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BMW Car Club National Festival 2015 at Gaydon

Date: 16 August 2015

Location: Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


If you frequent Slam Sanctuary, you’ll know that we are big BMW lovers and that hopefully means that you are too, because today’s article contains what I can only describe as pure bimmer porn. With hundreds of Volkswagen oriented events happening throughout the year, the BMW-only shows are scarce. With that in mind, the UK’s regional BMW car clubs do congregate annually for one big event, the National Festival, at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon. Being one of the largest BMW gatherings in Europe, I was told it was not to be missed (again!) – with plenty of rare Bavarian metal on display that you just wouldn’t see anywhere else. From factory-fresh concours examples, to the complete opposite, with all styles of modifications on display and everything in between, it truly is a haven for any BMW addict. Being a massive enthusiast myself, I decided it would be the perfect final outing for my E24 635CSI before regrettably putting it up for sale. The venue itself was a perfect setting, with BMW’s parked up around the motor museum, and throughout all the grounds on any accessible patch of grass or tarmac. Well, I’ll let the photographs do the rest…


BMW’s brand new M4 taking prime position outside the motor museum


The E30 lineup was strong



E12 528i on BBS Style5′s


E34 M5 Touring w/RHD conversion


E30 M3


E24 635CSI


E24 M635CSI


E9 3.0 CSL



Nick Sahota’s E34 540i & E30 318i w/M60 V8 conversion


Henry Phull’s E24 635CSI on OZ Futura’s



Neil Patel’s E86 Z4 coupe on Rial’s


Sandeep Gill’s E30 325i ‘vert on Schmidt TH-Line’s


E30 M3 on BBS RS


F30 M3


E3 3.0Si



328 Roadster


E9 3.0 CSL



E10 2002




E28 M5


E30 M3


E30 M3 on BBS RS


Kash Virdee’s E36 on Hartge splits


Sumil Pancholi’s E39 530i on Air Lift suspension & Hartge splits



Edward Johnston’s E36 Touring w/S50 M3 conversion & Air Lift suspension


E34 Alpina B10 BiTurbo (535i)


Dips Amin’s ‘Ruby Red’ E46 M3 ‘vert on Air Lift suspension


Sam Le Fevre’s RHD-converted E30 M3 w/supercharged S54 & BBS LM’s



Bhups Gill’s E30 coupe w/M52 conversion & BBS Style5′s


F82 M4 on HRE P101’s


Phil Robinson’s E60 M5 on Rennen R10 X-treme concave wheels


Nicholas Pritchard’s custom built E91 M3 Touring on KW V3’s & 20″ Breyton Race GTSR-M wheels


Tej Bajwa’s E30 M3 & Rash Bajwa’s E90 M3



E46 M3


Grant Ross’ track spec BMW E46 M3 on Apex ARC-8 wheels


Jags Bath’s ‘Atlantis Blue’ E93 M3 convertible



F32 Alpina B4 & E39 Alpina B10


E36 M3



E46 M3 track car



E46 M3 track car


Evolve Automotive F82 M4


Sutherland Cars’ F82 M4 on Savini BM10 wheels


Thorney Motorsport’s F82 M4


ING Sport’s Z4 GT3





E34 M5 Touring


E28 Alpina B9


E12 535i


Matt Clifford’s E31 840ci on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform LHR’s


E31 840ci





E23 735i (Alpina B10)





Marsel Theodhori’s E28 M535i w/turbocharged M106


Tom Wrigley’s E30 325i cabriolet on Air Lift suspension


Ross Bradley’s E30 coupe w/6l twin turbo Chevrolet engine & Hartge splits


What a variation of BMW’s, right? I can’t believe that I’d never attended the BMW Festival before, but I won’t be missing it again. This is definitely a must for any die hard BMW fan or even for someone that’s mildly interested in them or thinking of buying a BMW. All sorts of styling can be found here and it’s also a great opportunity to find inspiration for whatever you are building or planning yourself. Plus, entry to the stunning Heritage Motor Centre museum is an added bonus and well worth checking out. My only criticism of the show organisation would have to be the catering… Two hot food outlets to serve the entire show (which was huge)… Queuing for up to an hour for food is not what we want. Otherwise, this is up there with my top shows.


More info on BMW Festival:

BMW Car Club website

Heritage Motor Museum website



RIIVA Design’s #SundayShowcase

Location: RIIVA Design HQ, Market Harborough

Date: 9 August 2015


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Following the successful BBQ hosted by Meguiar’s a few weeks ago that we attended, it wasn’t long after until the guys at RIIVA Design decided to throw their own open day. A chance to show off their premises, cars and available services whilst providing a meeting place to catch up with friends, and the all-important inclusive barbecue, of course. Catching a glimpse of people’s workplaces is always an added bonus to me, I find it really interesting – hopefully you do too! RIIVA have only been in the game for about a year now, in fact the BBQ was created to celebrate the one year milestone, and in that short period of time they’ve already made a big name for themselves with their impressive niche air-ride and boot install work. The guys behind RIIVA are some of the friendliest, down-to-earth people you’ll meet in the car community, and when they’re producing stunning work it was no surprise to see a massive turnout on the day with people coming from all over the country.


Cars were scattered around RIIVA’s unit




Jason Debono’s Mercedes C63 W205 on Gepfeffert / KW V3 suspension



Dale Buckley’s bagged Audi TT on BBS RS’s


Tom Inskip’s 1970 Mk1 Ford Escort on Air Lift bags & Schmidt TH-Line’s


Olly Barwell’s bagged Caddy van on Rotiform TMB’s


Wesley Keough’s static Mk4 Golf GTI on BBS RC’s


Aneysha Wakelin’s static 1964 Beetle


James Barton’s Mk1 Golf Swallowtail on Ronal Racing splits



Vick Nagi’s bagged Audi A4 Avant on 20″ RS5 rotor wheels


Liam Elmore’s Audi TT on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform OZT’s



Josh Jones’ Mk2 Golf VR6



iKUSTOMS’ Volkswagen Notchback


Jordan Warren’s bagged Audi RS4 on Rotiform DUS’s



Daniel Allard’s Volvo 240 on Air Lift suspension & BBS RF’s


Ben Young’s bagged VW Scirocco on Rotiform SPF’s


Sam McMahon’s Mk2 Golf G60 Syncro on BBS RS’s


Nick Ackroyd’s bagged Mk3 Scirocco on Rotiform CSW’s


left: Becky Evans’ BMW E21 on Air Lift suspension & Rotiform BM1’s




RIIVA’s BMW E36 on Air Lift suspension, Rotiform ROC’s & Rocket Bunny kit


RIIVA’s Audi A6 C7 on Air Lift suspension V3 & 21″ Rotiform CCV’s





I know some of you will be thinking that these invite-only events must be pretentious, but let me tell you.. when you’re holding an event at your business premises, you can’t just invite the whole world. Things would quickly be getting out of hand, so keeping the event private is the best way for these kind of things. Thanks to the guys for the tour of the premises and delicious food, even if I was late! Slam Sanctuary will be back soon.


More info on RIIVA Design:

RIIVA Design website

RIIVA Design on Facebook

RIIVA Design on Instagram



TreffPUNKT – August 2015 at Bluewater

Date: 1 August 2015

Location: Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Recently a few friends mentioned that they were planning to host a new German car meet in the South East, as they’d noticed a significant gap in terms of quality meets in the East London/Kent area. With the date set to be every first Saturday of the month and the stage currently set at Bluewater Shopping Centre, I decided to make the trip up to check out the first ever TreffPUNKT. I really wasn’t sure what to expect – putting on your first meet can be hit or miss attendance-wise. On arrival, about thirty minutes late due to the lovely London traffic, most of the car park was already packed out with German metal, mostly BMW’s. Impressive! Throughout the night more people kept turning up, including a whole host of classic Mercedes’ which were just awesome to see. Check out my highlights…



Tej Bajwa’s static Santorini Blue E30 M3 on ACS splits


Phil Cole’s F82 M4


Kos Loizou’s E24 635CSI on ACT split rims


Daryl Ingram’s E30 M3 on AC Schnitzer splits


Az Riz’s bagged E92 330d on WORK VS-XX’s


Ricky Sadasivan’s static E36 cab on Gotti’s


Jay Kalsi’s Mtech1 E30 convertible on OZ Futura’s





Rash Bajwa’s E90 M3



Nick Sahota’s E34 M5 3.8


Dee Barwick’s static Austin Yellow E82 123d on 3SDM 0.04’s


Ben Walsh’s bagged E36 with overfenders & BBS RF’s


Sam Sandhu’s bagged E92 335d


Rashpal Phull’s Bentley Continental GT on 3pc Trafficstar DTX’s



Shaun Grazette’s bagged E92 335i on Blitz Technospeed’s


Sam Le Fevre’s RHD-converted E30 M3, including a supercharged S54 & BBS LM’s




James Brown’s bagged Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6 on Rotiform 2pc MBZ’s



Kamal Sokhi’s bagged M52-converted E30 Touring on OZ Futura’s


Kos Loizou’s E24 635CSI on ACT split rims


Jake Stanford’s static Volkswagen Tiguan on Rotiform SPF’s


Viv Burns’ Mercedes-Benz W124


Jag Singh’s (Jag’s Bodyshop) Rocket Bunny kitted Mercedes CLK V8


Sensi Makwana’s Mercedes-Benz W201 190E AMG


Indy’s bagged Mercedes-Benz W210 which took away first place in TreffPUNKT’s Show & Shine of the night



As you can see, the quality of cars were right up there with the best, which is really surprising for what is essentially a car-park meet. Another major plus about the Bluewater location was the fact that the dedicated part of the car park was pretty far out of the way from the general public, well lit, and of course a whole selection of restaurants within walking distance – essential for a Saturday night when catching up with car buddies. To top it off, they are doing a good thing with it by collecting for Cancer Research UK, this time they made a healthy £250 towards the charity. With “Treffpunkt” meaning “meeting place” in German, the guys are considering switching up the location at times, which is a great idea. But for the next meet, it will remain at Bluewater in the cinema middle floor car park so if you’re in the area on the 5th September, make sure you head down.


More info on TreffPUNKT:

TreffPUNKT on Facebook

TreffPUNKT on Instagram




Refining a Classic – Charlie Wheeler’s 1993 Mercedes-Benz W201 190D

Words & Photos by Steph Clarke


We’re continuing the static, daily driven theme this week with Charlie Wheeler’s Mercedes-Benz W201 190D, and unlike Chris Phillips’ Lexus IS (click here to check out the feature), this isn’t one of those cars that I can say I’ve always seen about at shows and meets, as Charlie has owned the Benz for a just over a week! The car was predominantly built by the previous owner, Nic Stubbs with the current styling majorly being down to him, but we couldn’t resist capturing the car as it is. Myself and Charlie actually work next door to each other, and I noticed he’d just picked up the new motor on Instagram so It was only a matter of time before I was going to get a proper look at it. But due to some resurfacing work that has been taking place over the last few days, we’ve been having to park randomly elsewhere, so it wasn’t until the day of the shoot that I really had a chance to see the 190D in all its glory.



Charlie’s car history has been heavily dominated by Volkswagens throughout the past 5 years of being seriously interested in cars. Having owned a Mk4 Golf and Mk1 Caddy where clean paintwork was the focus, and more recently a Mk1 Jetta 1.6GTD which went down the low and poke route. I don’t think Charlie will mind me saying, ended up being more of a ‘beater’ than a show car as “it would fall apart wherever and whenever” he admits.



Even with a relatively small car history, having his own workshop/barn meant engine swaps and interesting mechanical jobs were constantly being carried out on other vehicles, so there was always something exciting to be working on. With his Jetta project almost coming to a tearful end after a recent accident which led to the front end being cut off and a new one welded back on, Charlie decided that was the last straw and it spurred on the want for something a little different.



Charlie remembered a story told to him by his dad from back in the day involving his granddad cruising about in a Mercedes-Benz 190 over in Portugal, which got him thinking about the idea of a 190E or something similar. The hunt began for a Merc which led him to be let down by several cars that were either too expensive for what they were, or destined for the scrap yard.



After a brief involvement in the car market world, Charlie finally come across Nic’s 1993 W201 190D 2.5 Diesel automatic in Dunkelblau – which is a very deep, almost black blue with nearly all original paint. Just the bonnet and boot lid have been resprayed previously.



This is where some people will agree to disagree with the whole ‘bought not built’ argument. Charlie purchased the car as you see it, with the only real mods being wheels and suspension already in place. With wheels that work so well on the car, Charlie had to get his hands on it, a platform for him to build and expand on. For now though, I had to shoot the car as the combination works so well on this classic.



So, the wheels are OZ Futura’s in 17×8 up front and 9’s at the rear finished in silver with polished lips teamed with 195/40 and 205/40 tyres, not a crazy amount of stretch, but justified enough to suit the fitment. Futura’s really do look at home on almost anything and here used to keep that classic ‘gangster Mercedes’ vibe.



I’m just going to say again that this is daily driven and static and we don’t live in a very forgiving part of the country for smooth roads, so I tip my hat to Charlie for sticking with it straight off the bat.



To get the Merc sat how it is, BMW E36 front struts were installed, which are shorter than the original items although luckily still a direct fit. The original rear shocks have stayed, with the springs chopped allowing for the appropriate drop. I don’t know what people’s thoughts are on cutting springs these days, as I feel a lot of people do it but then won’t admit to it. With a huge increase in people running air or those who prefer to run coilovers, both options aren’t always affordable to everyone. Being a plumbing and heating engineer on minimum wage means keeping things on a budget…



I’ve run cut springs myself on a previous car for a couple of years and I haven’t killed myself or any puppies! I suppose it’s all dependant on how low you go. Charlie said that the Mercedes actually drives really smooth considering, a lot better than his previous Jetta which was on coilovers. Whilst driving to one of the locations for the shoot it involved multiple speed bumps which were tackled with ease, although I’m not sure the story would’ve been the same if he had any passengers!



Charlie has always gone down the static route and like those who go to the extreme, breaks into a smile when getting asked about whether the car is on air ride, even getting the odd appreciative comments from the older generation that we bumped into during the shoot.



Elsewhere, the car has been left as it was from the factory. Wood grain on the dash and centre console, cream (and questionably stained) seats, the bare minimum amount of switches, all straight from the 90’s with a different colour front arm rest that must’ve been fitted by a previous owner somewhere down the line.



Future plans for the Mercedes include overhauling the interior with a wooden Nardi steering wheel and grey or cream leather to bring it a bit more up-to-date, binning the slightly mismatched and tatty fabric interior it has now. Charlie is also debating about switching to an air setup, as right now he is unable to get up his driveway!



If air ride doesn’t go to plan, he’ll be tearing up his existing driveway to make it more low-friendly, now that’s dedication! After all that and it’s still a keeper, Charlie is also thinking about an engine swap with a 3 litre, straight-six M103 engine from the W124 for a bit more grunt.




Before I bought my BMW E30, I was tempted by a 190 myself, so I immediately had a soft spot for Charlie’s car when I first laid eyes on it. Being this low on a set of lovely wheels just makes it all the more appealing. Part of me hopes that Charlie will continue with the static life, but if it looks how it does now and is more suitable on air for his day to day travels and disaster driveway, then so be it. There’s no grudges from us here! Having owned the car for such a short period of time means there’s plenty of scope for progress and future mods, all of which I look forward to seeing.



The Japanese Sedan – Chris Phillips’ 2002 Lexus IS200

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Although I’ve grown somewhat accustomed to seeing Chris Phillips’ Lexus IS200, there’s still a part of me that remains in some sort of disbelief, or shock, every time I see it, for it’s one of the best sitting cars I know of. I’m sure you’ll be thinking that there’s no way he drives it this low in the UK… It must be aired out, right? Think again, it’s static. Not only that, but it’s been executed flawlessly on a jaw-dropping set of BBS split rims, a surprising choice for a Jap car, although they work incredibly well on this car. To top off the madness, Chris dailies this Japanese frame slayer day in, day out. That’s dedication. A valeter/detailer for Meridien Modena by trade, he keeps the Lexus immaculately clean, too. For a car that was originally purchased to keep stock and use as a workhorse, things seem to have got a little out of hand – once you fall in love with lowered cars, there’s no looking back. Some would say it becomes a part of you and you’ll forever carry the bug, even if you start off with a completely different sort of car.



Chris’ car history involves a couple of Corsa’s which went through the full works… limo tints, massive exhausts, neons, and lowered appropriately of course. But the Lexus came as a replacement for his Volkswagen Polo 6N, a highly modified and well known car which ended up on full air ride, CCW Classic wheels and a G40 engine-swap after several previous transformations. Being one of these people that has experienced life with both bagged and static cars, I’m sure Chris will agree that the love/hate argument over the two suspension platforms really does come down to personal preference.



Deep into Polo ownership, it was becoming evident that the project was draining Chris of money. Even though he still loved the car, it was a constant revolving battle, especially with the engine swap which led to numerous late nights and early mornings – frustration would probably best describe the situation. “It’s a car I will never forget I owned, but there comes a time where you have to cut your losses” explains Chris. With the idea of leaving car modifying behind him, he set out in search of a new motor. After hours browsing the classifieds, he was having trouble finding a car he would be happy living with.



As is often the case, it was a waiting game for something cool to pop up. Soon enough, the Onyx Black IS200 SE came up online advertised in Farnborough. “I was working in Basingstoke at the time so on my way home one night I took a detour to take a look at the car”. It seemed the ideal car for a daily motorway cruiser and general runaround, stylish yet comfortable at the same time. The deal was done and a week later Chris collected the car. It was in need of a little TLC… Having had some work at the bodyshop previously, the paint wasn’t looking great, mainly due to not being lacquered. With the bug for modifying cars still non-apparent, Chris planned to basically tidy up the car and make it presentable.



Still an avid car show attendee (mainly VW ones due to the Polo) Chris noticed that, slowly but surely, more non-VAG cars were making an appearance on the VW-dominated scene, yet he’d still not seen an IS200 in the UK circuit. “I spent many nights looking through forums and Facebook pages to see what had been done with them. Most of my results were coming back to modified IS300’s in America, proving they’re more common over there.” With this thought at the back of his mind, he still managed to go a good three or four months without being seriously urged to modify the Lexus. Of course, the bug did finally reappear… and rightly so.



It all started one evening when Chris discovered that somebody he knew had put a set of IS200 coilovers up for sale. “A couple of weeks later I had the money together and it was game on – it’s pretty much snowballed from there.” Presently, he has collected four different types of bumpers, two sets of side skirts, a couple of sets of wheels and different grills. “You could say that the itch had returned and it just had to be scratched.” he laughs. The coilovers in question are HSD Monopro’s with custom stiffer springs to allow for a better ride at the height Chris has chosen. Along with 30mm RCA spacers up front, the car was given to Coltech Classics in Poole for a few hours work which involved notching the suspension turrets to allow the upper control arms to pass through, allowing the car to go even lower. To help sort out the rear fitment, Chris installed Megan Racing adjustable rear camber and toe arms.



After running the car on several different sets of wheels, including Rays G07WT’s, WORK Meister S1’s and Enkei NT03+M’s, the car in its current state (and undeniably the best look yet) now sits on a gorgeous set of BBS RS 320/321 which have been stepped up from 17″ to 18″ with a kit supplied by VR Wheels in the US with genuine BBS assembly bolts, half height caps up front and full height ones on the rears for a staggered look. Tyre wise, Chris settled for 215/35/18 fronts and 225/40/18 rears. “As it’s my daily i didn’t want to run such a small tyre to run the risk of it becoming unseated” he explains.



The Lexus originally had a half leather/half alcantara cream interior, which Chris swapped with a complete black interior, followed by a change of carpets, seat belts, trim panels, etc. They all had to be changed for black items which really do help to make the car look more modern and sporty. He also fitted a black leather arm rest which was sourced from a higher spec IS200. Chris’ friend Brad Comer retrimmed the handbrake and gear gaitors in black perforated alcantara to match the seat centres. Finishing off the cabin, and to make it look just that little bit special, he installed a black leather Nardi steering wheel (although after shooting the car, it’s now been changed for a Renown 130R Dark wheel).



Chris has fitted some extra goodies to make the exterior stand out over a regular IS200, including custom smoked headlights and fog lights, a Vertex front bumper along with matching Vertex side skirts, plus a TRD lip on the standard rear bumper. The boot lid has also been debadged in favour of the clean look that Chris has going on. Driving this low does have its set backs, going fast being one of them, but he isn’t fussed about speed. Performance wise, Chris opted for a Japspeed cat back exhaust system, which Coltech Classics modified whilst it was in, to get it sitting higher and more central to the cut out in the rear lip. It’s all about these small details which help set the car off.



I had to ask Chris why he puts himself through driving this low, as it would scare most people. “I have my good days and my bad days just like everyone, some days I get in the car and go for a drive and I’ve just got a smile on my face. But then other days you’ve got to plan your route making sure there aren’t any speed bumps, road works etc”. With static life, it is also impossible to keep a car in mint condition, and being a detailer this can sometimes get on Chris’ nerves. Things like messy arches due to rubbing, and wear that has taken to the bumper and side skirts, but these are the compromises that come with running a car so low. It just adds to the character, anyway. “Even with that in mind I still wouldn’t have the car any other way. It’s cool to see joe public look at the car and give you a thumbs up or a nod.” he says.



Chris lives every car guy’s dream. Monday to Friday he is surrounded by cars at work, and not just any cars… Ferrari’s and Maserati’s. He’s fortunate enough to drive some models that other people would only dream of seeing, including the Ferrari Enzo, 599 GTO, 288 GTO and even LaFerrari, “150yards but I still count it”, he chuckles. On the weekends, Chris spends his time at car shows, working on the Lexus or detailing privately. He’s become quite well known for his handiwork around these parts, taking care of several cars that we’ve already featured on Slam Sanctuary.




“I’ve been able to meet some great people along the way who I now feel privileged to call friends and if I was ever to attend a show on my own I can always count on someone being there that I could catch up with.”




It’s awesome to see that there are still people out there that thrive to drive as low as they possibly can. Seeing something like that pull up behind you is mind boggling and you just can’t achieve that level of satisfaction with a bagged car. We enjoy both air ride and coilovers here at Slam Sanctuary, but deep down there has to be some sort of extra credit due to those like Chris who take things a step further, not to mention, completely different choice of car. Every now and then he has thoughts of selling up and buying something more sensible, yet again, looking at the car and how it sits now, it’s no surprise that he can’t bring himself to do say goodbye. Besides, those questions and remarks about speed bumps and curbing wheels from joe public will never get old, right?



FittedUK 2015

Location: Wetherby Racecourse
Date: 26 July 2015


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Time for a trip up North! If you attend a lot of the shows that we do, then you’ve probably heard of FittedUK by now – you’ll usually catch them trading or promoting their show which they do extremely well. What sets them off from the rest? Well, they actually deliver with something very exciting. With a mighty successful debut show last year, they rightly decided to expand for 2015, and there’s no doubt in my mind that it was the largest show in the North. Held at Wetherby racecourse just outside of Leeds, it was quite a trek for me but I’m so glad I did it, because the Fitted lot certainly know how to host a car show! Of course, the success of any UK car show majorly relies on our pathetic weather – It all went smoothly for a good few hours until mid afternoon, when the heavens opened and we were left with torrential rain for the rest of the day – luckily it didn’t put people off and most stuck around for the prizes. One advantage of being at a racecourse – undercover seating! I’ll leave you with my photographic highlights, this is quite a long one (the show was huge) so I recommend continuing on a desktop computer or make sure your mobile device is on WIFI.


Only Charged Dubs’ up on the stage talking about their Mercedes-Benz W201 demo car


Porsche 964 on BBS LM’s


Owen Burnell’s Mk4 R32 on Air Lift suspension & Vossen CVT’s


Chris Canham’s R32-swapped Mk2 Golf on face-mounted BBS RS’s



Joe Riley’s 1972 Beetle & Aneysha Wakelin’s 1964 example


Oli Starkie’s Mk5 Golf on Air Lift suspension and Image wheels



Matt Woodgate’s bagged Audi B7 A4


Paul Hicklin’s bagged Mk6 Golf GTI on Brada BR1’s


Lea Aucott’s BMW E36 Touring on BBS RF’s



Shaun Lewis’ bagged T5 on Rotiform IND-T’s



Julian Loose’s widebody B5 Audi RS4 on RAD48 LR 2.0 wheels


Chloe Crew’s Mk2 Golf on Air Lift suspension & Schmidt TH Line’s



Wayne Simpson’s Audi R8 V10 on HP Drivetech & AccuAir suspension


Benjamin Searle’s Mk1 Golf on bullet steels


Beth Tomlinson’s Lupo on hydraulic suspension & Stance Encore’s


Bruce Gowans’ bagged BMW M135i with BTCC wide arch conversion & Brada BR1 wheels


Josh Hall’s bagged Mk6 Golf on Autostrada Modena’s


SS Autowerks’ stand featuring their Audi TT caged project car & static E36



Alex Wright’s static BMW E36 328i with overfenders & widened ACS splits


Only Charged Dubs’ Mercedes-Benz W201 190E on custom air ride & custom Mercedes Barrock splits



Wheel Unique / Dan Taylor’s BMW E46 M3 on Air Lift suspension & WORK Meister S1’s


Ben Pollard’s static Mk1 Audi TT on stepped-up BBS RF’s


Rich Tapp’s static Nissan Skyline R32 on OZ Futura’s


Dave Mcdiarmid’s bagged BMW E46 coupe on stepped-up BBS RF’s


Evolve Automotive’s BMW F10 M5 on BC Forged NL30’s finished in Crystal Burgundy



Justin Appleford’s bagged Audi RS5 on 21″ BC Forged HB-R5’s


Ryan Dealing’s static Mk2 Jetta on custom Snowflake splits


RIIVA Design’s Audi C7 A6 on Air Lift suspension & 21″ Rotiform CCV’s


Olly Barwell’s bagged Caddy on Rotiform TMB’s


Nick Ackroyd’s bagged Mk3 Scirocco on Rotiform CSW’s


Radioworld’s BMW E38 740i on D2 Air suspension & D2 Forged TS05 wheels


Inspired Automotive’s bagged Mk5 Golf GTI on stepped-up BBS RS’s



James Barton’s Mk1 Golf Swallowtail on Ronal Racing splits


Jake Mallinson’s static Audi A3 on 18″ VSP Type 2’s


Two 1963 Beetle’s owned by Niall Wright & Matt Rudd




Jake Kitching’s Mk2 Golf with Westy front end & OZ Turbo’s



Gurpreet Nizzar’s Mk5 Golf R32 on Air Lift suspension by Only Charged Dubs & BBS RS’s




Bradley Hillsdon’s bagged Audi A4 Allroad on AccuAir & 19″ Rotiform NUE’s





Terry Settle’s bagged 1957 Lowlight Karmann Ghia on BRM’s


Andy Purcell’s bagged Mk3 Scirocco on Brada BR10’s


Guy Davis’ bagged Ford Fiesta on BBS RS’s


Max Lumb’s static Porsche 944 S2 on OZ Fittipaldi’s




Joe Addison’s BMW E92 coupe on Air Lift suspension & 18″ Style32 custom built 3pc splits



Josh Harbour’s Honda Integra Type R DC5 on 17″ Enkei RPF1’s


Tom Caffry’s bagged Mini Cooper S on 17″ WORK Seeker’s


Ben Walker’s static BMW E28 520i on OZ Breyton’s



Matt Creed’s bagged BMW E30 on 16″ WORK Meister CR01’s


Rory Hamilton’s bagged Mercedes-Benz W115 240D on BBS Mahle’s


Myles Collins’ Mk5 Golf R32 on OZ Ultraleggera HLT Centrelock wheels


Jacob Moore’s Mk1 Golf on BBS RM’s


Ryan Perkins’ 1972 Beetle on Air Lift suspension


Corbyn Dickason’s Manila Green Mk1 Golf


Stefan Edge’s static Mk3 Golf wagon on ACT’s


Amando Frijns’ 1962 Deluxe Beetle




Wayne Simpson’s Audi R8 V10 on HP Drivetech & AccuAir suspension


I Love Bass / Adam McPeake’s bagged BMW E91 Touring on Rotiform SJC’s


Abi Clarke’s Polo Coupe on Zender Phase 2 Turbos / fans


Terry Settle’s bagged 1957 Lowlight Karmann Ghia on BRM’s


There you have it, a stunning selection of VAG cars, from air-cooled bugs to brand new R8’s, in addition to a welcoming contribution of other German, Jap and more non-VAG which is great to see at a mainly Volkswagen orientated event. To top things off, there were a huge amount of trade stands taking over the centre course, along with plenty of entertainment from RC drifting to freestyle motorcross displays. Oh, I have to mention the food & drink stands too – I had the best burrito I’ve ever eaten and that’s saying something! FittedUK have basically smashed the show scene and delivered everything you could want… it’s well worth the entrance fee. Make sure you check it out next year, the date is set for Sunday 31st July 2016 – let’s hope the sunshine stays out for longer.


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