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Early Edition 2015

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Edition38’s Show and Shine is quite some time away, but why should we have to wait until then? Luckily the organisers of one of the Summer’s biggest VAG shows seem to share this view, and yet again saved us from our show blues with their newer show, Early Edition, which kicked off as usual at The Saints stadium in Northampton. Early Edition has always been a relatively small show, it is of course mainly a warm up event for the big one later on in the year. But unsurprisingly, it is forever growing. The attendance, like last year, was off the chain. They’ve had to expand the show ground itself to give everyone more space, which means even more show cars. Also I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I much prefer shows that are on tarmac, it’s where cars belong, right? It always beats shooting a car on a grass field.


On to the show, and I’ll start things off with Oxford Car Audio’s awesome Audi S5 demo car, sitting on Air Lift bags and Avant Garde F541 SPEC1 wheels.



Opposite, Joe Caudwell’s supercharged Audi RS5 was equally jaw dropping, bagged by Plush Automotive with AccuAir suspension and also rocking a set of Avant Garde carbon split rims, F431 SPEC2’s. I think the dude on the floor must’ve been eyeing up some brakes.. ha.



I loved the colour of Jak Johnston’s LHD 1981 Mk1 Golf GL and I’m looking forward to seeing it on a set of BBS E49’s in the very near future!



I was admiring Dale Buckley’s Mk1 Audi TT back at Ultimate Dubs, but it was nice to finally see that fresh new colour outdoors. It looks even better than I’d previously thought, along with those gorgeous BBS RS’s.




The recent addition of Rotiform LHR’s have done great things for Will Smith’s Polo, which is still one of the cleanest 6N2’s you’ll ever come across.



It is refreshing to see that more and more air-cooled cars are being accepted into the community, here we have Aneysha Wakelin’s ’64 and Kirsty Greatrex’s ’69 Beetles.





For me personally, Matty Loveridge’s Miami Blue Mk1 Golf swallowtail was car of the show. I’ve always had a soft spot for this car back when it was on BBS RS’, but he’s recently added a super cool set of Compomotive Turbo’s and bagged the car on Air Lift suspension. I thought it’d be difficult to top what he already had, but Matty has done it. And to perfection.




You’ve gotta love a bagged Audi Avant, Nick Bulmer’s A4 here on huge 20″ BBS RS2’s and AccuAir suspension.



Adam Wyatt unveiled the new look for his Vento only very recently at Ultimate Dubs, but it looks like he’s already changed the wheels to a set of Advan 3 spokes which work incredibly well.



Continuing with the ‘traffic light’ colours, check out Matt Woodgate’s A4 on Air Lift suspension and Rotiform splits finished completely in black.




Finishing up with those colours is Luke Polyblank’s bagged Mk2 Golf on a gorgeous set of Gotti’s. I love the rear heckblende which really pulls the body striping together.




Over on the StillStatic stand, VRS Northampton’s Mk7 Golf R stopped me in my tracks. It must be the lowest static Golf R around, surely? Finished off nicely with big brakes and mbDESIGN wheels.



The colour combination of Nick Ackroyd’s Scirocco was something else… Viper Green paintwork and gold centred Rotiform CSW’s, what a thing of beauty. Along with an interior and boot build by RIIVA Design and EDGE Automotive, this car everything you could want in a show car.




BBS E50’s have to be one of the all time greatest wheel designs, which go so well on Jason Buckley’s Mk1 Golf. Early Edition was certainly a haven for all kinds of Mk1 goodness.



I’m starting to see that glorious signature ceramic polished finish on a lot of wheels recently, all hailing from the guys at Felgen Werkes. Here’s Tim Smith’s Mk4 R32 rocking his finished set of WatercooledIND’s.



And look, another ceramic polish finish on Kats Giles’ widened Mk5 Golf… although this time with a stunning set of Rotiform LHR’s.



Over on the Players’ stand, I’m glad Kiran Mistry got his Mk1 back on the road after an unfortunate incident prior to Ultimate Dubs a couple of month’s ago. It’s now looking awesome.



It’s pretty cool to see a bagged Seat Leon, as they’re not a car you see that often. Nicola Sidney’s Mk2 shown here on an eye-catching set of OZ Pegasus splits.



And believe it or not, more pink wheels… D2 Forged on Mark Lampard’s bagged Audi TTS.



You thought I was done with the Mk1’s? Too bad.. there’s more to come. Jacob Moore’s example was getting a lot of attention due to its classic BBS combo, absolutely timeless.



Shaking up the game, however, was Route 32’s immaculate Mk1, which has been around for a while now, and always popular due to that R32 engine conversion and stunning interior. This year they’ve added a set of custom B-Star wheels which look incredible on the car, especially with that contrasting turquoise centre colour.





I do enjoy seeing people think outside the box of the ‘usual wheels’, and making different choices. There’s so many wheels out there. The 20″ OZ Superturismo’s work great on this bagged Scirocco.



More of that Felgen Werkes polished magic on Georgie Marlow’s BBS RM’s complimenting her Mk1.




The second time I’ve seen Auto Finesse’s Air Lift equipped Mk2 demo car, and it looks even better in daylight. That BBS bodykit really makes the car!




So I’ve shown you my highlights of the show, now I’m going to take you outside into the surrounding car parks where there’s more wonderful cars to see, including lots of non-VAG. I’ll start with Olly Snow’s stunning Mulberry Mk3 VR6 on BBS RS.



Considering what bargains S8’s are nowadays, I’m surprised we’re not seeing more of them. Billy Hilton just slammed his awesome example on KW coilovers and 20″ Rotiform SNA’s.



It’s a car we all saw a lot of last year, and a relief to finally see back out again… Becky Evans’ beautiful BMW E21 bagged on BBS RS.



The VIP Modular VX210 wheels on Mark Gunning’s Audi A5 are monstrous, check out the size of those lips! Bagged by Only Charged Dubs, this car sits extremely well too.




Some more handiwork from Only Charged Dubs, with Josh Hall’s Mk6 on Autostrada Modena’s.



These BBS GT004’s looked glorious on Myles Collins’ R32.




It’s been a while since I’ve shot James Aveil’s Mercedes W114, I love this thing.



Of course there’s Rory Hamilton’s W115, too. These two looked fantastic together and it’s cool to see more of these big Mercs already this year.



I really dig Alex Herman’s E46 M Sport, it really suits those 2-piece OZ Mito Type 3’s.



Here’s a double whammy of white centred BBS RF’s, firstly on a pre-facelift E36 ‘vert…



And another set working equally well on Alex Hurd’s bagged E46 M Sport.




Steven Doe made the trip from down South in his stunning BMW E21, bagged on CCW wheels. I’ve shot the car a lot already this year, but it’s still a clear favourite.



Parked alongside was Chris Phillips static Lexus IS300, looking incredible on stepped-up BBS RS. Chris has recently fitted some Vertex skirts which makes it hard to believe this car is static.. tough as hell!




Being a BMW enthusiast myself, something like this will always make my heart melt. I loved Jake Ryan’s 318is, bagged and on OZ Futura’s. A strong look.




I’ll finish up with some LikeHell Design repping, starting off with Jamie Hitchcock’s static BMW Z4 that we recently featured (click here to check out the feature).



And more WORK wheels on Josh Mussell’s (the man behind LikeHell) static Nissan 350Z.



This was the first time I’d come across this, but that white centred WORK Meister look seems to work on a lot of platforms. Check out Nath Howell’s bagged Subaru Impreza. Cool or what!?



Finally, Jordan O’Sullivan’s R53 Mini Cooper S on Carline CM6’s remains to be one of the nicest Mini’s out there.



That’s it for our Early Edition coverage. As usual, the event was huge… just imagine how big Edition38 is going to be later on in the year. Unlike Ultimate Dubs, the organisers here didn’t allow ANY non-VAG into the main show this time, even on trade stands. How do you feel about this? We want to know, leave your thoughts in the comments. However we’re still glad that there was such a large turnout even in the car park, it shows you’re all interested nonetheless. Thanks to Edition38 for having us, we’ll see you again at the main Show and Shine on 4/5/6 September. Next up on our agenda is The Car Show Collective’s ‘Show of Shows’ in Kent on the 17th May. Don’t miss it!



Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – April 2015

Words & Photos by Steph Clarke


Bristol is only a short half hour drive from me yet I have never been to one of these monthly early morning meets before but after this one, it won’t be my last! As the name suggests, it’s a breakfast meet held by the Avenue Drivers Club, so I started my morning off by meeting a couple of friends in a local petrol station at 7:15am! We arrived in Bristol at around 8am and already the turnout was looking pretty good. Held in a cobbled square near the centre of Bristol everything is fairly contained and being a one way system you pretty much get to see everything with an almost constant flow of cars doing laps.


911’s are probably my favourite car of all time (as you might notice..) and although I never got to see this little gem parked up it looked so good driving round the square.



Next up was this gorgeous 911 Carrera Super Sport. Black with matching Fuchs with a polished dish is a timeless look I will never get tired of.



Another top favourite car for me is the E30 M3 and this was a very tidy example.




If you missed this in the Ultimate Dubs coverage, then this is Rory Hamilton’s bagged Mercedes W115 240D looking classy as always on a set of BBS Mahle wheels.



Fellow classic Merc owner Ian ‘Woody’ Woodridge parked up alongside in his bagged E46 M Sport whilst his Mercedes is still with the lads at Studio Incar for some Air Lift action.



This pair immediately caught my eye; both had such a strong presence. I don’t think they hung around for too long so I’m glad I got the chance to take a look as you don’t see these all that often! First up a very special E23 Alpina B10 (735i) and nestled behind that was an equally special E24 M635CSi.




I was really feeling this little Saab 99 Turbo.



Tucked down a side road out of sight from the main square was this Toyota AE86



For me this meet was also about seeing a lot of cars which I have no shame in saying I had no idea what they were. This was no exception but I do now know this is called a K1 Attack and it’s a kit car sold by a company called B Racing.  It certainly looked interesting!



Parked next to the red M3 pictured at the beginning was another superb example of a M3. This is by far my favourite M3 colour and these two always had my attention when walking past.




Jamie’s caged Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera looking great on some Cup 1 wheels.



Another car that was new to me, a Toyota Mk2 JZX110 with Weds Kranze ERM wheels.




Something else unexpected was this crazy E10 with a few added extras, including an M60 V8 swap!




A good mix of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and other exotics also made it along.



Check out this track ready E36 honouring a little throw back to the DTM cars.




I have a sneaky suspicion this E30 wasn’t quite the 316 it says to be, it sounded incredible!



Paul Batten’s Mk3 Golf was doing the Venoms some justice, a top 90’s wheel choice.



Another iconic Porsche, the 930 Turbo. This was parked in a pretty awkward spot for me so so made sure I got a snap of it making its way out.



Chris Jones’ MX5 with Extreme Offset Wheels. I was in front of this on the drive up but the drive back was a different story, ears and bleeding springs to mind!



Lewis Webb two toned EF Civic Sedan on Rota Mesh wheels.



More Porsche, this looked pretty RUF to me..




Guy Higg’s E30 was certainly drawing in the crowds with its S50 engine out of the E36 M3 with a cheeky addition of ITB’s. I don’t think I’ve ever said an engine is good looking but this is a good looking bay! I’ve seen this at a couple local shows/meets and I unfortunately keep missing out on hearing it!




Lastly, Dick Lovett made an appearance with a couple of their new electric cars, the i3 and this, the i8. The i8 seems to divide opinion on looks but I’m starting to think it looks kinda cool.



I really enjoyed the morning, it had all bases covered and nothing was off limits, from giant American trucks to Reliant Robins, it was there! This meet was a lot busier than I ever thought it would be, yet the atmosphere still remained chilled with everyone taking in both the sun (makes a change!) and the vehicles. You could walk round the square once, sit down for 2 minutes, walk round again and see a completely new row of parked cars. It was like an ever evolving show! I will 100% be aiming to go to the next one which has already been announced for Sunday 10th May, so check it out if you can.



The VolksWorld Show 2015 – Part 2

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Continuing on from Part 1, I arrived again at Sandown Park in Esher for ‘day two’ of The VolksWorld Show and it was as I had feared, the good weather I experienced back on the Friday evening had completely disappeared. It was back to the standard British dreariness then, oh well… I was still looking forward to seeing the stands all set up and ready to check out more cars that had arrived on the Saturday, which I missed. As a photographer I adore shooting air-cooled cars, because of all the small details and mostly the natural patina which thankfully still look in place during a rainstorm.


I’ll start off with the Rothfink stand, which had a very cool variation of cars on display, take ‘Macy’, Matt Rudd’s ’63 Beetle which always grabs my attention with a 6″ narrowed beam, plus those smoothies and white walls certainly do justice to the black paintwork.




How can I forget the ‘Rothink Razor’, Craig Johnston-White’s ’63 Type 32 Razor Edge, still rocking the original paint, narrowed and lowered to a respectable ride height on a set of Cosmic’s.



If you want to be scared to death, take a ride in Pipey’s Mk1 Golf, which sits on a Beetle pan and is powered by a race-built 13b Rotary engine with 250bhp, oh and it’s still on the standard Beetle drum brakes!




Originally a Norwegian ambulance, Jason Cooper’s 1963 High Top Splitscreen looks nuts, even in these dreary conditions it’s a real head turner for the Rothink brand.




These two are certainly different, with loads of awesome patina, Marc Kyle’s Lowlight Karmann Ghia and Dan Jacobs’ 1963 Ragtop Beetle which is sitting on 17″ Randar wheels.



I’ll continue the out-of-the-ordinary theme with Andy Rudd’s jaw dropping T25 Transporter pick up, to most people’s amazement it’s completely static on Borbet A wheels.



The guys from DTA put on a stunning display as usual, with Si Medlicott’s ’66 Porsche 912 which was recently imported from the US, a beautiful example and colour.



Parked up alongside was John Keymer’s ’63 Beetle in Turkis Green on Gas Burner wheels.




I loved Matty Armstrong’s splitscreen bus, that patina!



But one bus that seemed to get a great deal of attention throughout the weekend was Mark Barrow’s incredible early bay ‘Adventure wagen’ slammed by Evil Ben’s on air and featuring a beautiful retrim by Waboo Automotive. This is one seriously cool bus.





RSVP’s stand really took my breath away, their cars are always on that next level, and this year was no different. Pete’s Oval on BTR Racing wheels being a highlight.




I can’t forget James Murtough’s insane ’49 Standard on Fumagalli’s.




Paul Pace’s ’59 Beetle was also sitting extremely well, narrowed of course and on a set of RDW wheels.



As far as patina goes, David Hall’s splitty has some of the nicest I’ve seen. A set of Sprintstars finishes this split off nicely.




I loved the colour of Matt Dudley’s Notchback, and the Erco’s suit it flawlessly.



Stefan Rossi has quite a collection of cool cars, but this time he had the ‘Vert out, which is now rocking a new heart; a 240hp 2276cc engine with 12.3:1 compression, Superflo heads, Jaycee 51.5 IDA’s, vac pump, Pauter 1.5’s, an Autocraft oil system and even nitrous to top things off!




One of my favourite Karmann Ghia’s, Terry Settle’s 1957 bagged Lowlight featuring BRM wheels which tuck to perfection.






Now this is our sort of BBQ, an awesome concept from the guys at Smoking Beetle!



Further into Sandown Park, I went to check out the German Folks line up. Just like last year, their cars were pretty mind blowing.



Adam Townley’s Rometsch Lawrence is always a show stopper, being a coachbuilt car you’ll be pushed to see anything like this.



Foxy’s 1965 Beetle looked absolutely mint. I’ll let the photos do the talking…





There’s just something original paint! This is Gavin Jones’ ’58 RHD Standard on contrasting Fuchs.




Probably the flagship car for German Folks UK, Dean Bradley’s awesome 1950 split on chromed Fuchs.




Back to shiney paint though, with Vic Polkinghorne’s Bahama Blue ’65 with a 4″ narrowed beam and another set of polished Fuchs.



Heading outside the venue whilst leaving, I loved this splitscreen high top with complimenting smoothies.



…and this early bay single cab with a similar colour scheme.



Naturally at a show like this there are always a few gems to be found in the car park.






That concludes our VolksWorld 2015 show coverage. I love this show, there’s something for everyone in the air-cooled community, from fully restored ‘mint’ cars to slammed ratty examples, from stock height to tarmac-scraping low – plus everything in between of course. The VolksWorld Show has it all. You’re bound to see something you’ll fall in love with, even if you’ve never been into air-cooled Volkswagens before. I can’t wait for more events and meets like this later on in the year… If you want us at your event, leave details in the comments below. Our diverse coverage continues in the next write up, so check back soon for our Wheels Day report.



The VolksWorld Show 2015 – Part 1

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


At Slam Sanctuary, we try and feature as many different car shows as we can physically get to. A couple of weekends ago saw the return of the infamous VolksWorld Show at Sandown Park in Esher. This is one of the big ones for the air-cooled community, much like Ultimate Dubs was for the usual sort of shows we attend. Anyway, I had planned to just go up to the show on the Sunday, but my mate Pipey asked me if I wanted a lift up with him on the Friday afternoon, as he had to drop off his car to put on the Rothfink stand. Why not, right? Plus, taking a Rotary powered Mk1 bodied Beetle panned vehicle, we were bound to be in for some odd looks here and there, given that VolksWorld is known to be a somewhat purist air-cooled show. A fun afternoon was on the cards…



We arrived at Sandown Park to some pretty incredible weather. Naturally, I had to get the camera out and start shooting everything immediately, once we’d unloaded the car of course.



The neat thing about arriving whilst everyone is still setting up, is that you get to witness a lot of the show cars actually driving around, which you just don’t see during the static show. Take a 1950’s Oval for example.. casual.



What’s better than a bit of patina in the evening sunset. Marc Kyle’s Karmann Ghia Lowlight was seriously cool.




Two Beetle’s caught my eye from the guys at The Lower Class, firstly Joe Riley’s late model sitting well on Cosmics.



But one of my favourite Beetle’s of the show had to be Niall Wright’s skirted and narrowed 1963 bug.





I loved the ob1 Karmann Ghia, narrowed and on BRM wheels. The patina on this car is to die for.




Surprisingly, another late bug grabbed my attention.. this one was ready for the RSVP stand, sitting proper low on another set of Cosmics.



I know this is only the first part of the VolksWorld coverage, but I’ve decided that this was my car of the show. Sure, Porsche 912’s have fast become a common sight in the air-cooled scene, and there are a lot tidier examples about, but this slightly rough example completely blew me away.




We’ve seen a few mouth watering splitty’s already, but Morgan Hall’s 1968 Westy was also looking pretty damn awesome, with banded rear wheels, narrowed front beam and air ride.




The DTA line up was starting to take shape with Si Medlicott’s latest purchase, a 1966 Porsche 912, along with John Keymer’s 1963 Turkis Green Beetle on Gas Burner’s.



Although tucked away a bit out of sight, once I spotted it I was drawn in by Simon Meakin’s absolutely stunning 1966 Beetle on Empi wheels.




As everyone was still setting up, it gave me the chance to shoot a few cars indoors. To those that have been to VolksWorld before, you’ll understand that taking photographs during the show is near enough impossible because of the crowds and barriers that are put up around the exhibiting cars.




This was a thing of pure beauty and something you do not see often, a coachbuilt Rometsch Cabriolet. Designed by Johannes Beeskow, these were built from 1951 to 1956 and nicknamed the ‘tin banana’.






This Beetle had a well deserved place on the turntable, the car has been built to near perfection. From the pan, interior retrim, chrome accessories, the engine and supercharger build, the paint job and the classic Fuch wheels to compliment it. The list goes on.. Clearly an incredible amount of time has gone into this. I recommend checking out @stevegee on Instagram to see more on the build. The final outcome is pure awesome.






I saw Jake Hilling’s 1965 Beetle a couple of times last year, but it was great to get a closer look at it this time around. He completely built and restored this car with his dad. It’s finished off nicely with a set of Ultra’s and Air Lift V2.



So that about wraps up the first part of our VolksWorld Show coverage, before the doors officially opened. Join us again very soon to check out the rest of the show when the weather unfortunately decides to turn worse. We’ve got some air-cooled porn from DTA, Rothink, German Folks, RSVP and more coming up.