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HOMEGROWN – June 2015

Location: Beaconsfield Services, M40

Date: 26 June 2015


Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Living on the South coast has its advantages if you’re interested in the seaside and all that, but for car events it’s another story… I rarely have the opportunity to frequent decent car meets without having to travel long distances, which means a super late drive home. However, recently a lot of people have been urging me to make the trip to Homegrown, a german-only meet held every last Friday of the month at Beaconsfield Services on the M40. Coincidently, Beaconsfield is actually my home town, but I now live 1hr45mins away – damn! Anyway, my friend Nick was planning to make the drive up so luckily I managed to jump in with him. We arrived in Beaconsfield at about 8pm to discover one side of the services completely taken over by German cars, including lots of recognisable faces. An evening with friends, food, and some of the South’s best cars, a good Friday night was on the cards. Here’s some of my highlights…



Dev Sappal’s BMW E39 530i on Air Lift bags and 19″ RH’s


Bhups Gill’s BMW E30 with M52 lump and Style5 alloys


VW Mk2 Golf Type 19 on BBS RS


Raj Channa’s bagged Mercedes W124 E220 Coupe on OZ Aero AMG’s


Immi Hussain’s BMW E46 on hydraulic suspension and OZ Futura’s


James Froome’s Rocket Bunny kitted BMW E36 on Air Lift suspension and Rotiform MHG’s


Josh Mussell’s static Nissan 350Z on WORK Meister’s



George Assi’s BMW E24 635CSI Motorsport Edition on Air Lift suspension and BBS RS’s



Mathew Pratt’s Audi B5 S4 Avant “Miss Piggy” on Air Lift suspension and Rotiform DUS’s


Jas Bains’ static BMW E38 on OZ Futura’s



Kos Loizou’s BMW E24 635CSI on ACT splits


Faz Ahmed’s BMW E30 convertible on Air Lift suspension and 16″ BBS RS’s


Haps Gill’s bagged Mk5 Golf R32 on CCW LM5T’s


Prakash Thanky’s bagged M52-swapped BMW E21 on Carline CM2 splits


Abbs’ Mercedes SL320 on MAE split rims, 10.5j fronts/12j rears


Richard Ansari’s BMW E46 M3 on OZ Mito Type 1’s


BMW E46 M3 on Air Lift suspension



Jamie Hitchcock’s static BMW Z4 on WORK Meister’s

(Click here to see our recent feature on Jamie’s Z4)



Sach Dhol’s BMW E46 ‘vert on M Parallel’s


Randell Mario Forte’s VW Golf Cabriolet on hydraulics and Cromodora CW10’s



Billy Hilton’s bagged Audi B6 S4 Avant on 19″ Rotiform NUE DDT’s



Steve Fraser’s VW Mk6 Golf GTI on Air Lift suspension



Well, I’m glad I finally had the chance to head up to Homegrown… I thought it was pretty busy, even though I was told that it was actually quieter than usual, so it looks like I’ll definitely have to try and get back up there next month and catch up with everyone. It’s no doubt the biggest German meet down south for quality cars, so if you’ve never been and live relatively near, make sure you check it out, every last Friday of the month.


More info on HOMEGROWN:


HOMEGROWN on Facebook


Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – June 2015

Location: Queen Square, Bristol

Date: 14 June 2015


Words & Photos by Steph Clarke


Another month and another early start which can only mean another outing to Queen Square, hosted by the Avenue Drivers Club. Setting off from a bit further afield this time, so a little earlier than usual, and in convoy with Lee Johns in his Honda CRX, we made our way into Bristol for another Sunday morning of cars.



Lee’s CRX has been off the road getting an overhaul including a full re-spray in its original Frost White and this weekend was its first big venture to both Players Classic (click here to check out our coverage!) and Queen Square.



Ferrari Testarossa, these wheels haven’t aged a bit, splits and polished dish. Who’d have thought that would ever become popular..



It’s not just about exteriors, sometimes it’s worth having a quick look inside and you never know what quirky interior is hiding.



911’s will always be my favourite at any show/meet, no exception here with this ’89 911 Turbo and subtle addition of clear indicator lenses.



Some people regard the 928 as the ‘uglier’ Porsche but this one, the S2, produces over 300BHP from it’s V8 engine. That’s not bad straight out of the factory in the mid 80’s!



Tom Harris and Laura Hunt from The Motorworks in Gloucester bought their MK2 Golf with its freshly built 2.0L 16v engine on Yamaha R1 carbs, custom inlet, Omex management and a one off radiator from the guys at Forge Motorsport.




These crazy wheels immediately drew me towards this Ford Model A.



I’m still yet to see anything that looks out of place in the square, this Ford Consul fits right in.



Who needs a bonnet? This hot rod Ford Model T with a 5.3 V12 Jaguar engine sure does not!




Don’t think I’ve seen a Jaguar XK R-S in person before, it’s big but looks purposeful.



We last saw this BMW E10 equipped with a M60 V8 back in April’s coverage although you might not recognise it as it’s gone from primer grey with flames down one side to this rather fetching orange. It certainly catches your eye now!




One that hasn’t changed since we last saw it in last month’s coverage is Justin Appleford’s bagged Audi RS5, still looking great as ever.



Okay, so maybe the XK R-S wasn’t that big after all.. This Ford F350 Super Duty made everything else look like a toy!



Looking straight out of the 80’s was this Ford Escort RS 1600.



One of my favourite Lotus’, the Esprit. Love the side profile on this thing.



More orange on show on this Reliant Scimitar GTE.



Jamie Ray’s Mercedes W124 on hydraulics made its debut outing after being off the road for five years.



Pretty cool way to advertise a business on the side of this 1952 Chevrolet Pick-up. The brown against the white wall tyres looked awesome.



A Noble M12 GTO looking raring to go.



I have a slight emotional attachment to this car as this very Honda CRX, now owned by Adam Galt, used to be mine and was probably my favourite car I’ve owned to date! It looks quite a bit different now but it was good to see it again since I sold it well over a year ago.



As we’ve learned from our previous visits to Queen Square, it always brings out the rare and cool BMW’s. This month was this gorgeous Alpina E12 B7S Turbo. It was a little rough around the edges but car of the morning for me.




This gunmetal grey Nissan Skyline R32 was literally perched on the curb on a popular wheel of choice, Rota Grids.



By no means is the Mk2 Golf GTI a particularly rare and expensive classic but there’s still something about a clean and unmolested one that does it for me.



Sometimes you need that wind in your hair to wake you up on a Sunday morning!



We had a nice chat with the owner of this E30 M3 and he kindly let me know where I could get my original rear window dealer sticker for my E30 re-made which was very helpful. He’s such a perfectionist but so worth it. This was immaculate and he drives it too as he’s a bit nervous about it getting damaged being loaded on to a trailer and to be honest, I think I would be as well!




Finally, a tidy little BMW E28 making it’s way towards the exit of the way one system around the square.



I don’t mean to repeat myself every month but I’m still amazed at the variation the Queen Square meet brings each month. I learn something new every time! This month’s was probably the quietest I’ve been to so far, but there was still a great deal to look at and with it being the weekend of Le Mans I suspect a majority of regulars headed off early to go and catch the finish, it was definitely on in my house when I got home! Let’s wait and see what next month’s will bring.. In the meantime you can still go and check out April and May’s coverage for some more of the Queen Square’s diverse following.



Players Classic 2015

Location: Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester

Date: 13 June 2015


Words & Photos by Henry Phull



It’s that time of year again, Summer has finally arrived along with Players Classic – the immense car show that us petrol heads swarm upon to embrace the season. With people travelling from all over the World, Goodwood once again opened its doors to the Players crew, who are famous for hosting the UK’s biggest and most successful modified car shows. From classics to cars fresh out of the factory, from custom bikes to track cars, Players Classic has it all – there’s no doubt that it’s the best place to check out vehicle customisation on all levels and be able to appreciate our nation’s prime offerings. Boasting a huge Show and Shine area (which was expanded for this year), Air Lift Performance display, Trade village and BTCC track testing with Nicolas Hamilton throughout the day, there was something for everyone. Plus to keep with the traditional Goodwood motorsport theme, track time was available to those that pre-booked – so there were plenty of impressive track cars hooning around the historic circuit. So sit back, brace yourself for Slam Sanctuary’s longest write up yet, and enjoy my show highlights…


RIIVA Design’s demo cars taking on prime position on the Air Lift stand


Tom Gilbert’s BMW E36 with full Rocket Bunny wide arch kit, Air Lift suspension and Rotiform ROC wheels


Henry Gilbert’s Audi A6 C7 running Air Lift suspension and huge 21″ Rotiform CCV’s


Becky Evan’s bagged BMW E21 on a new set of Rotiform BM1’s


Robert Cumberbatch’s Hillman Imp on Air Lift and Ronal Racing 3pc splits + James Williams’ static Imp on Compomotive’s



Dean Meeson’s Lotus Esprit boasting a 24v Alfa Romeo V6 engine, air ride and Compomotive CXN wheels


Bruce Gowans’ BMW M135i with a full BTCC body kit, wrapped with a BMW Art Car inspired design by JD Wraps, plus a stunning air and audio install by Studio Incar. The car is finished off with a set of black Brada BR1’s



Lawrence Warner-Green’s BMW E60 bagged on Air Lift suspension by Studio Incar, sitting on a set of 20″ 3SDM 0.08’s


Also on the Studio Incar stand, Am Singh’s slammed E70 X5M on Brada BR1’s


Static BMW E28 on the SlammedUK stand rocking a set of Rondell 0067 split rims


Guy Higgs’ stripped BMW E30 track car, with an S50B32 engine swap and OZ Racing wheels


A JAGS Bodyshop Mercedes 190E Cosworth


Jack Ellis’ static Volkswagen B2 Passat on Votex wheels


Nathaniel Shannon Warth’s bagged BMW E28 featuring a BBS body kit and stepped-up BBS RS’s



Alex Wright’s static BMW E36 328i with SS Autowerks supplied over-fenders, engine raise kit and widened AC Schnitzer splits


Mark Allen’s Mk4 Golf estate with rear US bootlid


Ryan Powell’s Mk3 Golf VR6 bagged on gold-centred BBS LM’s


Kevve Raekelboom’s Belgian BMW E30 on AccuAir suspension and VIP Modular VXS210 wheels



Car Audio & Security’s Audi RS4 on Air Lift suspension and Rotiform INDT’s owned by Parm Panesar


Ryan Botton’s Phoenix yellow BMW Z3M Coupe on OZ Futura’s


Jaik-Meriden Golloghly’s Mini Cooper S on air ride and custom built Saab 900 Turbo splits



Tom Inskip’s 1970 Mk1 Ford Escort on Air Lift bags, AccuAir management and sitting on Schmidt TH-Line’s


Benny Rees’ RA28 Toyota Celica GT2000 on Racing Service Watanabe A-type’s


Jamie Hithcock’s static BMW Z4 on WORK Meister’s
(Click here to check out out our recent feature on Jamie’s Z4)


Tom Lilico’s bagged BMW Z3 rocking face mounted Lamborghini Diablo splits with 10j fronts and huge 11.5J (4.5″ lips) rears



Ricky Sadasivan’s static Technoviolet BMW E36 ‘vert on Gotti’s



Bruce Holder’s 1948 Series 1 Land Rover V8, dropped on a Rover P4 chassis


Ben Chandler’s Mk1 Jetta Coupe on Air Lift suspension and T5 steels


Nicholas Pritchard’s Ford RS Cosworth on Compomotive TH Motorsport wheels


Craig Levens’ bagged Mk5 Golf on 19″ RSV Forged 3pc splits, complimenting a Forge big brake kit


Steven Doe’s Alpine white BMW E21 on Air Lift suspension and CCW D110 wheels
(Click here to check out our recent feature on Steven’s E21)


Kay Singh’s BMW E30 M3 rocking a classic set of gold-centered BBS RS’s



Adam Hamill’s blue VW UP! on hydraulic suspension and BBS E55 centrelock wheels



Charlie Sixbe’s Gulf-inspired Mk5 Golf on 18″ Rotiform VCE’s


Patric James’ VW Corrado running Air Lift suspension and Schmidt TH-Line’s



A BMW E38 Alpina B12 / 740i V8 dropped on coilovers


Darren’s bagged Mk4 Golf on Carline split rims


Ben Walker’s BMW E28 on OZ Breyton’s, dropped with Broadway Static coilovers and running an SS Autowerks’ engine raise kit



Rich Tapp’s static Nissan Skyline R32 on OZ Futura’s


Tom Heap’s Mercedes 300CE with Zender bodykit, BMW E36 Vader seats, custom air suspension and  OZ Futura’s



Prakash Thanky’s M50B25-swapped BMW E21 with Air Lift custom suspension and Carline CM2 split rims


A static Honda EK Civic on 15×9 WORK Meister wheels


Steve Fraser’s Mk6 Golf GTI on Air Lift suspension and ceramic polished Rotiform CCV’s


Kristof Mombaerts’ static Porsche 964 on Rotiform LVS’s


Andy Willems’ bagged 1973 Mercedes S280 W108 and 18″ Intro Wheels


Matt Edge’s 1968 Porsche 911T sitting on 16″ BBS RS001’s


Ron Huijzer’s Porsche 964 on stepped-up BBS RS’s



Immi Hussain’s BMW E46 saloon on hydraulic suspension and OZ Futura’s


Kevin Fitzgerald’s E30 325i Touring on Air Lift suspension and Klutch SL1 wheels
(Click here to check out our feature on Kevin’s E30)


Ross Ward’s bagged BMW E36 M3 on custom face-mounted ACS’s


Lucy Barlow’s BMW E21 on air ride and 14″ Compomotive TF 3pc splits


Will Smith’s Polo 6N bagged on Air Lift suspension and 15″ Rotiform ROC’s



Richard Payne’s ‘Milestone 71’ Porsche 964 on KW Suspension and Rotiform STR’s



Oli Bourne’s static BMW E30 coupe on 16″ Gotti splits


FYD Apparel’s 1966 Cadillac Coupe Deville


Laurence Turner’s static BMW E10 1602


Paige Walton’s ‘S6 Wraps’ static BMW E91 320d Touring on 18″ Rota Grid’s


Jack Buckley’s static Mk2 Golf on Schmidt TH-Line’s


Luke Polyblank’s Mk2 Golf on slammed on air ride and BBS E30’s



Beth Halsey’s VW Lupo on Air Lift suspension, widened arches, and wheels ceramic polished by Felgen Werkes


Nicolas Wlostowski’s 1973 Karmann Ghia on custom split steelies/smoothies


James Aveil’s bagged Mercedes-Benz W114 on SSR Visconti split rims


Edward Johnston’s static BMW E36 Touring with an S50B30 engine swap



Alex Perkin’s static BMW F82 435i on ST coilovers and Rotiform CCV’s



Max Fleckney’s KP Toyota Starlet on Advan A3A wheels


Tej’s BMW E30 M3 finished in Santorini Blue and sitting on ACS splits


James Brown’s Mercedes 190E 2.6 on Air Lift suspension and custom 17″ Rotiform 8-hole’s


Dale Buckley’s Audi TT on Air Lift suspension


Ian Clement’s bagged BMW 1M on Air Lift suspension and Rotiform OZT’s


Nick Singh Sahota’s BMW E30 M3 with S54-swap, Bugatti centrelock wheels and Air Lift suspension & audio install by Studio Incar



Ben Anson’s bagged BMW E21 on Schmidt TH-Line’s


Rob Goodwin’s Audi RS4 Avant on Air Lift and Rotiform SPF’s



Jake Hilling’s bagged 1965 Beetle on widened smoothies



Austin Greatorex’s Mk5 Golf bagged on Air Lift suspension by RIIVA Design and sitting on Rotiform SCN’s finished in Rose gold



James Fisher’s VW Bora widened, bagged and tucking 20″ Bentley wheels


Sam’s bagged Mk6 Golf R on BBS E28’s


Michael Ralph’s Mk4 R32 and James Harper’s Audi S3


Our static BMW E24 635CSi on 17″ OZ Futura’s and SS Autowerks’ engine raise kit


I hope you have enjoyed my highlights from what was yet another incredible Players Classic. Just like last year, the weather started off rough but finally turned good in the end. There’s something about Goodwood’s heritage and stunning surroundings that makes this show so engaging. Furthermore, the organisers were somewhat more relaxed this time around, allowing people to park freely, which actually worked out surprisingly well. Instead of having cars lined up in rows (which can be boring, and cars get missed), they were scattered about throughout the paddocks, making the show evermore appealing with the extra space an added bonus. As far as UK shows go, this is a hard one to top. See you at the next one.

Simplicity Redefined – Steven Doe’s 1983 BMW E21 316

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


There is no doubt about it, the 3 series has always been BMW’s best selling production car, with the popularity and high volume of sales continuing to this very day. But how did it all start? It was way back when the shareholders in Munich decided it was time to replace the ever-successful 2002. Borrowing features from the then-current E12 5 series, the E21 was born resembling the famous shark nose and dominant kidney grills. As you may have gathered, all of these retro BMW’s have recently become hugely popular within the car community that we tend to focus on, with the E21 holding prime position on most people’s wish lists. It shares the beauty of the bigger 5, 6 and 7 series, yet is more sporty and nimble – always more appealing to the younger generation. With a handful of stunning ‘stanced’ examples in the UK alone, one that stuck out to me in particular was Steven Doe’s 1983 Alpine White 316. I first noticed the car through social media, as you do, when it was bog standard. The fact that the car was white, was what attracted me to it in the first place – owning a white E24 6 series myself. I followed the progress of Steven’s car throughout its transformation, to the beautifully executed show car that it is today.



Having owned the odd Jap car and a couple of Mk4 Golfs, including an R32, Steven had always fancied himself an E21 but he never seemed to come across the right one. He ended up searching for over a year and almost gave up. Good examples of these cars really are like hen’s teeth if you’re not looking to pay silly money.



Out of nowhere, an advert popped up on a classic car website for a white 316. The ad was plainly written and contained no photos whatsoever – the sort of car ad that Steven would normally stay away from, but white was the colour he wanted – so he phoned up the seller who agreed to send over the required photos. The car looked clean… really clean. The next day, he made the trip to view the car, and a deposit was paid. Steven had finally found his E21.



Being a one owner car and still wearing the original paint, not much had to be done to return the shell to its former glory. Typically with cars of this era there were still minor common rust issues though, with the windscreen having to be removed in order to replace the scuttle panel with an OEM repair panel. Other than that, the car has simply had a full detail by Steven’s friend Chris Phillips to bring it back to life and make the paint pop once again.



The 316 is powered by a 1.8 M10 lump, with an upgraded Webber carb. In addition to a full service and replacing the radiator and water pump, Steven wanted to make the baby engine a bit more aggressive, so decided to dispose of the aged exhaust in favour of a full long life stainless system with a centre box delete which completely transformed the car.



The overall plan with the E21 was to make sure it was as low as possible. This meant that Steven had to make the jump to air ride to ensure the 316 was going to lay frame, and of course keep from destroying the underside of the car. With no bolt-on air setup available for the car, Air Lift universal struts were purchased – which luckily included fully adjustable dampening. Laying frame is one thing, but drivability was still high on Steven’s wishlist, so he enlisted the help of Luke Robinson to install and fabricate the air build to the highest possible standard.



After securing a good deal on AccuAir SwitchSpeed management, Steven installed this himself in addition to a VIAIR 444c compressor, Zaetech digital gauge and air tank, before driving the car up to Basingstoke for Luke to work his magic. This wasn’t just a regular bolt-on job… Sleeve style airbags were used for the rear setup, seeing as the rear turrets on E21’s have limited space. The damper bodies were shortened by Luke to achieve the maximum available drop, which were then set up and TIG welded. Custom rear top mounts were fabricated on a CNC plasma cutter to sit perfectly on the dampers and fit directly to the E21’s chassis.



Moving on to the front suspension (which uses a MacPherson setup), Luke had to cut down the original dampers in order to gain a satisfactory drop. More work included fabricating custom adaptor bushes on the lathe, and the Air Lift universal sleeves were then welded to these with the utmost precision. Although all this work did get the car low, it wasn’t low enough for their liking. Steven ended up purchasing a brand new front subframe from BMW which Luke custom notched and installed on the car. It was finally laying frame.



To compliment the drop, a decision had to be made on wheels, probably the most difficult task for all car owners. Steven originally had his mind set on Hartge 3pc splits, but sourcing a set of 16″ examples was near on impossible. He then came across CCW’s D110. This wheel shared the same characteristics of the classic Hartge spokes, but the CCW’s were available to order brand new with custom specs to suit the car. With help from his good friend Jonathan Dehate who worked for CCW at the time, they spec’d up the wheels and opted for 16×8.5’s up front and 16×9’s at the rear, which were then were mated to 205/40 tyres all round. The outcome is visually stunning, and so different to any shark nose BMW that I’ve come across which makes Steven’s so unique.



To complete his vision, Steven sourced a pair of Ford Fiesta RS Turbo front Recaro’s which were mounted to custom frames. These were then given to Joe at Trim Deluxe to be retrimmed with tweed centres, along with a tweed parcel shelf and floor mats, plus boot panels to match. The dated BMW steering wheel was binned and replaced with a classic Nardi wheel (with Momo boss), with a Nardi gear knob to set it off.



The boot build compliments the E21’s overall simplistic nature beautifully, with the retrimmed floor panels used to hide away the VIAIR compressor and excess cabling. All that remains visible is the 3 gallon seamless tank finished in white to match the car, with an appealing 200psi liquid needle gauge and gorgeous custom hardlines.



So what’s next for the E21? Steven wants to strip down and rebuild the engine, keeping it original, and tidying the bay making it presentable. He’s also considering another set of wheels, but has no plans on ever parting with the CCW’s – he’s grown quite attached to them, not surprising considering they were custom built for his very car.




I’ve seen and experienced my fair share of bagged cars, so it’s always an absolute breath of fresh air when I come across builds such as Steven’s. I think it’s such a shame that there are so many poorly set up air builds out there that have been thrown together and built to get them out the door as quickly possible, it’s the sad truth with too many ‘show cars’ these days. Do it once, and a do it right. After the first few minutes of riding shotgun in the E21, it was hard to believe it is actually on air – it drives and handles so well – Luke did an amazing job with this build and also smashed my major gripe I tend to have with a lot of bagged cars… when they’re not low enough. In my opinion there is no point of being on air if you’re not going to make it as low as possible. Evidently Steven agreed, and took his project that extra mile to get it laying frame. My hat’s off to you, sir.



Eurosunday 2015

Location: Lommel, Belgium

Date: 7 June 2015


Words & Photos by Henry Phull



Eurosunday is one of those European shows I’ve been wanting to go to ever since I started Slam Sanctuary. It’s the show that everyone always raves to me about. I thought I’d be missing it yet again this year – mainly due to low funds having recently spent too much on my project car. Sounds familiar, right? However, flashback to 8pm on the Saturday night before the show, and I received a message from my friend Mark saying “Eurosunday….?”. After a few minutes of laughing at each other, we checked the Euro Tunnel prices, £60 return. Doable! Belgium and back in one day… it seemed like madness, considering we are all the way in Bournemouth – 170 miles from Folkestone. But thinking about it, what else were we going to do on a Sunday? Alarms set for 3.30am, we set off at 4am and thrashed the Mk4 to the Euro Tunnel, with a McDonald’s breakfast and coffee stop tied in of course. To our dismay and after our stupidly early start, we arrived at the Euro Tunnel terminal only to be told there were delays of up to two hours… we weren’t impressed!



Once we finally boarded the train, a brief 40 minutes later we were in Calais, and set off straight away to the show venue. As we were now running late, we gunned it through the short stretch of France and over the border, making our way past Antwerp and then through the delightful countryside into Lommel. We only stopped once for a toilet break by the side of the road! The venue itself was situated in the nearby industrial estate, completely abandoned from the public, making it an ideal venue to host a car show.


We arrived just after Midday, and I was shocked at the sheer amount of cars in the show, it was definitely bigger than anything I’m used to in the UK. Plus to make things even better, it was super hot. After a quick glance at the cars whilst queuing to get in, we both knew we’d made the right decision to do this crazy last minute trip. Anyway, sit back, and let me take you through my show highlights…


Roberto Polo’s Vento front-ended Mk3 Golf on Air Lift bags and colour coded OZ Futura’s


Misha Strik’s Mk2 Golf on Eta Beta Turbo’s

I learnt that Misha, a good friend of the show organisers, unfortunately passed away recently… His friends and family are still taking his Mk2 to shows and keeping the dream alive, awesome!



Jan-pieter Luca’s Volkswagen K70 bagged on a custom KEAN Suspensions setup






Nato Stark Luis’ Mk4 R32 Golf


Matthias Niestroj’s Mk1 Golf


Danny Swartz’s bagged Beetle on the stand


Matt Clifford’s bagged BMW 840ci on 19″ Rotiform LHR’s on the Watercooled Society stand


Will Smith’s bagged VW Polo 6n2 on Rotiform TMB’s


Bryan De Bondt’s Audi A3 on OZ Futura’s


Matt Payne’s Mk2 Skoda Fabia running Air Lift suspension and 17″ SSR 3pc wheels on the Only Charged Dubs stand


KEAN Suspensions’ bagged Audi A6 Allroad on 22″ Vossen CVT’s


Ost Wesley’s Audi S3 sedan dumped on AccuAir suspension and Rotiform DAB’s


Anton Harnie’s BMW E82 123d, with custom KEAN Suspensions air ride and VIP Modular VRS15 Concave wheels



Keviin Do’s Mk6 Golf on OZ Futura’s from Luxembourg


James Harper’s Audi S3 on air and 19″ OZ Racing centrelocks


Jeffrey Paulusse’s Mk4 R32 Golf on Air Lift suspension and BBS E88 split rims



Davy Binst’s VW Beetle


John Vinx’s VW Passat on ACT split rims


Bart Liekens’ Mk2 Golf on BBS RF’s


Patrick Kreuz’s bagged Mercedes-Benz 190E W201


Julian Loose’s widebody B5 Audi RS4 on RAD48 LR 2.0 wheels and R8 ceramic front brakes



Georgie Marlow’s Mk1 Golf on ceramic polished BBS RM’s


Indy Virk’s static VW Passat “Stilltaxi” on Audi S8 wheels


Steve Fraser and Kats Giles’ Mk6 and Mk5 Golfs running Felgen Werkes’ ceramic polished Rotiforms


Kats Giles’ wide-arch Mk5 Golf on Air Lift suspension


Pro-Art’s BMW E90 with M3 body kit conversion and KEAN Suspensions air install


Andreas Langen’s bagged Audi Avant


Kiran Mistry’s Mk1 Golf on Air Lift suspension and BBS E50’s


Jamie McToldridge’s static G60-powered Mk1 Golf


Coenen Joery’s Mini GP running Robert Racing Airride (on AP coilovers) and Rotiform VCE’s


Wulteput Dietrich’s TA22 Toyota Celica GT on air ride



Kristof Mombaerts’ Porsche 964 sitting on gold-centred Rotiform LVS’s


Mark Allen’s Mk4 Golf estate “Wilma” with custom air ride, Bora front-end conversion and Eta Beta split rims


Faz Ahmed’s Calypso BMW E30 ‘vert on Air Lift bags and 16″ 7.5j & 8.5j BBS RS’s


Prakash Thanky’s BMW E21 with M50B25 engine conversion, Air Lift custom suspension and Carline CM2 splits with 3″ and 4″ dishes




Wim Ronal’s Mk2 Golf 4-door on OZ Turbo split rims


Mark Van de Watering’s bagged Audi Avant on polished Rotiform BWE’s


Dennis Werweissdasschon’s Mk3 Golf on 3-spokes



Maarten’s Porsche 964 sitting on BBS E88’s and KW V3 HLS suspension


 RM Concept‘s custom bagged Audi 100 on BBS RS’s



Patrick Prüß’s Volkswagen Beetle


Mk1 Golf on BMW BBS Style19’s


Volkswagen Brasilia




Stefaan’s BMW E30 M3 on BBS RS


Kevin Pourtois’s 1976 BMW E3 2.8L on custom air ride and BBS Style5’s



Steven Vleugels’ bagged VW Scirocco on 20″ Jaguar BBS Sepang wheels




Steve Vanoppen’s 1957 Oval on air ride and 17″ Fuchs


Bram Depraitere’s bagged Mk6 GTD wagon sitting on Eta Beta Porsche wheels


Laetitia Empain’s bagged Audi TT on RH splits


Dimii Jacobs’ Luxor beige BMW E30 on a custom Robert Racing Airride setup, custom sport interior and BBS RS wheels



Andy Hatton’s bagged Mk4 Golf estate


Sebastien Quintin’s Mk7 Golf on Air Lift suspension and 20″ Vossen CVT’s


Andy Willems’ 1973 Mercedes-Benz S280 W108 on custom air ride and 18″ Intro Wheels



Jack Frost’s Mk2 Jetta with colour-coded RH split rims


Glenn Op de Beeck’s Porsche 964 on KW Suspension and Eta Beta splits



Raf Jans’ BMW E46 coupe on ACS Type 1’s



Frederik Ceulemans’ Mk1 Scirocco with 16VT, BBS RS, air ride and custom retrimmed Porsche interior


Crabbe Jasper’s static Mk4 Golf on Eta Beta splits




Robert Schor’s Mk2 Golf with 16v G60 motor, US front and bumpers, sitting on BBS Le Mans wheels




Costa Xouras’ 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 on 16″ BBS RS’s, stepped up to 17″



Kevve Raekelboom’s old BMW E21 on custom AccuAir suspension by KEAN and BBS Super RS



Nick Oude Nijhuis’ static and caged Mk3 Golf on PLS 3pc splits



Faah Bio’s static B7 Audi A4 on Vossen CV7’s


Nick Sas’ BMW E24 with ACS wheels and bodykit


That sums up my Eurosunday highlights, hopefully you enjoyed my selection! We stuck around for a short while after the show but then remembered that we had another train to catch, so we hit the road again. Just before we got to Antwerp we bumped into Jamie, Kiran and the rest of the Players crew in their two Mk1’s. As they were also heading for the Euro Tunnel, we decided to join their convoy. Let me tell you, following these two beauties at neck breaking speeds through Belgium and France was quite a sight! Naturally I had to grab a few rolling shots…





I’m so pleased that I finally managed to get over to Belgium for the day. Not only was it my first Eurosunday, but my first ever European car show. You know those mates that constantly go on about how much better Euro shows are? We’ve all got them… Well I’m sorry to say, but I think it’s probably true! This has just made me want to do a lot more Euro shows as soon as possible! Don’t get me wrong, I love the UK shows, but it was certainly nice to mix things up a bit and see some cars I’m not used to seeing. On that note, I’d recommend it to anyone. Hopefully Slam Sanctuary will be back next year!


More info on Eurosunday:



VW Expo at Stonor Park 2015

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Last weekend I returned to Stonor Park, just outside of Henley-on-Thames, for this year’s VW Expo hosted by The Association of British VW Clubs (ABVWC). Stonor is one of those shows where you can fully expect a chilled out day. The weather, however, was all over the place. Luckily the ground wasn’t too soft (getting stuck in mud at a car show can be a worry to some!) so the turn out was still generally quite good – but I imagine the temperamental showers throughout the day did still put a few people off. If you’re looking to see some of the cleanest Volkswagen and Audi show cars, Stonor Park is definitely the place to be – with a welcoming mix of air-cooled and water-cooled cars which makes a change from the usual shows that are strongly opposed to one or the other. It’s like one big happy family at Stonor. Allow me to take you through my show highlights…



OZ Futura’s on a Vento front-ended Mk3 Golf is a classic look and always works well, just like this 4-door example.



Der Steiner Rad’s on a Mk1 Scirocco, certainly different but I rather liked this look!



Nathan Kirk’s bagged 6N Polo certainly stood out from the crowd, sitting incredibly and tucking a set of 17″ T5 steels all round.



Mark Allen’s Mk4 Golf estate with Bora front-end conversion just made it out with his recently rebuilt Porsche splits, and managed to take away 1st place in Modified Water-cooled.



Loved the 80’s look of Nick Collin’s Mk1 Golf on three spokes, makes a change from the generic Mk1’s I tend to see.



I’ve always fancied a clean Mk2, Stonor as usual had a fantastic turnout of clean examples, like this Edition One G60 below on BBS RS’s – beautiful!




The RS’s were working equally well on this stunning 16v GTI on air.




Further into the park there was a strong presence of air-cooled Volkswagens, including this super clean Karmann Ghia on Method Race Wheels.




My Beetle of the show had to be Mark Sketchley’s 1957 Oval running a pair of Hayburner fender skirts which totally transform the car.




Back to water-cooled now, with Luke Gaiger’s Mk1 Golf with an Air Lift suspension and BBS RS combo.



I was great to finally see Paul Harding’s Mk1 Golf finished and on a show field, the car was looking mighty impressive.




I managed to capture Carl Levy’s Mk1 Caddy in the tiny bit of sunshine we got, those clay-brown centred BBS RM’s really popped.



It’s not often you come across a Porsche 356, let alone TWO…




Callum Brook-Jones’ Mk2 Golf on Bullet One wheels. Loved the colour of this thing.



Again switching it up from the BBS look, these ATS Cups suited this Mk1 perfectly…




I remember distinctly seeing this mezmerising bagged Audi 100 at last year’s show, and it was my favourite car there. Surprisingly I never bumped into the car since. A whole year later and it was still very close to being my favourite again.




Thom Airs’ Sea Blue ’66 sat well amongst the line up amongst the line of Beetles. I’d love to see some widened rear wheels on this.





It’s been a while since I saw Haps Gill’s Mk5 R32 Golf, probably Ultimate Stance if I remember correctly. He’s now changed the colour again and added a gorgeous set of CCW LM5T’s. Definitely the best this car has looked.




On the HD Autos stand this 6R Polo sat on the floor with Air Lift suspension tucking some eye-catching Porsche Cayman wheels all round. Bagged by our friends over at Studio Incar.




One proper 80s looking Mk2 Golf! Still always nice to see stuff like this.



Who doesn’t have time for a super clean Audi 80 Sport… Lovely.



I’m one of those people that can’t stand Bentley wheels on VAG cars, but I’ve found an exception! Colour coded, they really do look amazing on this bagged TT.




I’ll finish my round up with Oxford Car Audio’s awesome Audi S5 demo car on Air Lift struts, AccuAir e-Level management with VU2 and tucking some huge 21″ Avant Garde F541 3pc wheels. Check out the boot build too, featuring 4 Alpine PDX amplifiers, twin VIAIR compressors, diamond white leather, black alcantara and routered aluminium and perspex!





So there we have it, another VW Expo done. It was a shame about the weather, but this is Britain and it’s certainly not going to stop everyone! I saw a lot of cars there that I’d never seen before, which always makes a nice change from my usual show outings. Our next stop is Goodwood on June 13th for Players Classic, don’t miss it! See you there.