DTA End of Season Meet 2017

The last time I was at the Old James Cond Printer Works in Birmingham city centre was back in 2014 when DTA held the previous End of Season meet. If you were there, I'm sure that day will be imprinted in your memory just like it is mine. It was quite possibly the best car 'meet', or 'gathering', that I've ever attended, and that's saying something, considering I am an avid BMW fanatic, not air-cooled! But if you're a regular Slam Sanctuary reader, you'll know we're into all sorts here - oh, and the air-cooled scene do 'slammed' rather well! The DTA End of Season Meet brings together the best of the UK's air-cooled scene, as well as a few heroes that made the trip over from Europe. It's got to be the chilled vibe and incredible choice of venue that makes DTA different to everything else, with the run-down look of the ex-printer works suiting the sheer amount of patina'd cars, whilst equally complimenting those glossy restored ones, too! This also made it one of the most fun events to photograph, so I'll let the images do the rest of the talking, enjoy...

Shop Visit: Ergen Motorsport

Seeing as our diary is usually rather quiet come January, we were stoked to hear that our friends at Ergen Motorsport were holding an open house event at their newly finished headquarters in Fareham, Hampshire. If you're interested in BMW's and M-Power engines, you've most likely heard of Ergen. They're masters of the trade, specializing in M-cars, rebuilding them, converting them, and extracting more power from them. We first became aware of them thanks to their S54 engine conversion in Nick Sahota's iconic orange E30 M3, which we featured previously. If that build is anything to go by, these guys certainly know what they're doing. Adem, the head honcho at Ergen, has been wanting to upgrade their unit for the past two years, and finally, towards the end of 2017, the deal was sealed on their awesome new premises. Working flat-out over the Christmas period on refurbishments, they managed to get the majority of it ready in time for a soft opening on the 6th of January.

Westside Treffen 2017

For the perfect outdoor end-of-year show, Westside is the one. It's the final event on our calendar that makes use of whatever sunshine the British weather has left before the Winter period begins, and it's always one to look forward to. Held in the picturesque grounds of the Chalfont St. Peter cricket club, just west of London, the show gets busier year on year, and remains a solid favourite amongst many. This is more than likely down to the amazing, chilled vibe, great old-school music, delicious traditional Indian and Jamaican food, and of course awesome cars to drool over all day. This is the show for those select friends you meet over the years (okay, perhaps the older generation?), who have given up going to car shows, but still find themselves here. It's the "If I only do one show this year..." event. So much so, we always bump into old friends at Westside, which makes it even more worthwhile. 2017's show marked the 10th anniversary - that's quite an achievement! And, the fifth year of us covering it... So, sit back, and take a look at our highlights...

Players 11.0

If you're into modified cars, you've more than likely heard of Players. It's one of the most well-known car shows in the UK, taking place every September at North Weald Airfield in Essex, where the venue is overridden by hundreds of show cars from all over the country, and even Europe. It's a rather unique location, given the fact that the show takes place alongside a live airfield, also making use of two gigantic hangars... One displaying an Air Lift Performance showcase, and the other holding 'VIP' show cars, hand-picked by the event organisers Jay McToldridge and Carl Taylor. Aside from the chosen cars, the rest of the show remains open to ANY modified vehicle, so if you turn up on time, you're pretty much guaranteed to be in the show - unlike their sister event, Players Classic, which is entirely pre-approved. Unsurprisingly, this leaves us with a highly varied showground packed with all sorts of cars, and all tastes. Although, that's not a bad thing. It's a great way to bring the community together, regardless.


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The Learning Curve – Ethan Sexton’s 1990 BMW E30 318is

Looking back on 2017, I think it's fair to say that the E30 has easily been one of the most fashionable cars in the 'stance' scene, which is kind of weird, considering how much prices have soared. That said, buying one now would be a justified investment for the future, as values are only going to continue to rise, so maybe that's what everyone's doing? Or could it be down to the fact that the E30 is still one of the most enjoyable, driver-oriented, and beautiful, cars that money can buy? Probably a mixture. Well, with so many examples out in the wild, you do have to filter through them to find the real gems, which brings us to Ethan Sexton's gorgeous 318is, one E30 that's been on our radar for a while now. Having owned the car for almost five years, Ethan has put it through several guises during his ownership, but it wasn't until earlier this year that I felt the car was at its best, so, naturally, I was eager to set up a shoot.

Edition38 Show & Shine 2017

Edition38 is the go-to weekender for anyone interested in Volkswagens (and all other VAG cars of course). Although the majority of show-goers tend to look forward to the camping and nightlife shenanigans, E38's Show & Shine brings some of the highest quality cars from all over the UK and Europe (in fact, the Euro turnout seems to grow significantly year on year). Every time I drive into Overstone Park, I'm greeted to that distinctly chilled, summertime vibe which I've come to love... 2017's event was no different. Albeit noticeably quieter than previous years, the showground was still full of some incredible metal which kept me occupied all day. With a live-stage providing music and inviting owners and their cars up to talk about their builds, there's plenty going on in the background whilst you're left to check out the cars in the sun...

FIRST LOOK – The Slam Sanctuary Winter ’17 Collection

Lately, you might've noticed that we've been expanding the clothing side of Slam Sanctuary. 2017 has seen this side of our business dominate the UK modified car community, bringing you distinctive t-shirt offerings that stand out in a sea of new 'car groups' that continue to pop up year on year. All our hard work has been building up to this... our Winter '17 collection, which is OUT NOW! We've kept the ideology of bold, in-your-face illustrations, naturally relevant to cars, but at the same time, apparel you'll be comfortable wearing all the time (and not just with your car friends or at shows!). The new collection boasts six new t-shirts in both men and women's garments (Yes, this is the first time we have released female-specific tees), women's raglan, sweatshirt, and a hoodie. We've also expanded our range of accessories including a brand new snapback, enamel mug, and even made a move into leather goods (click HERE to check out the accessories). We also restocked our much-loved beanies for Winter, too. Putting together this collection has kept us working non-stop for the past few months - it's fair to say there have been endless late nights, so we hope you enjoy the latest gear. Thank you so much for your continued support, whether you've purchased anything from a single sticker to a hoodie, it keeps us going. Big love.

NEW – Slam Sanctuary leather goods & accessories

Having been in the works for a long time, we are super stoked to finally present our leather goods. Available along with our Winter '17 collection, we've released three key fobs. Completely handmade in England, using genuine cow hide leather, there are three colourways to choose from; antique tan, brown, and black. We've gone above and beyond to track down one of the most skilful leatherworkers in the country and the results are outstanding! Each key fob has had the edges burnished to seal the fibres, and been stamped with a Slam Sanctuary marque (which you might recognise from our recent 'Car Night' t-shirt from our previous capsule collection). Lanyards are SO last year. Get yourself a killer key fob, numbers are limited so be quick...

Setting Trends – Becky Evans’ 1983 BMW E21 316

If you asked me to list some of the most influential classic BMWs of our generation, Becky Evans' E21 would be right up there. Both she and this little 316 have become icons throughout the global car community (you'll probably know her as Queen B on Instagram and her recent YouTube channel). Becky's E21 is the absolute epitome of the classic 'bagged BMW' combo, and although the recipe is nothing mind-blowing, the car as a whole has become a complete trendsetter. Simply introducing a classic to the ground and adding the right wheels (notably, a set of BBS RS), effectively blew people's minds a good four or so years ago. Now, everyone wants their classic BMW to look like hers - that must be quite the compliment. With the car going through several transformations during her ownership, Becky has finally got to a stage where she's happy with it. Having known her for years, I've watched the car progress, and waited a long time to get this gorgeous E21 in front of my lens. Earlier this year that time finally came...