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Gravity 2016

Date: 17 July 2016

Location: NAEC, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Launching a new automotive event in the congested UK show circuit is a daunting task. For people that do what we do, a dedicated show is the ultimate dream and accomplishment, which our friends at Slammed UK have managed to achieve this year with their debut show ‘Gravity’. With more and more shows popping up on the calendar, the venue has become the ‘make or break’ factor. Jordan, the main man behind Slammed UK and Gravity, spent a lot of time getting it right, opting for NAEC at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire – just outside of Coventry. An ideal central location, easily accessible for the rest of the country, and with plenty of indoor space – absolutely critical now that the British weather has become as unpredictable as ever. With two halls; a VIP-style room similar to those at Ultimate Dubs, a main hall with barn-like lighting & attributes, plus a large outside area, there was a nice contrast of backdrops which makes for an overall captivating feeling. Slammed UK are known for their variation in the car scene and their show was the perfect example of that. Take a look at our highlights…


Paul Burns’ bagged BMW E28 on Gottis





Joe Stubbs’ Mercedes-Benz E350 on HP Drivetech/AccuAir suspension & Rotiform YVR’s



Jack Parson’s Volvo S40 on D2 / Air Lift suspension & BBS SR’s



Daniel Coates’ Mk6 Golf GTI on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform BLQ-T’s



Mat Finch’s Porsche 997 Gen1 CSR on HRE forged wheels



Chris Howes’ VW T5 on Air Lift suspension & Detroit Steel Wheels




Luke Shaw’s Mk3 Golf on Air Lift suspension & BBS RC041’s



Sam Curtis’ Mk2 Golf GTI on Air Lift suspension & custom-built BBS RA splits



Auto Finesse’s BBS-kitted VW Mk2 Golf on Air Lift suspension & Ronal centrelocks



Liam Elmore’s Audi TT on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform OZT’s



Lala Miah’s BMW 635CSi on Air Lift suspension & custom-built M-system Throwing Star splits





Danny Webster’s bagged Mk6 Ford Fiesta on BBS RS’s




Abi Clarke’s VW Beetle on Air Lift suspension & 3SDM 0.08’s



Rich Knowles’ Mazda MX5 on hydraulic suspension & WORK Meister S1’s



Joshua Woodward’s Mini Cooper S on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS’s



Shaun Grazette’s BMW E92 on Air Lift suspension & Blitz Technospeed Z1’s




Sam Roden’s bagged Renault Clio 197 on OZ Futura’s



Joe Chatfield’s Mk2 Jetta on Air Lift suspension & Fuchs’



Ben Hughes’ bagged Mini Cooper on Fifteen52 Tarmac’s




Team SPB’s Mercedes-Benz CLS on hydraulic suspension & Vossen CV7’s





Dean Meeson’s Lotus Esprit on AccuAir suspension & custom Lotus splits



Steven Foxall’s static BMW M50-turbo’d E30 on Schmidt TH-Line’s



James Cowley’s static wide body Honda S2000 on WORK Meister S1’s



Rob Blackwell’s Honda S2000 on Air Lift suspension & CCW D110’s




Kaz Singh’s BMW E39 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform LHR’s



Adam Moore’s Mk4 Golf on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform IND-T’s



Tom Grimshaw’s Audi Q3 on AccuAir suspension & Rotiform IND-T’s


Karl Runeckles’ BMW Z4 on hydraulic suspension & custom-built Style32′s



Sam Dean’s VW Lupo on Air Lift suspension & custom Exip wheels



Zak Starr’s Nissan Skyline GTR R32 on Cosmis Racing XT-005R’s





Robert Cumberbatch’s Hillman Imp on Air Lift suspension & J A Pearce Magna’s




Andy Ware’s Mk6 Golf on Air Lift suspension & stepped-up BBS RS’s




Dan Taylor’s BMW E46 M3 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RS2’s



Thom Williams’ Honda S2000 on Air Lift suspension & BBS LM’s



Meguiar’s Ford Crown Victoria on Air Lift suspension





Sumil Pancholi’s BMW E39 on Air Lift suspension & Hartge splits



Dan Birkinshaw’s bagged Mk5 Jetta on BBS GT004′s



Charlie Evans’ static BMW E28 on AC Schnitzer Type 1’s




George Powell’s static Hillman Imp on Ultralite wheels



Mark Loony’s Honda Civic EK on hydraulic suspension & BBS RS’s




Tom Heap’s bagged Mercedes-Benz C124 on WORK Meister S1’s



Az Riz’s BMW E92 on Air Lift / AccuAir suspension & WORK VS-XX’s





Joe Addison’s static BMW E36 cabriolet on Gotti’s



Beinn Dale Goodchild’s static Polo Coupe



Our Audi C5 A6 on Air Lift / Bags by OCD / AccuAir suspension & Rotiform IND-T’s



Lee Curtis’ Audi C5 A6 Allroad on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform CCV DDT’s





So, did Gravity exceed our expectations? I’d say so. It’s difficult to stand out from other shows, but the choice of venue completely made it for us. We don’t always want to see a perfect looking show hall, and Gravity’s main hall was different to most shows – with more of an air-cooled vibe to it, which actually worked really well with the range of cars on display. Of course, being a debut show, there were a few things that could be improved on, but that’s to be expected – I’m sure Jordan and the team now have plenty to think about and are already planning next year’s show. If you missed it, don’t think twice about attending in 2017 – Gravity is definitely one to watch.


More info on Gravity/Slammed UK:

Gravity website

Slammed UK on Facebook

Slammed UK on Instagram


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Dorset Volksfest 2016

Date: 8/9/10 July 2016

Location: Wareham, Dorset


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


We’ve been supporting Dorset Volksfest (DVF) since their first show back in 2013. Being on our doorstep, DVF brings our local Volkswagen community together over a long weekend (Friday-Sunday). It’s the perfect excuse to have a short break with family and friends and admire some awesome VW’s at the same time. The show has continued to grow, with 2016 no doubt being their biggest and best event yet. It’s even started to attract people from all over the country which is truly amazing to see – it means Richie and the DVF crew are doing something right! If you’re looking for a chilled weekend away with plenty of food & drink, trade stalls and entertainment, then this is the show for you. This year we turned up on the Sunday and set up our pop-up store – thanks to everyone that stopped by and picked up some gear! Of course, whilst juggling the store, we managed to take a look around the Show & Shine area as well as the many cool cars dotted around the show field. Here’s our highlights…



Our Audi C5 A6 on Air Lift / Bags by OCD / AccuAir suspension & Rotiform IND-T’s



Bradley Went’s bagged 1967 Beetle



Nicola Smith’s VW Lupo on Air Lift suspension



Luke Baker’s Audi 50



Ben Lewis’ 1971 Type2 bay window




Hamish Williamson’s bagged 1969 Westfalia



Phoebe Hughes’ bagged 1956 Oval Beetle on Rocket Racing wheels



Adam Hutchings’ Volkswagen Mk1 Jetta on Stern splits



VAS Works’ T5 on 3SDM 0.08’s



VAS Works’ Caddy on Rota Grid’s



Jim Terry’s T5 on 3SDM 0.04’s


Mark Allen’s bagged Mk4 Golf estate on Eta Beta’s



Adam Hodge’s static Audi S3 on H&R suspension & Audi Rotor Arm wheels


(Click here to check out our feature on Adam’s S3)


Dale Smith’s Mk1 Golf on ATS splits



Callum Maher’s Beetle on banded steels





Ratty Pete’s bagged Type2 panel van




Aaron Campion’s bagged Volkswagen LT28




Morgan Hall’s bagged 1968 Westfalia




James McCafferey’s DKW F12



Coleman Sam’s T25 pickup on Porsche D90’s



Andy Payne’s 1964 Ragtop Beetle






Graham Page’s Type2 Splitscreen panel van




Lee Curtis’ 1962 Beetle ‘Purple Haze’



Sam Axon’s Mk2 Golf GTI



Pipey McGraw’s W8-powered Volkswagen K70



Chris Allen’s rat rod




Ryan Biles’ Mk3 Golf on hydraulic suspension & Schmidt Modern-Line’s



DVF’s T5



It always seems to rain on the Sunday of Dorset Volksfest… Unfortunately this year was no different and we were drenched on arrival for most of the morning. Luckily though, the afternoon cleared up and it turned into one of the warmest days of Summer yet. With a fantastic range of air-cooled Volkswagens as well as a few water-cooled gems on display, the turnout was awesome offering something for every sort of Volkswagen fan. We’d like to say a big thank you to the DVF crew for allowing us to turn up late and set up shop, and for hosting another brilliant show yet again. Not forgetting all of you that made the trip down to Wareham for the whole weekend. Let’s make 2017 even bigger!


More info on Dorset Volksfest:

Dorset Volksfest website

Dorset Volksfest on Facebook

Dorset Volksfest on Instagram


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Kustom Kolors’ Open Day 2016

Date: 9 July 2016

Location: Kustom Kolors HQ, Christchurch, Dorset


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


If you haven’t heard of Kustom Kolors, well you’re in for a treat… They’re a local bodyshop specialising in everything from crash repairs to full restorations and custom work with plenty resulting in magazine features. Some of the rarest and most exotic cars pass through the workshop, so when Colin (the head honcho) got in touch a few months ago and suggested that I come along with the Slam Sanctuary pop-up store for their 2016 Open Day, I was completely game. In the past, their open days have always been a massive success, bringing numerous local car enthusiasts together. It’s awesome to team up with nearby businesses to show off what our area has to offer. Plus, being neighbours, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee got involved with sponsoring the event and came down in their huge Mercedes-Benz camper truck and were offering free iced coffee all day – perfect on a sunny day, which it was! Oh, did I mention that there was a free BBQ all day, too?


Richie Farrington’s Mk1 Golf GTI on BBS RM’s



Lucy Barlow’s bagged BMW E21 on BBS RM’s



Lawrence Warner-Green’s BMW E60 on Air Lift suspension & 3SDM 0.08′s



Carlos Gomez’s static BMW E36 on BBS Style19′s



Chris Phillips’ static BMW E36 saloon on Rota Grid’s









A customer’s Porsche 911 Speedster


John Meade’s 1983 Ford Escort on banded steels w/Chevrolet hubcaps




Harry Hindmarsh’s static Mazda MX5 on WORK Equip’s



James Manners’ Audi B5 RS4 Avant on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform LVS’s





Dan Bartlett’s static Mk2 Golf on Extreme Offset Wheels



Steven Doe’s BMW E21 on Air Lift / AccuAir suspension & CCW D110′s


(click here to check out our feature on Steven’s E21)





A customer’s Shelby Cobra



A customer’s Lotus Esprit


Oly Roberts’ Audi B5 RS4 Avant on Air Lift suspension & RAD48 PR’s





Sinclair Ellis’ narrowed 1949 ex-border patrol Split Beetle on Sprint Stars


Tom De Villiers’ static Mazda MX5 on WORK Meister S1’s



Sean Crompton’s static BMW E36 ‘vert on Carline CM6′s



Mark Woodford’s bagged Chevrolet C10



Steven Doe & Lucy Barlow’s BMW E21’s




With plenty of Kustom Kolors customers in attendance, it was a perfect line up to show the variety of projects KK have the pleasure of working on. Seeing them all together just makes it extra special. Congratulations to everyone that took home an award, and simply for attending and showing support for your local companies – it means a lot to all of us. We even managed to raise some money towards Macmillan Cancer Support – awesome! There are now talks of holding a second event come Winter time, so keep your eyes peeled on the Kustom Kolors social media and don’t miss the next one.


More info on Kustom Kolors:

Kustom Kolors website

Kustom Kolors on Facebook

Kustom Kolors on Instagram


Seen your car above? If we haven’t named you, drop us message a through our Facebook page or email and let us know if you’d like your name added to the article! Also be sure to let us know if we made any errors regarding your cars modifications. Sometimes we make mistakes, albeit rarely, but we like to make things right!





In The Blood – Adam Hodge’s 2009 Audi S3 8P

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


If you’re from Dorset and have an interest in modified cars, then you’ll probably know of Adam Hodge. He’s one of our county’s most well known people when it comes to tasteful low cars. Being a mechanic at a VAG Specialist (VAS Works) as well as having owned twelve of these cars, he’s become the source of all information for everyone who wants help getting their A3/S3 quicker or closer to the ground. If you’re into your A3’s and S3’s, face it, you’ve heard of him. Seriously, the amount of queries he gets is mind-blowing. But when you do something so well, it’s hardly surprising that so many people want to replicate it. So, when Adam told me that his first ever car was actually an A3, I was hardly surprised! He first caused a stir a few years ago with a bright orange S3 on air ride, which was one of the first cars in the UK on AccuAir’s e-Level. After that he switched back to static suspension with a gorgeous TT which did the rounds last year, but he still can’t seem to get the S3 out of his system. At the beginning of 2016 he went and picked up another example, but his time he’s opted for a more subtle, OEM+ approach.



Adam has loved the brand ever since his first car, and it’s not difficult to appreciate why, with Audi’s notorious build quality and styling. Plus working at a VAG specialist has its perks when it comes to working on the car and especially when things go wrong, which makes perfect sense as to why Adam has never really moved away from the manufacturer. “I’ve modified every car I’ve owned” he tells me, “I’ve only usually done small bits and bobs but since doing the orange S3 I’ve always felt like I’ve had to raise the bar on each build I do”.



In fact, his life completely evolves around cars. He works on them all day at work and then spends most evenings doing private jobs – the life of a mechanic! Then when he gets home, he’s forever talking to people about cars. “I love all the friends I have met through the cars/shows and will carry on with it for a long time” Adam says. Therefore, free time to work on his own car is actually very limited.



As he’d built the orange S3 previously, he knew what would and wouldn’t work this time around. In fact, he even started purchasing parts for the new car before he’d even found one to buy, as he had a vision in his head. The right car finally came along, which happened to be one the best spec’d S3’s in the country at the time, a 2009 S3 8P finished in Phantom Black. The original seller was bombarded with potential buyers as soon as it was listed online, but luckily Adam got there first. Along with a great history, factory wingback seats and nav, the car did look a little tired from the outside – but with a proper detail and some time with the dent removal man, it looked as good as new.




Adam has owned four cars on air ride, but prior to this S3, he became a dealer for AH Exclusive H&R Ultralow coilovers, so it made perfect sense to run them on his own car to demonstrate just what the suspension can do. However, getting the car to sit this low was much more technical than just fitting the coilovers, mostly because he wanted to run 20″ wheels, just to make things more difficult for himself! “Getting a car this low on 20″ wheels is far from easy… running 18″ and even 19″ wheels on this chassis is a piece of cake but 20″ is another ball game” he explains. With the rears doable, the problem laid with the front fitment.



In order to allow the front to be lowered enough, Adam opted for a pair of SRS-Tech front arches, which are 30mm wider, giving the wheels clearance and making the car look more menacing. These were colour coded by Scott at Specialist Paintworks along with the front bumper to eradicate any stone chips. Alas, it still wasn’t sitting right until he enlisted the services of Paul at Coltech Classics for a chassis notch on the drivers side. Finished off with a full suspension geometry, the S3 finally sat and drove just right.



Deciding on which 20″ wheels to go for was frustrating for Adam. Initially he wanted a set of OZ wheels, but nothing in 20″ was coming up for sale. Plus, everyone seemed to be jumping on to the ‘Motorsport look’ bandwagon. So, and rightfully so, he decided on an OEM+ theme for this car. A genuine set of 20×8.5j Audi Rotor Arm alloys came up for sale, which were in quite a state – so he picked them up for a bargain and had The Wheel Specialist Bournemouth work their magic and bring them back to new. Add a set of 225/30/20 Nankang NS2 tyres for just the right amount of stretch and they look right at home on Adam’s car.




With five-spoke wheels like the Audi Rotors, it leaves the factory brakes completely exposed. Adam decided to replace these with a big brake kit. Up front he sourced and fitted RS7 6-pot callipers along with 390mm RS7 wavey discs, finished with Ferodo DS2500 pads and custom machined front brackets to make everything fit perfectly. To compliment the front brakes, the rears have also been replaced with Lamborghini 4-port callipers, an additional Ferrari F458 handbrake calliper with Lamborghini 356mm discs and more Ferodo DS2500 pads. These were fitted to the car with custom Vagbremtechnic rear brackets. The result is stunning, with painted yellow callipers demonstrating that this isn’t a normal S3.



With the car finally looking as he had imagined it would, it was time to address the power. Adam remaps Audi’s for a living at work, so it was blatantly going to happen. He added a Revo intake, Scorpion downpipe and decat, Milltek non res cat-back with ceramic black tips, furthermore he installed Autotech fuel pump internals and an RS4 fuel return valve, Audi R8 coilpacks and a CTS turbo outlet pipe. All these modifications came to life with a Revo stage2+ map which completely transformed the responsiveness and overall power of the car.




With the car already so high spec’d from the factory with heated Wingback seats, Adam didn’t want to do much in the way of changes. Just a few refined mods have been installed, which most people won’t notice, but they really do make the interior pop. This includes carbon door inlays in the front and rear, a carbon ashtray cover and carbon gear gator surround. Plus, the centre console knee braces and steering wheel centre trims have all been painted gloss black.




The carbon theme continues on the exterior, with the addition of carbon wing mirrors – which he prefers to the genuine silver mirrors found on most S/RS vehicles. Some may also notice the carbon B pillars, a rear wiper delete and genuine RS3 grill up front. It’s all about the subtle touches for Adam, with nothing too in your face. Besides, he’s done that before with the old S3. As I said before, his cars are maturing just as he is… in the best possible way.





There’s something about seeing a slammed static car rolling… Naturally I had to take a few shots along the dual carriageway, just so you can see how it transforms and shows off the big brakes. It’s restrained but completely in your face at the same time. It’s a seriously aggressive, sophisticated and cool car, so hat’s off to Adam on what I think is his best build yet. The question is, how long will he hold on to this one? With talks of another TT.. or even switching brands altogether.. who knows? But I have a feeling if he does ever sell this beauty, he’ll still end up in another in the near future. They’re in his blood.


More info on Adam Hodge:

@hodge_s3 on Instagram