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Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – June 2015

Location: Queen Square, Bristol

Date: 14 June 2015


Words & Photos by Steph Clarke


Another month and another early start which can only mean another outing to Queen Square, hosted by the Avenue Drivers Club. Setting off from a bit further afield this time, so a little earlier than usual, and in convoy with Lee Johns in his Honda CRX, we made our way into Bristol for another Sunday morning of cars.



Lee’s CRX has been off the road getting an overhaul including a full re-spray in its original Frost White and this weekend was its first big venture to both Players Classic (click here to check out our coverage!) and Queen Square.



Ferrari Testarossa, these wheels haven’t aged a bit, splits and polished dish. Who’d have thought that would ever become popular..



It’s not just about exteriors, sometimes it’s worth having a quick look inside and you never know what quirky interior is hiding.



911’s will always be my favourite at any show/meet, no exception here with this ’89 911 Turbo and subtle addition of clear indicator lenses.



Some people regard the 928 as the ‘uglier’ Porsche but this one, the S2, produces over 300BHP from it’s V8 engine. That’s not bad straight out of the factory in the mid 80’s!



Tom Harris and Laura Hunt from The Motorworks in Gloucester bought their MK2 Golf with its freshly built 2.0L 16v engine on Yamaha R1 carbs, custom inlet, Omex management and a one off radiator from the guys at Forge Motorsport.




These crazy wheels immediately drew me towards this Ford Model A.



I’m still yet to see anything that looks out of place in the square, this Ford Consul fits right in.



Who needs a bonnet? This hot rod Ford Model T with a 5.3 V12 Jaguar engine sure does not!




Don’t think I’ve seen a Jaguar XK R-S in person before, it’s big but looks purposeful.



We last saw this BMW E10 equipped with a M60 V8 back in April’s coverage although you might not recognise it as it’s gone from primer grey with flames down one side to this rather fetching orange. It certainly catches your eye now!




One that hasn’t changed since we last saw it in last month’s coverage is Justin Appleford’s bagged Audi RS5, still looking great as ever.



Okay, so maybe the XK R-S wasn’t that big after all.. This Ford F350 Super Duty made everything else look like a toy!



Looking straight out of the 80’s was this Ford Escort RS 1600.



One of my favourite Lotus’, the Esprit. Love the side profile on this thing.



More orange on show on this Reliant Scimitar GTE.



Jamie Ray’s Mercedes W124 on hydraulics made its debut outing after being off the road for five years.



Pretty cool way to advertise a business on the side of this 1952 Chevrolet Pick-up. The brown against the white wall tyres looked awesome.



A Noble M12 GTO looking raring to go.



I have a slight emotional attachment to this car as this very Honda CRX, now owned by Adam Galt, used to be mine and was probably my favourite car I’ve owned to date! It looks quite a bit different now but it was good to see it again since I sold it well over a year ago.



As we’ve learned from our previous visits to Queen Square, it always brings out the rare and cool BMW’s. This month was this gorgeous Alpina E12 B7S Turbo. It was a little rough around the edges but car of the morning for me.




This gunmetal grey Nissan Skyline R32 was literally perched on the curb on a popular wheel of choice, Rota Grids.



By no means is the Mk2 Golf GTI a particularly rare and expensive classic but there’s still something about a clean and unmolested one that does it for me.



Sometimes you need that wind in your hair to wake you up on a Sunday morning!



We had a nice chat with the owner of this E30 M3 and he kindly let me know where I could get my original rear window dealer sticker for my E30 re-made which was very helpful. He’s such a perfectionist but so worth it. This was immaculate and he drives it too as he’s a bit nervous about it getting damaged being loaded on to a trailer and to be honest, I think I would be as well!




Finally, a tidy little BMW E28 making it’s way towards the exit of the way one system around the square.



I don’t mean to repeat myself every month but I’m still amazed at the variation the Queen Square meet brings each month. I learn something new every time! This month’s was probably the quietest I’ve been to so far, but there was still a great deal to look at and with it being the weekend of Le Mans I suspect a majority of regulars headed off early to go and catch the finish, it was definitely on in my house when I got home! Let’s wait and see what next month’s will bring.. In the meantime you can still go and check out April and May’s coverage for some more of the Queen Square’s diverse following.



Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – May 2015

Words & Photos by Steph Clarke


So the past month has flown by and it was time for another early start and short trip into Bristol for the Avenue Drivers Club’s Breakfast Club Meet held at Queen Square. If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out last month’s meet coverage then you can do by clicking HERE. Arriving just before 8am we parked up and went for the first on-foot lap around the square taking a few minutes here and there to stand still and watch the others roll in, either on their own or in small convoys like these Porsches.



Before you had time to even realise, the square quickly stated to fill up with a huge variety of vehicles, which is what impressed me most at my first meet here last month, it’s so diverse! Among those coming in was this beautiful Nissan Skyline R32, I remember seeing this inside at Ultimate Stance and it looks even better out on the streets and now rocking a set of OZ Futura’s. Insert Fast and Furious quote here!



This Jaguar X-Type was super underrated, looking almost OEM when it drove in but aired out up on the pavement it looked so badass. We had a quick chat with the owner but I can’t remember what set up he was running apart from it was auto leveling..



Up on the pavement seems to be a popular spot for those rocking air ride, Justin Appleford’s Audi RS5 on Accuair and BC Forged HBR05 wheels was no exception. Gorgeous car and a pretty sweet number plate to match!




There’s never a shortage of American pick-ups with this Ford F50 and Chevrolet C10.



Over the other side of the square was this Chevrolet B350.



The old Fords always seem to make it out in force but this ridiculously clean Escort RS Turbo caught my eye, refreshing to see something other than your usual white/red/black RS’s.



From old to brand new, a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. I prefer the older 911’s but this wasn’t so bad in person.



Another making it’s way round the square was David Mcdiarmid’s bagged BMW E46 with some meaty fitment. Even at it’s more practical driving height I think it looks pretty cool!



Now I don’t know if it’s because I want one that was making me notice them more, but there was definitely a decent Mercedes turnout this month. This W202 was one of them.



As always the BMW’s that attend these meets make me incredibly jealous. Some more Alpina goodness with this rare B9 / E28 535i.




This original M-Tech 2 E30 was also looking good.



It sounds bad, but with such a wide mix of stuff here you almost tend to ignore the exotics like this Ferrari 348.



There were a handful of race livery cladded cars this time, and who doesn’t like a big wing? This Dodge Viper GTSR doesn’t.



Yet again, I hold my hands up and say I didn’t know what this was, apart from being something very small. A little research and it’s a Trojan 200. Originally made in Germany under the name of Heinkel Kabine until a plant in Croydon took over production and renamed the little three wheeler.



Another BMW E28 and after a cheeky look at the for sale sign in the window this is hiding a fully rebuilt engine from a B10!



I imagine a good majority of you have seen this already, if not this is Bruce Holder’s Series 1 Landrover. Not only is it collectively about the height of your average Landrover wheel alone, it’s equipped with a V8!



More American metal and I can’t even explain the size of this Chrysler Newport Station Wagon, it was more like a stretch Limo!



I loved these style headlights on this Ford Escort RS2000 Custom.



Not too sure on the particulars of this apart from being a Ford Model A hot rod of some type. Bet it’s a giggle to drive!



This Porsche 911 was a little rough round the edges with its slantnose-esque type body kit.



Yep, I definitely want a Merc! Loved this immaculate Mercedes 190E 2.5-16.



It’s not very often that you get to see a Notchback Volkswagen, let alone one this clean.



I also have a not so secret love for 80’s/early 90’s Renaults, so without doubt this Ragnotti replica’d Renault 5 Turbo 2 was my favourite of the day.




Carrying on the race theme was this rather bright Ginetta.



Really liked the colour of this factory fresh Mercedes W109 300SEL.



And last but not least, we got to see Rory Hamiltons bagged W115 240D again, never a bad thing!



Once again it was a great morning with an awesome selection of vehicles! I’m not sure it was as busy as last month’s meet, but by no means was it quiet or boring – quite the opposite. This time a food festival was setting up in the middle of the square which possibly made people want to leave earlier before the rest of Bristol had woken up and made their way over for lunch. Even so, I don’t think we left until about 11.30am. I think this is going to become a regular meet to attend in my calendar and if you want to join, they’re held every second Sunday of the month which by my workings out will be on the 14th June, starting at around 8:30am. See you there!



Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – April 2015

Words & Photos by Steph Clarke


Bristol is only a short half hour drive from me yet I have never been to one of these monthly early morning meets before but after this one, it won’t be my last! As the name suggests, it’s a breakfast meet held by the Avenue Drivers Club, so I started my morning off by meeting a couple of friends in a local petrol station at 7:15am! We arrived in Bristol at around 8am and already the turnout was looking pretty good. Held in a cobbled square near the centre of Bristol everything is fairly contained and being a one way system you pretty much get to see everything with an almost constant flow of cars doing laps.


911’s are probably my favourite car of all time (as you might notice..) and although I never got to see this little gem parked up it looked so good driving round the square.



Next up was this gorgeous 911 Carrera Super Sport. Black with matching Fuchs with a polished dish is a timeless look I will never get tired of.



Another top favourite car for me is the E30 M3 and this was a very tidy example.




If you missed this in the Ultimate Dubs coverage, then this is Rory Hamilton’s bagged Mercedes W115 240D looking classy as always on a set of BBS Mahle wheels.



Fellow classic Merc owner Ian ‘Woody’ Woodridge parked up alongside in his bagged E46 M Sport whilst his Mercedes is still with the lads at Studio Incar for some Air Lift action.



This pair immediately caught my eye; both had such a strong presence. I don’t think they hung around for too long so I’m glad I got the chance to take a look as you don’t see these all that often! First up a very special E23 Alpina B10 (735i) and nestled behind that was an equally special E24 M635CSi.




I was really feeling this little Saab 99 Turbo.



Tucked down a side road out of sight from the main square was this Toyota AE86



For me this meet was also about seeing a lot of cars which I have no shame in saying I had no idea what they were. This was no exception but I do now know this is called a K1 Attack and it’s a kit car sold by a company called B Racing.  It certainly looked interesting!



Parked next to the red M3 pictured at the beginning was another superb example of a M3. This is by far my favourite M3 colour and these two always had my attention when walking past.




Jamie’s caged Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera looking great on some Cup 1 wheels.



Another car that was new to me, a Toyota Mk2 JZX110 with Weds Kranze ERM wheels.




Something else unexpected was this crazy E10 with a few added extras, including an M60 V8 swap!




A good mix of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and other exotics also made it along.



Check out this track ready E36 honouring a little throw back to the DTM cars.




I have a sneaky suspicion this E30 wasn’t quite the 316 it says to be, it sounded incredible!



Paul Batten’s Mk3 Golf was doing the Venoms some justice, a top 90’s wheel choice.



Another iconic Porsche, the 930 Turbo. This was parked in a pretty awkward spot for me so so made sure I got a snap of it making its way out.



Chris Jones’ MX5 with Extreme Offset Wheels. I was in front of this on the drive up but the drive back was a different story, ears and bleeding springs to mind!



Lewis Webb two toned EF Civic Sedan on Rota Mesh wheels.



More Porsche, this looked pretty RUF to me..




Guy Higg’s E30 was certainly drawing in the crowds with its S50 engine out of the E36 M3 with a cheeky addition of ITB’s. I don’t think I’ve ever said an engine is good looking but this is a good looking bay! I’ve seen this at a couple local shows/meets and I unfortunately keep missing out on hearing it!




Lastly, Dick Lovett made an appearance with a couple of their new electric cars, the i3 and this, the i8. The i8 seems to divide opinion on looks but I’m starting to think it looks kinda cool.



I really enjoyed the morning, it had all bases covered and nothing was off limits, from giant American trucks to Reliant Robins, it was there! This meet was a lot busier than I ever thought it would be, yet the atmosphere still remained chilled with everyone taking in both the sun (makes a change!) and the vehicles. You could walk round the square once, sit down for 2 minutes, walk round again and see a completely new row of parked cars. It was like an ever evolving show! I will 100% be aiming to go to the next one which has already been announced for Sunday 10th May, so check it out if you can.