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DTA End of Season Meet 2014

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Being an outsider from the air-cooled scene, I only first heard about the DTA End of Season meet last year, but unfortunately couldn’t make it because it clashed with another show at the time. When I learnt the DTA club were putting on another end of year meet, I knew I had to check it out. After seeing what a roaring success the previous event was (with VW’s taking over an entire road) I knew I couldn’t miss it again. With last year’s extensive turnout, 2014 called for a larger venue, so Si and the guys decided to host the meet at The Old James Cond Printworks based in Birmingham city centre. I have to say, it was one of the coolest venues I’ve ever been to, and was absolutely perfect for the event. The organisers initially feared that the cars travelling to the event would be caught in excessive traffic and have to deal with road closures, as a half marathon was taking place at the same time, closing the majority of Birmingham centre. Luckily, with a route provided well in advance, most attendees found it really easy and there was actually minimal traffic. Good thing, as old cars and heavy traffic don’t usually mix.



The old printworks is a stunning location, which looks to have been developed into a car park. It would be the ideal place for an annual meet, but unfortunately I’ve learnt the place is going to be demolished. Such a shame, but still nice to give it a proper send off with some remarkable air-cooled cars!



Being a ‘meet’ rather than a traditional style show, the atmosphere was chilled out. People seemed to arrive whenever, which I think always makes for a cooler day rather than a show with strict rules and regulations. Everyone was friendly and welcoming even to us outsiders.



As expected, there were plenty of awesome split screens to drool over.



I’m a big fan of interiors and the small details (usually patina related) when it comes to air-cooled cars, so I’ve attempted to include as many interior shots and small details as possible throughout this article.




I was excited to see a car I’d previously been seeing plenty of on Instagram, a recent addition to DTA, Stef’s ’68 Porsche 912. When do you see a Porsche with such an awesome patina, seriously cool! I’m really looking forward to seeing this one finished.





Obviously, we love slammed rides here at Slam Sanctuary. I was pretty amazed by Terry Settle’s Karmann Ghia, sitting as most cars should – on the floor.





Just to mix things up a bit, this ’55 Chevy was looking good and surprising to see at an air-cooled meet, but very cool nonetheless.



I loved this bus, a Type2 westy sitting really well, wonderful patina’d style stripes and decals.




It was a nice surprise to see that James McCafferey trailered up his latest project all the way from the South Coast, a super rare RHD DKW F12 which he is currently in the process of getting roadworthy, with new fuel and brake lines to come.




And if one DKW wasn’t a rare enough sight, here’s another for ya.. a ‘Schnellaster’ (also known as the ‘F89 L’) in a pretty rotten state, but super cool to see!




The Hayburner lineup was as strong as ever with the usual congregation of splitty’s and a few extra surprises.








The Rothfink Razor was looking good on those Cosmic wheels.



Pipey also made the journey from down South with us to cause a stir with his Beetle pan’d Mk1 Golf, now powered by a Mazda Rotary 13b.





Alongside Pipey was Ashley Thomson’s equally exciting 2tone narrow-beamed static Beetle, an insane example!






Cosmic’s are always such a perfect match with Beetles, here shown on one of the Bugpeople’s examples.




Although I’m not usually a convertible fan, there’s something special about this ’67 Bug…




Low, and not so low! Two awesome Notchback’s.





The Fuchs were looking really good on this slammed ’72 Beetle.





I’ve personally never liked Karmann Ghia’s… and here I am posting more already! This time, Chris Palomba’s 1960 Mango Ghia. I loved everything about this car especially the patina, colour coded wheels and funky interior trim.








With so many incredible Beetles on display, it was hard to decide on a favourite, but I think it has to be this black beauty. Those white walls just finish it off perfectly.



Coming close, was this ’66 owned by Will – who used to own a tidy BMW E36 we’ve shot a few times over the past two years. Interesting to see him make the switch to aircooled, and he’s done well with a stunning example.





I think this Porsche put everyone in a state of pure envy, it is by far one of the cleanest 912’s I’ve come across in a long time. And that colour, wow!




I’ve been a big fan of Kirsty Greatrex’s ’69 Beetle since I first saw it back at Ultimate Dubs at the beginning of the year… loving the new picnic basket.





The iKUSTOMS Notchback looked beautiful, so glad I was able to grab a shot as it was leaving.






This Rometsch Lawrence is always a popular car, a fully coachbuilt body and largely based on the Karmann Ghia.




After the trophies I made my way outside to catch a few of the cars leaving. It was especially fun to watch some of the lower cars try and get out and scrape along the cobbled road.




…or in James’ case, be pushed out…






Although trailered to the show, Pipey couldn’t resist a blast or two around the block, what a noise!





Although I’ve not been to many air-cooled events this year, I’d like to try and do more in 2015 as this was an incredible day out, the standard of cars completely blew my mind, along with the epic venue – which I imagine will be difficult to top for next year. Props to DTA for the smooth running and working alongside a closed city centre, you guys did good. Not forgetting everyone that sponsored and played a part in the event, the trophies all looked amazing and are unlike anything I’ve ever seen at our usual car shows. This seems a fantastic community and I was glad to have observed it for a day! Bring on the new year and more events.

When Older is Better – An Open Day at Canford Classics

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Canford Classics have been on my radar for quite some time now, seeing as one of my good friends works as a technician in their workshop. He’s constantly telling me stories about the cool cars he’s working on, which include some of the nicest early 911’s that I can only dream of owning. Putting it simply, Canford Classics are specialists in all aspects of classic Porsche restoration… from the restoration to engine and gearbox rebuild, through to all types of metal finishing such as chrome, anodising, powder coating and zinc, in addition to manufacturing their own parts. Anything Porsche related, and they’ll be able to help, with customer service at the top of their priority list. Last month I got myself down to their newest workshop for the first ever open day, a chance to show off their premises and of course several of the cars they’ve restored.



Tucked away in the small village of Winterborne Kingston in Dorset, the Canford Classics HQ is situated on a quiet farm with delightful countryside scenery surrounding it. On arrival, I was met with a busy crowd of Porsche enthusiasts along with the CC staff and a whole variation of classic 911’s, plus some newer water-cooled examples even decided to show up to mix things up even more.



I was thoroughly excited to see a car I’d heard a lot about, the “Thunder Road” 911 ST, a 1976 shell completely rebuilt for the track (and built so you can still pop down the shops in it), which features an uprated braking system, lightweight body and 3.2 motor.



In the bay you’ll find the 3.2 short stroke engine which produces 297bhp, with GE80 cams, custom twin plug distributor and ST/RST engine bar, PMO 46mm carbs, in addition to stainless headers and numerous other modifications. One serious machine that I bet is amazingly good fun to drive!






Seeing this many early 911’s in one place was truly a stunning sight, simply breathtaking. Everyone in attendance seemed very friendly and keen to talk Porsches, even though my knowledge on the air-cooled cars is limited, I still found it enjoyable to speak to the owners, with most praising the high standard of work at Canford Classics in addition to sharing stories of their pride and joys.




Customer satisfaction is on the top of the agenda at Canford Classics, so unlike most open days where you’d be required to pay for your portion of a BBQ or similar, the guys actually hired a catering van and provided burgers, bacon rolls, coffee and drinks all free of charge to everyone in attendance. That’s how it should be and great to see such a welcoming company.





The Canford Classics staff were on hand to discuss business, in addition to showing people around the premises, and share their own stories from working on these stunning vehicles.



The workshop itself is a stunning place, completely immaculate and very clinical looking – a fantastic place to wander around in a daze, dreaming that one day I might be able to afford to own one of these beauties!



Part of their restoration service naturally includes bodywork and repairs, including the dreaded rust issues that are far too common with early 911’s.



Additionally, Canford Classics now offer a full range of machining and fabrication services such as engine case machining, head work, carburettor rebuilds and refurbishment of MFI throttle bodies and intake stacks.



Seeing the 911 shells in various stages of the restoration process really shows how much work has to go into these cars and was inspirational to witness.



Extra services includes refurbishment of the classic Fuch wheels, chroming, powder coating, zinc plating and anodising, plus bespoke fabrication and interior trimming. They can handle absolutely everything when it comes to the restoration process. With such a wide range of services and expertise, there’s no need spend time seeking other companies to sort out specific things, as their extensive experience of classic Porsche’s means Canford Classics’ team of specialists can handle anything and everything you could want.




Back outside, and a personal favourite of mine from the day was this 1973 2.7 RS, a gorgeous example and seriously hardcore vehicle.





Even though Canford Classics is essentially a classic/air-cooled based restorer, it was awesome to see a few newer Porsches turn up and show their support. I wouldn’t say no to a GT3…
















Every car guy loves a bit of additional noise, right?




So to conclude, a fantastic morning was had, spent chatting and admiring some cracking motors. It’s not very often anyone gets to witness so many classic 911’s in one place, or hosted by a company that are so welcoming and willing to show anyone around their premises. Hopefully the guys turn this into an annual event, seeing as the turn out for the debut open day was a roaring success! For more information on Canford Classics, check out their website at Thanks for having us!

A Final Farewell – Cj Smith’s 1991 Volkswagen Mk2 Golf GTI

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Most of my closest friends are notorious for their love of Mk1 Volkswagens, and because of this I am forever surrounded by Golfs, Jettas and Caddys of that generation. I suppose they will always be my favourite sort of Volkswagen, probably because they’ve been forced upon me! Who knows… Anyway, taking a liking to anything else usually doesn’t go down well with the die-hard Mk1 enthusiasts. It would seem Mk2s, Mk3s, Mk4s and so on, just don’t cut it. I however am not one to judge so quickly. See, I’ve always had a soft spot for Mk2 Golfs. A few months back I was down in Taunton in Somerset shooting Louis Nobbs’ Mk2 Jetta, word spread that I was in town and a few other locals were interested in shooting with me, including Cj Smith, who I knew owned an absolutely stunning Mk2 Golf GTI on air, which I had noticed at last year’s Edition38 show. I jumped at the opportunity to meet up and take some photographs.



Built in 1991, Cj’s GTI is one of the later Mk2s produced, leaving the factory with a facelift which included the ‘big bumper’ upgrade, turning the GTI into a truly sporty looking hatchback. Cj had never really been the biggest fan of the bigger bumper cars, but this time thought it was rare, especially finished in Capri green which would help the car stand out from the crowd. It looked good in all the classified pictures and had a great history, so as soon as he went to look at the car in person, he knew it was the one. After that, everything fell into place.



The car was a completely original example, untouched and unmolested. Thankfully it wasn’t your typical GTI that had been ragged to death in the past by a boy racer owner. The standard GTI spec’d 1.8 8v lump was in adequate condition and running well, so Cj decided to leave it as is, apart from the addition of a cheeky K&N filter and full stainless exhaust for some much required extra noise.



Cj’s main focus was to get the car sitting as he wanted it… on the floor. There were obviously two options, coilovers or bags. Having owned a few small bumper Mk2s in the past that were static and ridiculously low, he’d been through it all already… including getting pulled by the cops into a VOSA checkpoint and smashing a cats eye on the way in, which didn’t seem to go down so well with them! For this project Cj did his research and only found a handful of bagged examples at the time, so thought it would be amazing to build one himself. Unfortunately this meant he had to give up his Mk1 Jetta which he owned and cherished at the time, but ultimately for a very good reason.



One body modification that has totally transformed the appearance of the Mk2 is the addition of G60 arches, which are much wider than the standard GTI ones, specifically sourced by Cj to give the car a far meaner look, and allowing them to sit flush with the lips. Onto those beautiful wheels, which took a while for Cj to decide on, spending ages running in circles in his head to find the right wheels for the car. He knew he didn’t want the common BBS RS or RM, as he’d run them both on previous cars. After trying a couple of Monoblock wheels, the car just didn’t look right. Finally, he bit the bullet and purchased another friend’s set of BBS E76 15×9 splits and added 185/45 tyres all round, resulting in outstanding fitment. Together with gold centres and genuine BBS lip stickers, Cj has done a fine job pairing these wheels with the rest of the car. The gold just works so strongly with the Capri green paintwork.



Air suspension has become extremely popular, this year especially, and it’s no surprise… it can completely transform a car, like it has done with the Mk2. You’ve got two options, pay a company to install an air ride kit for you, or attempt the build yourself. When you think about it, it’s really not as difficult as some people think. Getting it sitting correctly, and low enough, can sometimes be more challenging though. Due to previous experience with air, Cj decided to take on the project himself, and the result is obviously very impressive for a home build. Luckily a friend at the time was breaking his bagged Seat Ibiza Cupra, and although the air kit from the Ibiza wasn’t ideal for the Mk2, it still meant Cj was able to purchase air ride components for a fair price.




Cj eventually opted for top of the range management for his air build, utilising Air Lift Performance‘s AutoPilot V2, one of the most advanced controls on the market and a popular choice for its ease of use. In addition, he’s used an AccuAir tank along with two VIAIR 380c compressors for a rapid ‘airing-out’ process. Taking a look into the boot and you’ll notice a beautifully simple set up featuring fully carpeted turrets and a matching retrim on the back of the rear bench. Another nice touch are the awesome polished copper hardliners turning this into a classy affair. Hidden away underneath is a compartment for storage, and a false floor within the spare wheel well hiding the AutoPilot V2 manifold and ICE components such as the amplifier.



Cj believes you don’t need to go ‘all out’ on a boot build. He’s all about keeping things clean and simple. Having built numerous setups on his and friends previous cars, including audio installations, he’s now offering his services to anyone interested. So if you are based in the South West and are looking for a simple yet clean build, get in touch with him. After seeing his Mk2 and a few other cars rocking his work, he is clearly the man for the job.



A glimpse into the cabin, and it looks like a standard ultraviolet GTI interior, apart from a subtle US heater display panel and speaker faded switch in addition to a Kenwood 90s flip down headunit hooked up to JL Audio speakers all round. The AutoPilot V2 controller is nicely tucked into the ashtray, so it can be hidden away to keep the OEM look. You’ll also notice a 280mm Momo Team steering wheel and boss, for a more sporty and satisfying driving experience.




We took the shoot to a quiet industrial estate so we could completely take over the road, a chance to fully take in the Mk2’s presence. It truly is a thing of absolute beauty.



With a lot of car enthusiasts, boredom can strike at any moment… with constant classifieds and eBay temptations lurking, you’ll eventually want something new. It happens to us all. Cj built the Mk2 to perfection, doing literally everything he wanted to the car, to the highest standard. Hell, everything that was OEM on the car has been kept genuine Volkswagen, including the the wiring loom tape! When you’ve gone into such fine detail, going further becomes a struggle. Two years of ownership took its toll and unfortunately the Mk2 has now been put back to standard and is up for sale. Cj’s just picked up a new project of the air-cooled variety, a 1972 Beetle in ivory white, which he is also planning to put on air! I’m looking forward to seeing him work his magic on the new addition. Knowing Cj, it’s going to be good.

Pipey McGraw ‘SMT ULC’ Teaser Video

So when everybody went home after Players 8.0 this year, we stuck around whilst Peter Kelly from Speedhunters shot Pipey’s Mk1 and took a few rollers. We just so happened to be in the car too, so here’s a little teaser video of what the 13b Rotary powered Beetle panned Mk1 (nicknamed SMT ULC) looks like on the move! Stay tuned, there are exciting things to come.



Filmed by Rich Weller
Edited by Ed Phull
Music – “Chase” by Cartridge 1987, used for entertainment purposes only

Show & Glow 2014

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Show & Glow have returned for their second year, to the incredible “Glow” exhibition venue at Bluewater in Kent. It’s that time of the year, the weather has started to play up and not make its mind up, so hosting one of the last shows of the season indoors is certainly the most sensible thing to do. What makes Show & Glow unique is that it is situated inside a shopping centre – not just any shopping centre, but one of the biggest in the UK. This makes for a fun day out for pretty much anyone you bring along. If they get bored of looking at cars… all of the shops are next door, not to mention some fantastic food establishments. These things combined with some of the UK and Europe’s finest show cars, makes a fantastic day out.


I’ll kick things off on the first floor of the show, with Simon Delahaye’s (the main man behind Show & Glow) stunning Mk2 Golf. This thing is just pure Mk2 perfection, the attention to detail throughout is staggeringly impressive, with numerous subtle touches such as Porsche door handles and a super rare Petri steering wheel. Plus, you’ve got to love those custom Pirelli P-Slot splits, they work so well on the car! It’s been a long old build for Simon but he’s executed it perfectly.





After admiring Aneysha’s (of FittedUK) recently purchased ’64 Beetle on Instagram it was awesome to finally see it for real, a mint example and stunning colour combo.




There’s one Scirocco that beats them all hands down, and that is Frederik Ceulemans’ bagged Mk1 on BBS RS, a timeless wheel choice for any Mk1. Whether it’s the rebuilt 16V turbo sitting in the impeccable engine bay, the stunning paintwork or fabulous retrimmed custom Porsche interior, Frederik’s Scirocco has it all.




I couldn’t resist a cheeky rear shot of Matt Clifford’s E31, seeing as most people, including myself, tend to shoot it front-on.



Who doesn’t love centre locks!?



On the Kleen Freaks stand I was first drawn in by Rob and Harry’s impressive Lupo GTI sitting on CCW D11L 3-piece wheels and resprayed in Candy red.




Followed by Kats Mk5 and Steve’s Mk6 on those awesome Rotiform DIAs.



It was nice to also see a few of the Westside Mk1’s that we saw last weekend at Westside Treffen 2014.






There have been some amazing examples of stepped-up rims this year, and these are two of the best sets out there, the classic RS and RF models. It’s just nice to see people taking modifications to the next level and improving on two very popular wheels seen on the majority of show cars.



I’ve always been a big fan of the Lemass Automotive 964, that paint and those gold centre BBS E28s go together ever so well.



James Aveil’s W114 oozes retro beauty, I can’t wait to shoot this outdoors in sunshine sometime so you can fully appreciate how good it looks inside and out, most people don’t realise that this is actually a brown car!



Thankfully the weather held out, and we had some rays, perfect for checking out the outside area of the show, situated on one of the adjacent upper level car parks.




The high standard of Mk2 Golfs continued with these two beautiful examples, the 4-door above on a set of Fittipaldi Type 19s…



…and this 2-door TDI rocking a set of incredible BBS E30, wheel porn!





Back inside and I made my way downstairs to another room, with even more cars on display, all looking moody under the lighting. Although it looked cool, it was certainly a challenge for us photographers.


I loved the Mercedes Alphard wheels on this bagged Mk5 GTI.



And another bagged Mk5 this time on a set of 19″ Rotiform LHRs.



This was the first time I had seen Matt’s B7 after he’d painted the centres orange, really helps set the wheels off from the car, which is always difficult with silver.



I was excited to finally see this car again and have a proper look around, Josh William’s RS6. Now the RS6 Avant is a huge car, seeing it on air and pretty much on the floor is an incredible sight. The interior has been recently re-trimmed in yellow, and it really compliments the paintwork.



Especially when it’s tucking 20s…




Kiran Mistry’s Audi 80 Sport is always a real head turner and one car I never get tired of, this time with blackout headlights.





One of the most talked about cars this year has been RollHard‘s Volvo 240, nicknamed “Bricky”, bagged and on BBS RF splits. It’s not surprising, it just works so well with a drop and wheels – that’s all classic cars need sometimes.



The RollHard stand also had two visitors from Belgium, both part of the “Belgian Chapter” show that RH put on. Firstly this awesome Imola yellow B5 S4 Avant…



Followed by this TT rocking another bold colour, Signal green. Notice the widened arches too, this is definitely a hardcore vehicle.







More centre locks, this time on a Cupra R. These are TSW Pin Drive 19″ examples, also note the huge Porsche brake upgrade, one mean machine.






I loved this set of Ferrari 599 wheels on Anthony’s bagged Bora, something a little different from the norm.






Heading outside again, I ran into Luke’s Mk3 that we saw last weekend at Westside – nice to see it on the tarmac and pulling off those 3SDMs.



Moving on to Nikki Harris’ supercharged Mini Cooper S… I shot this at last year’s show when she was rocking red wheels. This year the Brock B1s have been sprayed blue which somehow look even better, one badass little Mini.



Polo’s don’t often grab my attention, but this one stood out to me, especially being in wagon form and sitting this low static.



Another set of Keskin KT1s, this time on a Mk1 Caddy! This was sitting nicely with the assistance of air ride.



Take a peek at the air set up, enclosed nicely in a picnic style basket which suited the wooden covered bed, super cool!



After seeing Joey Gordon hide this away behind the FrameSlayers stand last week at Westside, I’m pleased to say he was back to cause a stir with his Datsun B11 now sitting at a proper ride height on some Enkei’s.



We want to see more retro cars like this next year… This just proves that you can go out and find one of the ugliest cars and do something cool with it. If you choose wisely, people are going to love it, like they seem to be doing now with Joeys!



E36’s are so common these days but Tallis Godfrey’s M3 Evo cabriolet is a perfect example that I never tire of seeing. He’s worked hard to get it sitting as it is, and clearly the fitment is finally spot on.



The Gottis suited this white Mk1 cab rather perfectly.




I’ve always been impressed by Aaron Gemmell’s EK4 Civic, on hydraulic suspension and awesome CCW LM16 wheels.



It’s good to see more and more girls getting into the car scene and putting their touches on their pride and joy, like this Mk2 Seat Leon on a set of bright pink centred OZ splits.




I’ll finish off with Jack Ellis’ B3 Passat wagon. Points if you noticed the front NOS heckblende!



So that just about wraps up this years Show & Glow. Being a smaller show, what I like about it is I finally had a chance to look over cars properly and admire the smaller details – I’m usually far too busy running around trying to photograph everything. Being near to the end of the year, surprisingly I was still noticing cars I hadn’t even properly seen before, so this was the perfect venue for me to do just that. A big thanks to Simon and the team for having us down once again. For their second ever show, they are doing well with plenty of people showing support. The future only looks bright for their refreshing event, keep up the good work guys and hopefully see you next year.

Westside Treffen 2014

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Westside Treffen is famous for its chilled out atmosphere, and this year was no exception… Rolling in at 9am and the grass was freshly cut, the music was already blaring and the kebabs already on the BBQ. We could smell them whilst queuing up outside, thanks for making us hungry, guys. Great food though, and once again beats any other show in this department, hands down. These West London boys know how to put on a show. The turnout was absolutely incredible this year, looking like one of their busiest shows ever, if not the busiest. Who knows if they’ll soon outgrow the venue at Chalfont St Peter Cricket Club? Hopefully not, it’s the perfect location for the chilled vibes of Westside.



After seeing it at Players last week, this time I had a closer look at Greg Howell’s Porsche 964, which has a stunning paint job and it was no surprise that he took home ‘Best Porsche’, well deserved.




It’s been a while since I’ve snapped Carl Levy’s Mk1 Caddy so thought it was about time, looking awesome as usual.




I have a real soft spot for Matty Loveridge’s swallowtail Mk1 Golf finished in Miami Blue, a great match with the classic BBS RS splits.




Kingsley Black turned up in his bagged B5.5 Passat on Rotiform BLQs. He’s been a big supporter of Slam Sanctuary since we started, repping windscreen stickers front and rear, and taking the car all over Europe, big thanks dude. (Want a sticker? click here to hit up our store)




I’ve not seen these two parked up together yet, this was a pretty awesome sight… Nick Sahota’s E30 M3 and George Assi’s E24 635CSI.



Obviously, several shots had to be taken. You have to admire the craftsmanship and attention to detail taken with both of these stunning cars.



Nick doesn’t just own the M3, but he has quite a collection of BMWs, so it was about time he brought something else out this year.



His E30 “Chromie” on Schmidt TH-Line wheels is a bit of sleeper, keeping the 318i badge on the rear, even though is car is packing a V8 in the bay… it sounds absolutely lovely.



Finally some air-cooled content in the shape of Mark Harbour’s Beetle.




I took a liking to this bagged Audi A1, freshly wrapped since everyone saw it last at Players. It sits on a set of 18″ Ispiri CSR4 wheels.



Westside was the first time I had a chance to see Jamie Hitchcock’s latest project, his Z4 which is sitting really well, a recent upgrade from his previous E36 we’ve shot a few times in the past.



You don’t see many Z4’s at shows, so it was a pleasant surprise that Jamie parked up with another one, this fully bagged example…



Taking home the “Best BMW” trophy was Ben Anson with his beautiful E21.



That colour, those Schmidt wheels, the stance. He’s done justice on what a classic shark should look like.



Strangely I am finding more and more cars these days that are suiting 3SDM wheels. I think it must be because they are *finally* not as popular as they used to be and they’re not just being put on every other car. They really looked good on this bagged Mk3 Golf with US spec bumpers.



I also loved this TFSI swapped Mk3 on OZ Turbos.




Aron Norris’ Mk2 Golf GTI is hands down one of the meanest examples I’ve seen for a long time, really well executed which is to be expected from the RollHard roster.





I loved this red E30 318is that had a nice turbo hiding under the hood. It’s something a bit different from the usual sought upon six-pots.



And pulling off the look well too, with a set of Speedline splits and a healthy drop.



I was saddened to hear that Steve Howson has put his stunning 190E up for sale. Have a search on Ebay if you’re interested.




These two Passats were both stanced really nicely, ultimate family wagons.





Gotta love a B5, one of Audi’s best shapes in my opinion, especially in Avant form like James Manner’s and Mathew Pratt’s bagged examples.




I also absolutely loved this black saloon running Rotiform TMBs, looking super cool with colour coded centres and meaty tyres, its one mean looking machine.




Alex Wright’s E36 sits perfectly and always makes me want one every time I see it.



It doesn’t get much better than Matt Clifford’s E31 8-series.






I was a big fan of Haps Gill’s bagged R32 Golf featuring an eye-catching wrap and stepped-upped BBS RFs.



…And it was good to see Kats Giles’ new wheels out in the sunlight as opposed to being hidden away in the hangar/shadows last week at Players!



Loved the custom vinyl finish on these Fifteen52 Tarmac wheels, perfected by the guys at Vivid Vinyl.




The Design4Automotive Mercedes E63 AMG has been through many changes since we first saw it back at Ultimate Dubs at the start of the show season. Yeah, it’s been through a few different wraps, but this time they have taken it to the next level, transforming it into the 2014 model. That’s a hell of a lot of work, but looking at it now, it was definitely worth it! Opting for Vossen wheels this time in black, it’s a menacing car to say the least.



Continuing this trend of Mercedes + Vossen wheels, check out out Team SPB‘s CLS on a set of CV7s, full hydraulics and AMG brakes.






Jason Buckley’s Golf on BBS E52s is still one of my all time favourite Mk1s, it’s all just done so right.





Winner of “Best Audi” trophy went to the wide-arch RS3 on centrelocks, such a perfect all-round car.





Joey Hazell’s E36 vert on hydraulic suspension running his new BBS RF splits.



Great catching up as always with the LikeHell guys, repping here with their 350z on Work Meisters and Mini Cooper S on Carline CM6s.



It’s not often you see WatercooledIND alloys on BMWs, but I was digging this E46 saloon. It’s different from the usual BMW scene, hence I’m a fan.



The UK E36 game just keeps getting better and better, take a look at Adam Coster’s bagged SE, a welcomed change from the usual “Sport” examples most people opt for.



The fitment is spot on here with the ACS Type 1 split rims, such a classic choice that will never get old, stunning wheels.



I can’t forget Sam Ratcliffe’s badass Estoril blue E46 M3, running the OE 18″ wheels but with a square setup all round on some meaty semi slicks, uprated WP Pro Brakes and countless tasteful modifications, it must be amazing to drive.



As heavy as these wheels are, the BMW Style 121s on this Touring look great, with the fitment on point!



We’ve seen this Ford Popular at several events this season, starting with Apex at the beginning of the year. Great to see it at Westside, and perfectly acceptable as this is sitting on a Beetle pan, just awesome.





Steve Fraser’s Mk6 Golf has gone through a few different looks, but I think this is the best yet with the addition of the Rotiform DIA wheels. A major improvement!





I loved the ‘paint slap’ wrap on this Mk6 by Dub Customs. People thinking outside the box, good times. And let’s not forget, more centrelocks!




Fair play to Jay for running a square headlight set up on his E30, it’s one way to make the car unique!





The Mk1 turnout was staggering, with the allocated space for them becoming completely full up by mid morning.



I’ve got a lot of time for Corbyn Dickason’s Manila green example on Schmidt TH-Lines.



The PBMW-featured E12 528i that we saw last year was back, oozing retro coolness. Not to be mistaken for an E28…




One of my favourite cars of the year is HTS Motorsport‘s E30 Touring on air and black BBS RS wheels.



Taking a proper look around and I noticed the wire tucked smooth bay, colour coded to match the cream leather interior, a nice touch usually adopted in the VW scene. The HTS guys have even gone the extra mile and replaced the engine with an M52 lump, a lot more modern and reliable than the six pots originally installed in E30’s. Overall an awesome car.





So, another fantastic day out at Chalfont St Peter, and Westside still stays at the number one position as my favourite show of the season. With the amount of shows Slam Sanctuary attends, that’s saying something! It all goes down to the great ambience, tasteful music, delicious food and of course the best in West London’s show cars. It’s all you could want from a car show. I can’t wait for next year, keep up the good work.