic, not air-cooled! But if you’re a regular Slam Sanctuary reader, you’ll know we’re into all sorts here – oh, and the air-cooled scene do ‘slammed’ rather well! The DTA End of Season Meet brings together the best of the UK’s air-cooled scene, as well as a few heroes that made the trip over from Europe. It’s got to be the chilled vibe and incredible choice of venue that makes DTA different to everything else, with the run-down look of the ex-printer works suiting the sheer amount of patina’d cars, whilst equally complimenting those glossy restored ones, too! This also made it one of the most fun events to photograph, so I’ll let the images do the rest of the talking, enjoy…


Martin Hobé’s VW SP2




Mark Barrow’s Type2 early bay



Bobby Wilcox’s Oval



Adam Berry’s Karmann Ghia



Dave Pennell’s ’66 Beetle




Daniel Mandat’s Audi 100GL




Ryan Noon’s ’71 Beetle



’58 Type2 Mango bus



Steve Lawrie’s ’68 Beetle ‘vert




Jon Hancock’s Porsche 356 Outlaw





Andy Finch’s Karmann Ghia




Ned Faux’s VW Brasilia



ob1brand’s Karmann Ghia



Sam Trigg’s ’57 Oval




Even though there were still awards to be won, the overall vibe of this meet was different…. Everyone seemed to have a respectful view on the whole shindig, which makes a change from the snobbish few that you can sometimes get at the usual car shows, and those only in it for the trophies. It was clear to me that everyone at DTA was truly obsessed with the cars. With no traders or market stalls (only coffee and food to keep everyone going!), it was like a back-to-basics car meet and a perfect opportunity for friends to catch-up for a few hours. As before, there’s no decision whether the End of Season Meet will come back, but I sure hope it does. Understandably, it takes a hell of a lot of effort, planning, and funding to put on something like this… and to make it free entry. Cheers to Si Medlicott and the rest of DTA, you all smashed it again.




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More info on DTA:

DTA website

DTA on Facebook















Spring ’17 – 10 Years of The Wheel Specialist Fareham

Date: 13 May 2017

Location: The Wheel Specialist Fareham, Hampshire


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Back in the Spring of 2015 I was invited to an Open Day at The Wheel Specialist’s (TWS) Fareham branch. Not knowing what to expect, it turned out to be one of the biggest Southern event’s that I’ve attended with a surprisingly high standard of cars in attendance. Two years later, TWS got in touch to say they were organising another Open Day event to celebrate 10 years in business, and they wanted Slam Sanctuary to be involved. Naturally, I agreed, with the intention of targeting the sort of cars that we love – of the slammed variation of course. Well, TWS smashed it once again. The event was a huge success, with all sorts of cars taking over the surrounding industrial estate. With a DJ, burger van, a bar, and great coffee from The Splitscreen Barista, the vibe was perfectly chilled, giving us southerners a much-needed chance to catch up with one another as well as getting a chance to chat to TWS about their services and get an insight into what they do. With so many cool cars popping in and out throughout the day, I captured a few of my favourites, check them out…


Ryan Stewart’s supercharged Alpina B10 3.3 Touring on Air Lift suspension & BBS RF’s


(Click here to check out our feature on Ryan’s B10)



Tom Hams’ Volkswagen Scirocco on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform TMB‘s



Chris Phillips’ BMW E36 on BC Racing coilovers & WORK Equip’s



Sebastian Nowogrodzki’s BMW E24 653CSI on Air Lift suspension & Style5’s



Ben Chandler’s BMW F80 M3 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform KPS



Nathan Pedersen’s Audi D2 A8 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform CCV‘s



Nick Sahota’s Lamborghini Diablo



Joseph Cummins’ bagged BMW E38 on Alpina Dynamics




Carlos Gomez’ BMW E36 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’


(Click here to check out our feature on Carlos’ E36)



Steven Doe’s BMW E21 on Air Lift / AccuAir suspension & CCW D110’s


(click here to check out our feature on Steven’s E21)



Mark Riccioni’s Mazda RX-7 on Rotiform LAS-R’s



Nick Sahota’s Koenig Ferrari Testarossa



The Slam Sanctuary Audi C5 A6 Avant on Air Lift / AccuAir / BAGS by OCD suspension & Rotiform KPS



Sean Crompton’s BMW E36 on HSD coilovers & Carline CM6’s



Vernon Kerr’s bagged Grumman LLV postal truck



Thomas Lenthall’s Mitsubishi Evo 6 on WORK Meister S1’s



Jake Nest’s Mazda RX-7 on Cosmis Racing XT-206R’s




Carter Harris’ custom Harley Davidson



Ethan Sexton’s BMW E30 318is on Air Lift suspension & Carline CM2’s





The Wheel Specialist Fareham are lucky enough to refurbish wheels on all sorts of rare and quirky vehicles, as well as the typical everyday car – this brought a lot of interesting examples to the Open Day. We may love slammed and stanced cars, but it’s always nice to see things that we rarely see – we’re petrolheads after all. Make sure you check out the Bonus Gallery below for more of these gems. As well as TWS giving away an award for ‘Best Wheels’ of the day (won by Sean Crompton and his Carline CM6’s), we also ran our own Instagram-based competition throughout the day – congratulations to David Cooper for winning with his photograph of Ryan’s Alpina B10 (Click here to check out the photo), he took home some Slam Sanctuary merch and a Meguiar’s Mirror Bright detailing kit. Big thanks to everyone that took part. Nicely done, TWS, here’s to another ten years!




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More info on The Wheel Specialist Fareham:

TWS Fareham website

TWS Fareham on Instagram

TWS Fareham on Facebook


Elsecar at the Races 2017

Date: 9 April 2017

Location: Doncaster Racecourse, South Yorkshire


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Elsecar at the Races is a new one for us at Slam Sanctuary, so let’s begin with a little history… What started out as a car meet known as ‘Elsecar Mega Meet’ / ‘Club GTI Mega Meet’ a whole 19 years ago, this historical gathering of cars has grown into something much, much bigger. With previous meets taking place at the Elsecar Heritage Centre in Elsecar, Barnsley, they were seeing over 200 show cars and 200 club cars in attendance! With popularity continually growing, 2016 saw the organisers move the event to Doncaster Racecourse, which has the the capacity for 700+ vehicles. This went hand-in-hand with re-naming the show to ‘Elsecar at the Races’. Our friends at Only Charged Dubs (and Elsecar show sponsors) had been raving about last year’s show, which meant we had to come up this year to see what all the fuss was about. We were met with one of most chilled-out events we’d ever been to. The whole vibe was perfect and everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly to each other. Along with an excellent mix of stanced, classic, air-cooled, and a whole host of club stands on display, Elsecar is a show that any petrolhead can enjoy – catering for all tastes. With so much to see, we captured some of our favourites, check them out below.


Bradley Mckee’s bagged ’78 Volkswagen B1 Passat on BBS LM’s



Jack Smith’s bagged Mk1 Golf on Fifteen52 Tarmac 348′s



Dan Birkinshaw’s Audi B8 A4 Avant on Air Lift suspension & OZ Superleggera’s



Carl Atkins’ Mk2 Golf on Air Lift suspension & BBS RM’s



Jack Butlin’s Ford Mk6 Fiesta on BAGS by OCD suspension & OZ Futura’s



Only Charged Dubs’ Audi C5 Allroad on Airdynamiks / AccuAir suspension & OZ Futura’s



Hoho Chan’s BMW E92 330d on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS2’s



Sole Flavours’ Mk4 Golf on AccuAir suspension & WORK VS-XX wheels



Matthew Hartle’s bagged Mercedes-Benz W202



Vick Nagi’s Mercedes-Benz W126 560SEL on Air Lift suspension & BBS E28’s



Dan Smith’s Porsche 966 on Eta Beta’s



Jemima Cox’s Volkswagen Polo 9n3 on Air Lift suspension & Autostrada Modena’s



Joe Bycroft’s BMW E21 on BBS RS’



Adam Sheldon’s Mk5 Golf R32 on Air Lift suspension & OZ Superleggera’s



Jak Johnston’s Mk1 Golf G40 on StillStatic / H&R suspension



Ryan Hall’s Mk1 Caddy on Air Lift suspension & PLS Daytona’s



James Hellewell’s Audi RS5 on BC Forged wheels



Jack Betts’ 1968 Beetle



Adam Berry’s bagged 1966 Karmann Ghia



Jas Virdee’s Mk4 Golf R32 on Air Lift suspension



Cameron Stead’s Lexus IS220 on BAGS by OCD suspension & Rotiform IND-T’s



Craig Hugill’s Porsche 911 Cabriolet on BBS RS’



Jay Polson’s MK5 Golf GTI on Air Lift suspension & OZ Futura’s



Paul Foster’s Mk1 Golf on BBS RS’




Max Edwards’ ’78 Beetle on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’



Leo Jackson’s Mk1 Jetta on Tramont’s



Dale Grainger’s BMW E38 740i on AirREX / Air Lift suspension



Jason Buckley’s Mk1 Golf on H&R suspension & BBS E52’s




Aksan Cy’s Mk5 Jetta on Air Lift suspension & BBS RF’s




Chris Robson’s Audi A1 on Air Lift suspension & OZ Superleggera’s



Jamie Fagan’s Mk1 Jetta G60 on Ronal Turbo’s



Ben Gill’s Mercedes-Benz W204 on Air Lift / HP Drivetech suspension & Rotiform SCN’s



Vinylimage’s Passat R36 on Air Lift suspension & Vossen VLE-1’s



Kirsty Greatrex’s 1969 Beetle



So, was it worth the 8-hour round trip? Based down on the South Coast, we don’t often get up to Yorkshire, but 2017 is all about expanding our horizons and we’re so glad to have made the journey. It was totally refreshing to visit to a car show with so many different sorts of vehicles to lust over, and, although it’s predominantly a VAG show, there were still plenty of other marques being shown off – with no hatred (often the case at similar events). Of course, The glorious weather made the day even better, and it was nice to have the indoor part of the show to catch some much needed shade from the sun. No doubt, Elsecar at the Races will be added to our annual diary for the foreseeable future. Thanks to the guys at Only Charged Dubs for letting us tag along for the weekend, too.




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More info on Elsecar at the Races:

Elsecar at the Races website

Elsecar at the Races on Instagram

Elsecar at the Races on Facebook


VW Expo at Stonor Park 2015

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Last weekend I returned to Stonor Park, just outside of Henley-on-Thames, for this year’s VW Expo hosted by The Association of British VW Clubs (ABVWC). Stonor is one of those shows where you can fully expect a chilled out day. The weather, however, was all over the place. Luckily the ground wasn’t too soft (getting stuck in mud at a car show can be a worry to some!) so the turn out was still generally quite good – but I imagine the temperamental showers throughout the day did still put a few people off. If you’re looking to see some of the cleanest Volkswagen and Audi show cars, Stonor Park is definitely the place to be – with a welcoming mix of air-cooled and water-cooled cars which makes a change from the usual shows that are strongly opposed to one or the other. It’s like one big happy family at Stonor. Allow me to take you through my show highlights…



OZ Futura’s on a Vento front-ended Mk3 Golf is a classic look and always works well, just like this 4-door example.



Der Steiner Rad’s on a Mk1 Scirocco, certainly different but I rather liked this look!



Nathan Kirk’s bagged 6N Polo certainly stood out from the crowd, sitting incredibly and tucking a set of 17″ T5 steels all round.



Mark Allen’s Mk4 Golf estate with Bora front-end conversion just made it out with his recently rebuilt Porsche splits, and managed to take away 1st place in Modified Water-cooled.



Loved the 80’s look of Nick Collin’s Mk1 Golf on three spokes, makes a change from the generic Mk1’s I tend to see.



I’ve always fancied a clean Mk2, Stonor as usual had a fantastic turnout of clean examples, like this Edition One G60 below on BBS RS’s – beautiful!




The RS’s were working equally well on this stunning 16v GTI on air.




Further into the park there was a strong presence of air-cooled Volkswagens, including this super clean Karmann Ghia on Method Race Wheels.




My Beetle of the show had to be Mark Sketchley’s 1957 Oval running a pair of Hayburner fender skirts which totally transform the car.




Back to water-cooled now, with Luke Gaiger’s Mk1 Golf with an Air Lift suspension and BBS RS combo.



I was great to finally see Paul Harding’s Mk1 Golf finished and on a show field, the car was looking mighty impressive.




I managed to capture Carl Levy’s Mk1 Caddy in the tiny bit of sunshine we got, those clay-brown centred BBS RM’s really popped.



It’s not often you come across a Porsche 356, let alone TWO…




Callum Brook-Jones’ Mk2 Golf on Bullet One wheels. Loved the colour of this thing.



Again switching it up from the BBS look, these ATS Cups suited this Mk1 perfectly…




I remember distinctly seeing this mezmerising bagged Audi 100 at last year’s show, and it was my favourite car there. Surprisingly I never bumped into the car since. A whole year later and it was still very close to being my favourite again.




Thom Airs’ Sea Blue ’66 sat well amongst the line up amongst the line of Beetles. I’d love to see some widened rear wheels on this.





It’s been a while since I saw Haps Gill’s Mk5 R32 Golf, probably Ultimate Stance if I remember correctly. He’s now changed the colour again and added a gorgeous set of CCW LM5T’s. Definitely the best this car has looked.




On the HD Autos stand this 6R Polo sat on the floor with Air Lift suspension tucking some eye-catching Porsche Cayman wheels all round. Bagged by our friends over at Studio Incar.




One proper 80s looking Mk2 Golf! Still always nice to see stuff like this.



Who doesn’t have time for a super clean Audi 80 Sport… Lovely.



I’m one of those people that can’t stand Bentley wheels on VAG cars, but I’ve found an exception! Colour coded, they really do look amazing on this bagged TT.




I’ll finish my round up with Oxford Car Audio’s awesome Audi S5 demo car on Air Lift struts, AccuAir e-Level management with VU2 and tucking some huge 21″ Avant Garde F541 3pc wheels. Check out the boot build too, featuring 4 Alpine PDX amplifiers, twin VIAIR compressors, diamond white leather, black alcantara and routered aluminium and perspex!





So there we have it, another VW Expo done. It was a shame about the weather, but this is Britain and it’s certainly not going to stop everyone! I saw a lot of cars there that I’d never seen before, which always makes a nice change from my usual show outings. Our next stop is Goodwood on June 13th for Players Classic, don’t miss it! See you there.

The VolksWorld Show 2015 – Part 2

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Continuing on from Part 1, I arrived again at Sandown Park in Esher for ‘day two’ of The VolksWorld Show and it was as I had feared, the good weather I experienced back on the Friday evening had completely disappeared. It was back to the standard British dreariness then, oh well… I was still looking forward to seeing the stands all set up and ready to check out more cars that had arrived on the Saturday, which I missed. As a photographer I adore shooting air-cooled cars, because of all the small details and mostly the natural patina which thankfully still look in place during a rainstorm.


I’ll start off with the Rothfink stand, which had a very cool variation of cars on display, take ‘Macy’, Matt Rudd’s ’63 Beetle which always grabs my attention with a 6″ narrowed beam, plus those smoothies and white walls certainly do justice to the black paintwork.




How can I forget the ‘Rothink Razor’, Craig Johnston-White’s ’63 Type 32 Razor Edge, still rocking the original paint, narrowed and lowered to a respectable ride height on a set of Cosmic’s.



If you want to be scared to death, take a ride in Pipey’s Mk1 Golf, which sits on a Beetle pan and is powered by a race-built 13b Rotary engine with 250bhp, oh and it’s still on the standard Beetle drum brakes!




Originally a Norwegian ambulance, Jason Cooper’s 1963 High Top Splitscreen looks nuts, even in these dreary conditions it’s a real head turner for the Rothink brand.




These two are certainly different, with loads of awesome patina, Marc Kyle’s Lowlight Karmann Ghia and Dan Jacobs’ 1963 Ragtop Beetle which is sitting on 17″ Randar wheels.



I’ll continue the out-of-the-ordinary theme with Andy Rudd’s jaw dropping T25 Transporter pick up, to most people’s amazement it’s completely static on Borbet A wheels.



The guys from DTA put on a stunning display as usual, with Si Medlicott’s ’66 Porsche 912 which was recently imported from the US, a beautiful example and colour.



Parked up alongside was John Keymer’s ’63 Beetle in Turkis Green on Gas Burner wheels.




I loved Matty Armstrong’s splitscreen bus, that patina!



But one bus that seemed to get a great deal of attention throughout the weekend was Mark Barrow’s incredible early bay ‘Adventure wagen’ slammed by Evil Ben’s on air and featuring a beautiful retrim by Waboo Automotive. This is one seriously cool bus.





RSVP’s stand really took my breath away, their cars are always on that next level, and this year was no different. Pete’s Oval on BTR Racing wheels being a highlight.




I can’t forget James Murtough’s insane ’49 Standard on Fumagalli’s.




Paul Pace’s ’59 Beetle was also sitting extremely well, narrowed of course and on a set of RDW wheels.



As far as patina goes, David Hall’s splitty has some of the nicest I’ve seen. A set of Sprintstars finishes this split off nicely.




I loved the colour of Matt Dudley’s Notchback, and the Erco’s suit it flawlessly.



Stefan Rossi has quite a collection of cool cars, but this time he had the ‘Vert out, which is now rocking a new heart; a 240hp 2276cc engine with 12.3:1 compression, Superflo heads, Jaycee 51.5 IDA’s, vac pump, Pauter 1.5’s, an Autocraft oil system and even nitrous to top things off!




One of my favourite Karmann Ghia’s, Terry Settle’s 1957 bagged Lowlight featuring BRM wheels which tuck to perfection.






Now this is our sort of BBQ, an awesome concept from the guys at Smoking Beetle!



Further into Sandown Park, I went to check out the German Folks line up. Just like last year, their cars were pretty mind blowing.



Adam Townley’s Rometsch Lawrence is always a show stopper, being a coachbuilt car you’ll be pushed to see anything like this.



Foxy’s 1965 Beetle looked absolutely mint. I’ll let the photos do the talking…





There’s just something original paint! This is Gavin Jones’ ’58 RHD Standard on contrasting Fuchs.




Probably the flagship car for German Folks UK, Dean Bradley’s awesome 1950 split on chromed Fuchs.




Back to shiney paint though, with Vic Polkinghorne’s Bahama Blue ’65 with a 4″ narrowed beam and another set of polished Fuchs.



Heading outside the venue whilst leaving, I loved this splitscreen high top with complimenting smoothies.



…and this early bay single cab with a similar colour scheme.



Naturally at a show like this there are always a few gems to be found in the car park.






That concludes our VolksWorld 2015 show coverage. I love this show, there’s something for everyone in the air-cooled community, from fully restored ‘mint’ cars to slammed ratty examples, from stock height to tarmac-scraping low – plus everything in between of course. The VolksWorld Show has it all. You’re bound to see something you’ll fall in love with, even if you’ve never been into air-cooled Volkswagens before. I can’t wait for more events and meets like this later on in the year… If you want us at your event, leave details in the comments below. Our diverse coverage continues in the next write up, so check back soon for our Wheels Day report.



DTA End of Season Meet 2014

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Being an outsider from the air-cooled scene, I only first heard about the DTA End of Season meet last year, but unfortunately couldn’t make it because it clashed with another show at the time. When I learnt the DTA club were putting on another end of year meet, I knew I had to check it out. After seeing what a roaring success the previous event was (with VW’s taking over an entire road) I knew I couldn’t miss it again. With last year’s extensive turnout, 2014 called for a larger venue, so Si and the guys decided to host the meet at The Old James Cond Printworks based in Birmingham city centre. I have to say, it was one of the coolest venues I’ve ever been to, and was absolutely perfect for the event. The organisers initially feared that the cars travelling to the event would be caught in excessive traffic and have to deal with road closures, as a half marathon was taking place at the same time, closing the majority of Birmingham centre. Luckily, with a route provided well in advance, most attendees found it really easy and there was actually minimal traffic. Good thing, as old cars and heavy traffic don’t usually mix.



The old printworks is a stunning location, which looks to have been developed into a car park. It would be the ideal place for an annual meet, but unfortunately I’ve learnt the place is going to be demolished. Such a shame, but still nice to give it a proper send off with some remarkable air-cooled cars!



Being a ‘meet’ rather than a traditional style show, the atmosphere was chilled out. People seemed to arrive whenever, which I think always makes for a cooler day rather than a show with strict rules and regulations. Everyone was friendly and welcoming even to us outsiders.



As expected, there were plenty of awesome split screens to drool over.



I’m a big fan of interiors and the small details (usually patina related) when it comes to air-cooled cars, so I’ve attempted to include as many interior shots and small details as possible throughout this article.




I was excited to see a car I’d previously been seeing plenty of on Instagram, a recent addition to DTA, Stef’s ’68 Porsche 912. When do you see a Porsche with such an awesome patina, seriously cool! I’m really looking forward to seeing this one finished.





Obviously, we love slammed rides here at Slam Sanctuary. I was pretty amazed by Terry Settle’s Karmann Ghia, sitting as most cars should – on the floor.





Just to mix things up a bit, this ’55 Chevy was looking good and surprising to see at an air-cooled meet, but very cool nonetheless.



I loved this bus, a Type2 westy sitting really well, wonderful patina’d style stripes and decals.




It was a nice surprise to see that James McCafferey trailered up his latest project all the way from the South Coast, a super rare RHD DKW F12 which he is currently in the process of getting roadworthy, with new fuel and brake lines to come.




And if one DKW wasn’t a rare enough sight, here’s another for ya.. a ‘Schnellaster’ (also known as the ‘F89 L’) in a pretty rotten state, but super cool to see!




The Hayburner lineup was as strong as ever with the usual congregation of splitty’s and a few extra surprises.








The Rothfink Razor was looking good on those Cosmic wheels.



Pipey also made the journey from down South with us to cause a stir with his Beetle pan’d Mk1 Golf, now powered by a Mazda Rotary 13b.





Alongside Pipey was Ashley Thomson’s equally exciting 2tone narrow-beamed static Beetle, an insane example!






Cosmic’s are always such a perfect match with Beetles, here shown on one of the Bugpeople’s examples.




Although I’m not usually a convertible fan, there’s something special about this ’67 Bug…




Low, and not so low! Two awesome Notchback’s.





The Fuchs were looking really good on this slammed ’72 Beetle.





I’ve personally never liked Karmann Ghia’s… and here I am posting more already! This time, Chris Palomba’s 1960 Mango Ghia. I loved everything about this car especially the patina, colour coded wheels and funky interior trim.








With so many incredible Beetles on display, it was hard to decide on a favourite, but I think it has to be this black beauty. Those white walls just finish it off perfectly.



Coming close, was this ’66 owned by Will – who used to own a tidy BMW E36 we’ve shot a few times over the past two years. Interesting to see him make the switch to aircooled, and he’s done well with a stunning example.





I think this Porsche put everyone in a state of pure envy, it is by far one of the cleanest 912’s I’ve come across in a long time. And that colour, wow!




I’ve been a big fan of Kirsty Greatrex’s ’69 Beetle since I first saw it back at Ultimate Dubs at the beginning of the year… loving the new picnic basket.





The iKUSTOMS Notchback looked beautiful, so glad I was able to grab a shot as it was leaving.






This Rometsch Lawrence is always a popular car, a fully coachbuilt body and largely based on the Karmann Ghia.




After the trophies I made my way outside to catch a few of the cars leaving. It was especially fun to watch some of the lower cars try and get out and scrape along the cobbled road.




…or in James’ case, be pushed out…






Although trailered to the show, Pipey couldn’t resist a blast or two around the block, what a noise!





Although I’ve not been to many air-cooled events this year, I’d like to try and do more in 2015 as this was an incredible day out, the standard of cars completely blew my mind, along with the epic venue – which I imagine will be difficult to top for next year. Props to DTA for the smooth running and working alongside a closed city centre, you guys did good. Not forgetting everyone that sponsored and played a part in the event, the trophies all looked amazing and are unlike anything I’ve ever seen at our usual car shows. This seems a fantastic community and I was glad to have observed it for a day! Bring on the new year and more events.

Event Coverage: Retro Rides Gathering 2013 – Retro & Public Parking Highlights

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Continuing on from our Retro Rides Gathering 2013 coverage, I thought it would be ideal to take a look at some of the cars that caught my eye from the show’s special “Retro Parking” area. Basically for show attendee’s not on a club stand, this was the place to show off their retro cars.



A rather tidy E32 7 series sitting on M Parallels.




Standing out as usual and representing RollHard – Tom Heap’s 300CE on air.




This original E30 M3 was in impeccable condition.







An E36 sitting on a black set of BBS RTs.







This Mk1 Scirocco was lovely.



So was this incredibly clean Beetle.




On the other side of the show I decided to also check out the main car park as there are always some gems to be found… this Mustang was the first thing to greet me!






This Passat works really well with Porsche twists.




A Z3 with some meaty looking tyres!



A very classy Lexus.




You don’t usually see a completely standard E34 Sport, with the original alloys too.



Caught this as I was leaving the show, a nice example of a 190E on splits with a decent drop. Very nice.



Do let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this car park coverage and we’ll look in to doing the same at upcoming shows.