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Edition38 Show & Shine 2017

Date: 1-3 September 2017

Location: Overstone Park, Northampton


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Edition38 is the go-to weekender for anyone interested in Volkswagens (and all other VAG cars of course). Although the majority of show-goers tend to look forward to the camping and nightlife shenanigans, E38’s Show & Shine brings some of the highest quality cars from all over the UK and Europe (in fact, the Euro turnout seems to grow significantly year on year). Every time I drive into Overstone Park, I’m greeted to that distinctly chilled, summertime vibe which I’ve come to love… 2017’s event was no different. Albeit noticeably quieter than previous years, the showground was still full of some incredible metal which kept me occupied all day. With a live-stage providing music and inviting owners and their cars up to talk about their builds, there’s plenty going on in the background whilst you’re left to check out the cars in the sun. Check out my roundup below…


Jon Leonard’s 2.0TSI DSG-swapped Mk1 Golf swallowtail




Stuart Shellard’s Mk1 Golf swallowtail



Stuart Gray’s Mk5 Golf R32 on Air Lift suspension & BBS Super RS’



Frank Granduc’s Volkswagen Arteon on Air Lift suspension & Vossen LC-105T’s



Matthias Niestroj’s 16v ABF Mk1 Golf on Ronal Racing wheels



Alex Lambert’s Mk2 Polo on Air Lift suspension & Compomotive Turbo’s



Max Edwards’ ’78 Beetle on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’



Tom Klein Gunnewiek’s static Mk1 Scirocco on Ronal Racing wheels




Eddy Chhlang’s Mk2 Golf GTI on BBS RS’



Guy Maes’ bagged Mk1 Golf on Rotiform FUC’s




Brendan Dolo’s Mk1 Audi TT on Air Lift suspension & Autostrada Monza’s



Matty Loveridge’s Mk1 Golf swallowtail on Air Lift suspension



Marcel Klok’s Audi R8 on HPDrivetech / AccuAir suspension & BBS LM’s



Sam Grant’s Audi TTRS on Air Lift suspension & ADV.1 15’s




Chill Winston’s Mk1 Scirocco on Mad’in wheels




Sole Flavours’ widebody Mk4 Golf on AccuAir suspension & WORK VS-XX wheels



Syco Graphix’ bagged T5



George Wilson’s Volkswagen Polo 6N2 GTI on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’



GRM Northampton’s Mk7 Golf R on H&R suspension & mbDESIGN LV1’s



Chris Wallis’ Mk5 Golf GTI on Air Lift suspension & OZ Futura’s




Tijs Van Breda’s Mk1 Derby on BBS E50’s






This year’s giveaway car!


If you’re into Volkswagens, then Edition38 still remains a must. As usual, this year’s event showed us an incredible mixture from the VAG back catalog with cars to cater for all modifying tastes… Whether you like squeeky-clean, or rat-look, or anything in between, E38 has it all, along with the camping, nightlife (dance tent), food & drink stalls, and heaps of traders. And guess what, they even raffle off a modified car each year! Still not been? Well, what have you been waiting for? Get it in your calendar for next year.




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More info on Edition38:

Edition38 website

Edition38 on Instagram

Edition38 on Facebook

























FittedUK 2016 – Part 1

Date: 31 July 2016

Location: EventCity, Manchester


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


If you were to step inside FittedUK’s new venue for 2016, you wouldn’t believe that they’re only into their third year of putting on events. Now, I thought their show was big last year, but this time they’ve taken it to the next level and beyond by renting out EventCity in Manchester. That’s 28,000 square metres of indoor space, making it the UK’s biggest indoor car show… Quite a step up from Wetherby Racecourse, leaving a hell of a lot of space to fill with cars, traders and public ticket-holders of course. The FittedUK team have been promoting this year’s event throughout social media and constantly teasing us with photographs and videos showing off the size of the venue – so turning up on the day before the show to set up the Slam Sanctuary trade stand was an incredible chance to see it all come together and watch Alex and the team’s vision come into fruition. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.. could they deliver on everyone’s high expectations? Well, sure enough Sunday morning arrived, the doors opened to the public, and rest-assured, people started flowing in. It was BUSY – all day long. Normally at shows, people tend to get bored towards the end of the day, but with an event this big – there was always something new to see. So much in fact, that we’ve had to split our photo coverage into two articles! So sit back and enjoy Part 1 below…


Ashley Scutt’s BMW 2002 Tii




Grant Owens’ Audi 100 on Rayvern Hydraulic suspension



Sean Robbins’ bagged Datsun 240Z with BMW M52 2.8l engine swap on Extreme Offset Wheels



Aaron Gemmell’s Honda Civic EK on hydraulic suspension & BBS RF’s




Tom Healey’s Mk2 Golf on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’s



Josh’s Mini Cooper on Airdynamiks & AccuAir suspension


Joe Yip’s Mk6 Golf on Air Lift / AccuAir suspension & stepped-up BBS RS’s by Eighty8 Customs



Yes, they even had Audi R8 GT cars…



Michael Yip’s Mini Cooper S on Air Lift / AccuAir suspension & stepped-up BBS RS’s by Eighty8 Customs



Only Charged Dubs’ bagged Mercedes-Benz W201 190E on custom Barrock splits

(click here to check out our feature on the OCD Merc)



Lewis Barnes’ BMW Z4 on Airdynamiks / AccuAir suspension & WORK Seeker FX’s





Danny Mellor’s Mk2 Audi TT on Airdynamiks / Air Lift suspension & 3SDM wheels




Edward Johnston’s wide-body BMW E36 Touring w/S50 M3 conversion, Air Lift suspension & custom BMW splits



Ethan Sexton’s BMW E30 318is on Air Lift suspension & Schmidt TH-Line’s



Eden Cayless’ VW Type2 on Gotti’s



Douglas Flockhart’s static Mk3 Golf VR6 Turbo BBS LM’s




Justin Appleford’s Audi RS5 on AccuAir suspension & BC Forged HB-R5’s



Gordon Milne’s bagged Mk4 Golf R32 on carbon BBS GT’s



Tom Penny’s Mini on Air Lift suspension & Fifteen52 Formula TR’s



Brandon’s BMW E30 on AccuAir suspension and VIP Modular VXS210 wheels



Amando Frijns’ bagged 1962 Deluxe Beetle on custom 3pc splits





Shaun Lewis’ bagged Volkswagen T5 on Rotiform FUC’s



Jesse Cheung’s Lexus IS250 with Lexon Exclusive Rocket Bunny kit on D2 Air suspension & WORK VS-XX’s




XenonzUK’s widebody Audi A7 on HP Drivetech / AccuAir suspension & LOMA RS1-SL’s



Sam Roden’s bagged Renault Clio 197 on OZ Futura’s



Richard Smith’s Mk3 Toyota Yaris on custom Air Lift suspension by Only Charged Dubs & BBS RF’s



Bagged Ginetta G15



Hoho Chan’s BMW E92 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS2’s



Jordan Clifton’s VW Beetle on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform CCV’s



Prakash Thanky’s M52-swapped BMW E21 on Air Lift suspension & CCW D110’s



Mark Allen’s bagged Mk4 Golf estate w/Bora front-end on Eta Beta’s






Sole Flavours’ Mk4 Golf on AccuAir suspension & WORK VS-XX wheels



Ruairi Coleman’s bagged BMW E36 on OZ Futura’s




Josh Neville’s static Honda Civic EF sedan on OZ Turbo’s



Richard Colvill’s custom Porsche 911 “Porkchop” on Fuchs’



Julian Loose’s widebody Audi B5 RS4 on Air Lift suspension & RAD48 RSI’s




Aneysha Wakelin’s static 1964 Beetle



Robert Cumberbatch’s Hillman Imp on Air Lift suspension & J A Pearce Magna’s



Jake Stanford’s VW Tiguan R on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform TMB’s




Zak Hobbs’ VW Lupo on “Sudani-style” Compomotive CX501’s





Jake Clarke’s Vauxhall Astra VXR on Air Lift suspension & WatercooledIND MD1’s



Adam Close’s Nissan 350Z on VIP Modular VX210’s



Jake Hilling’s 1965 Beetle on Air Lift suspension



Dean Meeson’s Lotus Esprit on AccuAir suspension & custom Lotus splits




Having spent a few years visiting all the UK’s car events, the FittedUK team have realised what will and won’t work for the automotive calendar – mainly the fact that indoor shows are the future for this country due to such uncertainty with our weather. All their hard work that went into planning this event has well and truly paid off, and we’ve only shown you 50%! So make sure you check back to Slam Sanctuary later in the week to discover the second part of our coverage and the final words on the event. More cars, more halls and more platforms – how cool were those?!




More info on FittedUK:

FittedUK website

FittedUK on Facebook

FittedUK on Instagram


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