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The Car Show Collective’s ‘Show of Shows’ 2015

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Jack Williams first introduced himself to me back in September last year at Players Show, I had heard of his project ‘The Car Show Collective’ and what it was about.. his vision was simple – to provide an online calendar for car shows throughout the UK. It’s the place to go to see what’s happening in the means of automotive events, and I’ve always thought it was a great idea and much needed within the community to keep track of things. In less than a year, Jack and his family have gained a pretty big following, so when he messaged me to let me know he was already planning his own show, I was super stoked! Like myself, Jack is usually at a car show every weekend. He knows what works, and what doesn’t work – so I had full trust in him to organise something awesome and welcoming to everyone. Named the ‘Show of Shows’, the idea was to create a car show that allowed other car shows to exhibit their shows in one place, at the same time, along with a show and shine, trade stands and food & drink stalls. With the support from Gumball 3000, FittedUK, Low Collective, SS Autowerks, Fueltopia, Wheel Whores and many more, it was looking to be a great turnout.



Of course, with a debut show you never know what to expect.. But from a handful of images circulated throughout social media, the venue itself looked incredible. They managed to secure the grounds of Penshurst Place in Tonbridge, nestled in the Kent countryside, so I knew it was going to look idyllic. As soon as I pulled up into the public car park I was instantly blown away by the location, more so than I expected. A quick glance at the cars and it was clear that there was a wide variation of vehicles on display. If you’re into cars, no matter what sort, you would’ve found at least a handful of cars you’d of liked.


Anyway, let’s get into it with my highlights from the day, and start off with cars entered into the Show and Shine. Beginning with Laurence Turner’s BMW 1600-02, it was such a gorgeous example of this rare vintage beauty. It even had a rear Louvre which I don’t think I’ve even seen on one of these before.




A couple of cars down, and I stumbled upon a Plymouth Roadrunner in fantastic condition. See what I mean about variation…



Let’s not forget a bit of Japanese stance, with Fyse’s static Honda Integra DC2 on a set of CCW LM20’s



I’m glad I finally captured a head-on shot of Joey Hazell’s BMW E36 ‘vert on hydraulics.



Two bagged BMW’s is always an awesome sight on low-cut grass.. Check out Matt Clifford’s 840ci along with Joshua Hay’s E92.



Rory Hamilton’s Mercedes-Benz W115 240D has made it into a lot of our write ups recently, but this was the first time I genuinely had a chance to take a proper look around it, and it’s certainly impressive. Those gold centred BBS Mahle’s really pull the car together, and you may notice some newly added twin chrome exhaust pipes.




I still love the Zender Phase 2 Turbos / fans on Abi Clarke’s Polo Coupe, which is is also rocking CBR600 bike carbs.



The WatercooledIND MD1’s suit Connor Smith’s bagged B7 Avant so well, something a bit different to the norm.



What a duo, Michael Ralph’s Mk4 R32 and David Sanders’ Mk5 Edition30 bagged Golfs laid out on the grass.



This is a car that I shot frequently last year, Tallis Godfrey’s bagged E36 M3 Evo ‘vert. Amazingly, this is the first outing I finally caught him at so far in 2015, and it’s now sitting on a rare set of OZ Executive splits.



Harpal Choda rocked up in his Mercedes-Benz 190E Limited Edition, running Air Lift suspension with AccuAir management, and a stunning set of AMG split rims which totally transform the car.



One of my favourite E30 M3’s has to be Tej’s Santorini Blue example on ACS, a classic choice.



Gold CCW’s are a match made in heaven on Ian Linthwaite’s Jetta, bagged by the guys at Plush Automotive.



In addition to the Show & Shine, there was a nice mixture of trade stands positioned around the venue. Our friends at Wheel Whores had lots of U.S. muscle on display, plus a rather murdered out Ford GT owned by Lee Fulford. So much want!



Only Charged Dubs had Joe Yip’s Mk6 Golf on display, showing off one of their stunning boot installs in addition to some beautifully stepped up BBS RS’s.




Opposite, I loved Danny Mellor’s B8 A4 on Vossen VLE1’s. Check out the install on this one, including the air tank fixed to the top of the boot.




Moving on to the FittedUK stand, Jake Hilling’s 1965 Beetle on Air Lift was looking picturesque in this setting.



Matt Clifford moved his E31 840ci a bit closer so we could get a better look.. Now running 19″ Rotiform LHR’s with gold centres to compliment the velvet blue paintwork, he’s also just had a full stainless steel exhaust fitted by Torqueflow to finally make the most of that 4.4L V8, and it sounds awesome.




The yellow wheels on Lee Patterson’s Mercedes CLS55 AMG tie in nicely with the FittedUK branding, don’t you think?



I really have a soft spot for a good Mk2 and Chloe Crew’s example looks the business.. running Air Lift bags it now sits perfectly on gold centred (yes, more gold!) Schmidt TH Line’s.



Right in the middle of the show field there was a bowl full of Lowriders to make the afternoon even more interesting…



It was awesome to catch up with SS Autowerks, who were out in force with their trade stand and Alex Wrights static E36 on super wide ACS’s and overfenders. We’ll be taking a closer look at this car very soon.




Christian Chapman also had his aero kitted Mk5 Golf on display, this is all amounts of crazy – just what I expect from SS Autowerks!




More show stands included Fueltopia and Shining Monkey UK…



Plush Automotive’s 700hp RS6, on AccuAir and HP Drivetech suspension and ADV1 wheels is everything you could want from an Audi Avant.



Matty Loveridge’s Mk1 Swallowtail (that I shot back at Early Edition) looked mezmerising laid out on the Low Collective stand. The new additions of Compomotive Turbo’s and Air Lift suspension put this car at the top of my wishlist.



Jon Lott’s custom built Porsche 911 GTH was getting a lot of attention, which is no surprise.. just look at all the details on this stunning build.. Those widened arches and Fuchs make this car menacing, along with an eye-catching Aero Green paint job and beautiful yet contrasting purple interior re-trim to finish it off.





Sam Wookey’s Polo is certainly one of the nicest Mk1’s out there at the moment. An incredible amount of attention to detail can be seen throughout this build, check out that bay for starters!




Over on the RollHard stand, ‘Bricky’ the Volvo was holding down the fort as per usual!



Samuel Torr’s bagged VW Polo GTI looked tidy on Alfa Romeo wheels, and shows that splits aren’t always needed!




Thom Williams is currently winning at the fitment game with his bagged BMW E46 on widened BBS RF’s. It looks so mean from the front and rear.




Our friends from LikeHell Design were also parked up with RollHard, Jordan O’Sullivan’s Mini Cooper S on Carline CM6’s.



And Josh Mussell’s static Nissan 350Z on WORK Meister wheels.



Chris Phillip’s static Lexus IS still blows me away, I’m still unsure how he drives it anywhere, but it does look incredible on those stepped-up BBS RS’s.



I love that we are finally seeing more and more Japanese cars in UK ‘stance’ culture, like Martin Picker’s Lexus LS400 running custom bags, Air Lift V2 and Cosmis Racing XT-206R wheels.



Continuing the Jap trend, here’s Nath Howell’s bagged Subaru Impreza that I snapped recently at Early Edition. He’s certainly been turning a lot of heads recently with this beast, finished off with a set of wide WORK Meister’s.



Prestige had Simon Wilkinson’s awesome Volksrod on display.



This little Trabant was cruising about all day and breaking necks, such a cool sight!



Kristin Grayson’s bagged Astra GTC on 3SDM’s was sat over on the Formula Clean stand – nice to see people modifying cars we’re not used to seeing.



Towards the end of the day, the Show & Shine winners were driven through the show ground and lined up ready to collect their prizes from the stage.




The Gütenstance guys decided to collect their prize for best Clubstand together!




Whilst most were watching the prize giving, it gave me another chance to photograph some more cars without distractions… Check out Neville D’mello’s clean E30 M3.



Shaun Grazette’s bagged BMW E92 335i on Blitz Technospeeds.



I finally had the chance to look over Alex McKenzie’s little Lupo, I’ll try and capture the boot build next time!



It had been a while since I saw this one, HTS Motorport’s bagged E30 Touring featuring an M52 engine conversion and the recent addition of TH Line splits.




A lot of people I spoke to throughout the day mentioned one of their favourites being West Donovan’s E30 chromie on SSR Formula Mesh’s.



Finally, Matt Woodgate’s Imola Yellow B7 A4, looking classy as always.



Well, hopefully you enjoyed looking through my show highlights… But I’m sure you are wondering, how was the show itself? Was it successful? In my opinion, for a debut show, Jack and the team absolutely smashed it. Somehow they managed to nail that ‘chilled out’ vibe that everyone craves at a car show. In fact, this was the first big show I’ve been to recently in which I’ve managed to actually talk to people for more than five minutes. Plus, the turnout was pretty damn impressive. Of course it wasn’t completely full, and there were a few empty spaces – but this was to be expected. It’s certainly been a learning process for them but now they know what will and won’t work for next year, but I personally think it’s going to be huge! Congratulations again and thanks for having me down, Slam Sanctuary will be back next year for sure.



Bimmers & Burgers 2

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


After the success of last year’s event, the guys at Bimmer Boys and Auto Enhance decided to bring back their ‘Bimmers & Burgers’ event for 2015, held again at Auto Enhance’s very own premises in Essex. Widely known for their wide range of bodystyling, interior and performance accessories, they prepped the surrounding industrial estate once again for a BMW takeover. Hailing from the south coast, this was another rather long journey for me, but as usual it was fully worth the effort, the sun was shining and the BMW’s were out in force making for an awesome day out. Plus, a perfect chance to catch up with friends and meet new ones – something I usually have less time for at a regular car show, which is why I love these smaller chilled out events. Anyway, here are my highlights from the day…



This was the first time I had the chance to check out Joey Hazell’s E36 ‘vert since fitting his recently stepped up BBS RS’s which look incredible. The car is also running hydraulic suspension and a whole list of other mods longer than my arm.




Outside and repping’ for Auto Enhance, Dee Barwick’s E82 123d finished in Austin yellow and sitting well on a set of 3SDM 0.04’s.



Alongside was James Barrett’s gorgeous E46 M3 repsprayed in Lamborghini Grigio Telesto grey and rocking some Quantum 44 S1 monoblock alloys.



In my opinion, Ben Young’s E92 335d is one of the best cars to pull off 3SDM’s 0.06 wheel. As well as looking awesome on air, this thing has been remapped and goes like stink!



Marsel Theodhori’s M535i is one of the most highly modified E28’s I’ve ever seen, but the most impressive thing of all is that it’s packing a M106 with 500hp of turbo madness.




Moving on and back to that stance we all love, check out the PBMW Magazine E39 540i on a full Air Lift set up, featuring a lovely hard line install by Studio Incar. This sits so well on those OZ splits.




I’m excited for Richard Ansari to fit his newly widened OZ Mito’s soon, meanwhile his E46 M3 still looked pretty awesome on the temporary set of AC Schnitzers.



It’s always a joy to photograph Becky Evans’ E21. Bagged on Air Lift and AutoPilot V2, rocking a super rare rear louvre, and currently sitting on a classic set of BBS RS’s, it’s no surprise that this was the car that only last year kicked off the E21 trend in the UK. She has a few changes up her sleeve for the rest of the year which will be revealed soon enough and should surprise a few people.




I’d not seen this out since Westside last year, but Tej Panesar made it down in his bagged E36 ‘vert.



This Sapphire black E60 M5 may be familiar to some, now owned by Phil Robinson, it’s packed with upgrades such as Eventuri intakes, an Evolve E-tronic exhaust and Alcon Super front and rear big brake kit, to name a few.



I’ve always had a soft spot for Kamal Sokhi’s Alpine white E30 Touring, featuring an M52 conversion and a complementing set of OZ Futura’s.



Around the corner I ran into a gang of bagged E92’s, starting with Az Riz’s 330d on 19″ Quantum 44’s.



Joshua Hay’s example has to be the meanest looking of them all, sitting on SSR Professor MS1 wheels and bagged by Studio Incar on Air Lift bags / AccuAir eLevel management with a stunning boot install showing off those dual tanks, hard lines and audio set up.




Wheel wise, I think Shaun Grazette had it down with his 335i on Blitz Technospeed’s, tucking huge 11.5’s at the rear.



My car of the day had to be this E30 M3. Everything about it was just perfect, firstly you’ll notice it has been right hand drive converted – a major mod that you don’t see often, especially on an M3. Furthermore, it was hiding an S54 lump out of an E46 M3 along with a supercharger! A gorgeous interior finished it off along with genuine BBS LM’s giving it that motorsport look.






Of course later in the day a few non-BMW’s managed to sneak in under the radar. Check out Jag Singh’s (Jag’s Bodyshop) Rocket Bunny kitted V8 Mercedes CLK…




I wasn’t sure whether to include this, but thinking about it, I’m hoping it will raise some awareness. Unfortunately an E24 635CSI was rear ended by a Mk5 Golf on the road outside the event, I’m not sure on the full details but the driver of the BMW was taken away in an ambulance – hopefully he’s okay! Anyway, it goes to show that accidents do happen, so be careful out there or your pride and joy could end up like this. A sad sight, especially considering I’m a 635CSI owner myself.



I’m always confident that the turnout will be in the high numbers whenever Bimmer Boys organise an event, and Bimmers & Burgers was no different. A nice variation of BMWs, an ideal venue at Auto Enhance, good people and tasty burgers. I’m sure it’ll be back next year, so keep an eye out in 2016 and if you’re driving a BMW, make sure you head on down.

Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – May 2015

Words & Photos by Steph Clarke


So the past month has flown by and it was time for another early start and short trip into Bristol for the Avenue Drivers Club’s Breakfast Club Meet held at Queen Square. If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out last month’s meet coverage then you can do by clicking HERE. Arriving just before 8am we parked up and went for the first on-foot lap around the square taking a few minutes here and there to stand still and watch the others roll in, either on their own or in small convoys like these Porsches.



Before you had time to even realise, the square quickly stated to fill up with a huge variety of vehicles, which is what impressed me most at my first meet here last month, it’s so diverse! Among those coming in was this beautiful Nissan Skyline R32, I remember seeing this inside at Ultimate Stance and it looks even better out on the streets and now rocking a set of OZ Futura’s. Insert Fast and Furious quote here!



This Jaguar X-Type was super underrated, looking almost OEM when it drove in but aired out up on the pavement it looked so badass. We had a quick chat with the owner but I can’t remember what set up he was running apart from it was auto leveling..



Up on the pavement seems to be a popular spot for those rocking air ride, Justin Appleford’s Audi RS5 on Accuair and BC Forged HBR05 wheels was no exception. Gorgeous car and a pretty sweet number plate to match!




There’s never a shortage of American pick-ups with this Ford F50 and Chevrolet C10.



Over the other side of the square was this Chevrolet B350.



The old Fords always seem to make it out in force but this ridiculously clean Escort RS Turbo caught my eye, refreshing to see something other than your usual white/red/black RS’s.



From old to brand new, a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. I prefer the older 911’s but this wasn’t so bad in person.



Another making it’s way round the square was David Mcdiarmid’s bagged BMW E46 with some meaty fitment. Even at it’s more practical driving height I think it looks pretty cool!



Now I don’t know if it’s because I want one that was making me notice them more, but there was definitely a decent Mercedes turnout this month. This W202 was one of them.



As always the BMW’s that attend these meets make me incredibly jealous. Some more Alpina goodness with this rare B9 / E28 535i.




This original M-Tech 2 E30 was also looking good.



It sounds bad, but with such a wide mix of stuff here you almost tend to ignore the exotics like this Ferrari 348.



There were a handful of race livery cladded cars this time, and who doesn’t like a big wing? This Dodge Viper GTSR doesn’t.



Yet again, I hold my hands up and say I didn’t know what this was, apart from being something very small. A little research and it’s a Trojan 200. Originally made in Germany under the name of Heinkel Kabine until a plant in Croydon took over production and renamed the little three wheeler.



Another BMW E28 and after a cheeky look at the for sale sign in the window this is hiding a fully rebuilt engine from a B10!



I imagine a good majority of you have seen this already, if not this is Bruce Holder’s Series 1 Landrover. Not only is it collectively about the height of your average Landrover wheel alone, it’s equipped with a V8!



More American metal and I can’t even explain the size of this Chrysler Newport Station Wagon, it was more like a stretch Limo!



I loved these style headlights on this Ford Escort RS2000 Custom.



Not too sure on the particulars of this apart from being a Ford Model A hot rod of some type. Bet it’s a giggle to drive!



This Porsche 911 was a little rough round the edges with its slantnose-esque type body kit.



Yep, I definitely want a Merc! Loved this immaculate Mercedes 190E 2.5-16.



It’s not very often that you get to see a Notchback Volkswagen, let alone one this clean.



I also have a not so secret love for 80’s/early 90’s Renaults, so without doubt this Ragnotti replica’d Renault 5 Turbo 2 was my favourite of the day.




Carrying on the race theme was this rather bright Ginetta.



Really liked the colour of this factory fresh Mercedes W109 300SEL.



And last but not least, we got to see Rory Hamiltons bagged W115 240D again, never a bad thing!



Once again it was a great morning with an awesome selection of vehicles! I’m not sure it was as busy as last month’s meet, but by no means was it quiet or boring – quite the opposite. This time a food festival was setting up in the middle of the square which possibly made people want to leave earlier before the rest of Bristol had woken up and made their way over for lunch. Even so, I don’t think we left until about 11.30am. I think this is going to become a regular meet to attend in my calendar and if you want to join, they’re held every second Sunday of the month which by my workings out will be on the 14th June, starting at around 8:30am. See you there!



Rejuvenation – Chris Goring’s 1988 BMW E30 325i

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


The amount of incredible cars out there that are hiding away from the internet, and even car shows for that matter, still amazes me. Sometimes the only way to find these gems is through friends or word of mouth, and that’s just the story here… You’d think a bagged E30 would be all over the place even more so, considering their popularity within the community. Well, not this one. Allow me to introduce Chris Goring’s 1988 325i coupe, finished in diamantschwarz-metallic. Considering the car was finished a good few months ago, I’d still not had a chance to see it for real, only snapshots here and there on Instagram. Luckily, thanks to the help of Jamie (who’s BMW Z4 we recently featured), we finally arranged to meet up and take a closer look this rather gorgeous E30.



This seems to be a common similarity with a lot of our recent features, but Chris’ love for cars started off with Volkswagens, owning two Mk3 Golf’s previously, in addition to a Polo 6n2. In 2012 he decided to buy his first BMW, an E46 323i coupe. Ever since that first bimmer, he has been hooked, progressing to an E36 328i coupe, an E34 525ix and then an E46 325i saloon. Throughout that whole time though, the dream was always to own an E30. But with all the straight-six engined cars he’d owned, Chris didn’t want to downgrade to the more common 318 or 318is. So, the hunt was on for a manual 325i coupe in black, which he had his heart set on.



After some tedious searching, Chris finally picked up a 1988 325i from Bristol, as a standard car, which is arguably the best way to start a project. It was in fairly good condition, minus a few rust issues which is to be expected on the majority of E30’s these days. Both sills, bulk head and the rear valance needed some attention, but Chris made sure these areas were all sorted before the all-important modifying commenced.



He also replaced the plastic grill surrounds up front, as the original ones had faded from age. A lot of people forget about small touches like this, but give these areas some attention and it can totally transform the car and bring it back to life. Other than that, the car was given a proper clean and detail, which did wonders for the original paint which came up a treat.



Even with the big 2.5l straight six under the hood, Chris knew he wanted to amplify that classic BMW sound even more so, with a little work on the exhaust system. This was easily done by removing the entire back box and replacing it with stainless steel straight pipe to the mid box with dual outward rolled tips to finish it off.



So let’s get down to my favourite aspect of the car, the suspension. It’s the usual story of those who make the jump to air… Having destroyed the underside of most of his previous cars, Chris decided that the time had finally come to bite the bullet and spend the money on a full Air Lift Performance E30 kit. After all those previous BMW’s, this was the dream car, so it was going to be treated accordingly.



The Air Lift kit is designed specifically for the E30 chassis, and is basically a like-for-like suspension swap, minus the cutting and welding of the front strut tubes due to BMW’s design on most of their older models. In addition to the all-adjustable struts and bags on all four corners, the kit ships with a 4 gallon air tank, VIAIR 380 compressor and the all-important AutoPilot V2 digital management. Chris decided to enlist the help of Oxford Car Audio to undertake the whole install, with the intentions of an impressive yet simple boot build to perfect the car.



Of course, with the car now dropped Chris had to decide on a set of wheels. He opted for a set of WatercooledIND CC10’s, 16×9 all round. It’s difficult to pull off a modern wheel on a classic car, but these really feel at home on the E30 and somewhat rejuvenate the car. Plus, makes it stand out from the crowd of the usual Alpina’s or BBS RS’s. To get that spot on fitment, the wheels are married to 205/40 tyres on all corners. A lot of playing about and adjusting, and Chris has nailed the camber even up front.



A look into the cabin, and you’ll notice that not much has changed from a regular classic BMW. Other than some super clean original Sport seats, a 330mm Nardi classic steering wheel has been fitted along with gear knob which completely suits the car. Chris wasn’t entirely sure how he wanted the boot set up to look, but he knew he wanted it to be simple, and let Oxford Car Audio do their magic.



When he picked up the car he was blown away, not surprising as they’ve got it spot on. Clean and simple, not to ruin the classic style, but with a load of small details chucked in compromising of alcantara, LED’s and hard line. You’ll also notice that Air Lift V2 controller has been beautifully mounted in the centre console where it looks right at home.




The E30 is also Chris’ daily driver, which is brave but refreshing to see. The guys at Oxford Car Audio took this into account and made sure there was still plenty of room in the boot to make it usable and not a full-on show piece.




For Chris, cars are his life. Most of his time is spent thinking about cars, and ways to improve his, and of course secretly browsing for parts online at work! When the weekend rolls around it is all about chilling with pals, working on and cleaning their cars and eating pizza. “It’s the best kind of life” according to Chris. It really makes me happy to see more and more younger people buying classic cars and showing them some much needed love. Chris is considering a new set of wheels in addition to a leather interior once he can source one. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing the E30 again at some shows this year. Keep an eye out for it, it’ll blow you away.