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Wheels Day 2014

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


One of the most anticipated car shows of the year, Wheels Day is organised by the infamous Surrey Street Rodders, and is known to feature a huge diversity of vehicles, more so than any other event I can think of. This year the Rodders were celebrating their 40th anniversary and anticipating a much greater turnout. To cater for the increased attendance, they moved the venue to Dunsfold Aerodrome (home of the Top Gear test track). Sadly, there have been numerous complaints about the organisation of this years event. They anticipated an attendance of 6,000 people, however the actual number on Good Friday was in excess of 18,000!


According to posts I’ve read online, there was traffic chaos for most the day, with people not paying for tickets and never-ending queues for facilities and people just generally getting fed up. Luckily for me, I didn’t experience any problems whatsoever, bar a small bit of the traffic when we left in the afternoon, so personally I had a fantastic Wheels Day!



If you’re a fan of American hot rods, this is THE show for you. It’s like being in an episode of Fast N’ Loud, an absolute dream. Who doesn’t like a line up of Chargers?



This Mercury was stunning and drawing in the crowds all day.





The bagged trucks were just on another level to what we’re used to seeing.



…As well as some old school Jap cars!



And of course a fair share of air-cooled.





This Ford truck was the exact definition of ‘laying frame’. Wow.






Like most car shows, Wheels Day featured a whole lineup of trade stands, perfect for finding those rare parts.





This Audi Quattro LWB was absolutely mint, and looking completely standard. Nice to see.










At first glance, this may look like a normal E21. Look again and you’ll notice the drag wheels.. this BMW was packing a small block Chevy V8. Insane.






I can’t think of another show where you’ll see stuff like this cruising around. It was almost too much to take in!





Having taken you through the main strip, let’s move on to the grass area of the show…



You’ve gotta love a bit of patina!





One of a few Speedster replica’s spotted throughout the day.




Onto the Muttley crew, starting with this Ford Zodiac estate…



The Coltech Classics Dyane on a beetle pan was certainly getting a lot of attention.




















That concludes our photo coverage. Unfortunately there were just too many cars to capture everything.. I probably missed out on a lot of stuff, but hopefully you’ll get a general feel of the show. According to the Surrey Street Rodders’ website, they have decided to call it quits. There will be no more Wheels Day in its present form. This is such a shame, but I’m glad I was able to attend my first and last ever Wheels Day! Hopefully the organisers will come up with something similar for next year, good luck guys.

The 1958 DKW 3=6 coupe

Words by Pipey McGraw & Photos by Henry Phull


Bonjour. This derelict patina’d automotive machine is the latest edition to our ever-growing Muttley fleet, a 1958 DKW 3=6 coupe. I’m sure some of you are wondering “what the hell is that?”. Well, DKW is part of the Auto Union automobile manufacturer, widely known for their racing team back in the early 30’s, where they dominated GP car racing. Aside from becoming an important supplier of vehicles to Germany’s armed forces during the Second World War, 1949 onwards saw DKW starting to produce 3 cylinder 2 stroke FWD beauties, straight outta West Germany!




Popular models in the 50’s were the F89, the 3=6 and the 1000S. The 60’s happened and they realised 2 stroke engines weren’t exactly pioneering in automotive technology, therefore started to build more desirable and attractive four stroke engines, until the company evolved into what is now the Volkswagen Audi Group…. So, finding a rare glimpse of one of these motors is simply extraordinary.



Like always with most of our rare finds, although unexpectedly, the DKW shockingly came up on the infamous eBay, so without a second thought we snapped up the chance to purchase the vehicle. Paul at Coltech Classics had recently sold an MGB that was awaiting collection from the customer, who luckily lived a couple of miles away from the owner of the DKW. So with a little organisation we had the car picked up and delivered to us at the same time, everyone’s a winner!



The car had originally been imported from California in 1969 and has been sat up in the UK ever since, as I’m sure you can imagine she’s a little tender. Our friend Tom, being a bit of a wiz on 2 strokes, set the challenge of getting it running. So, on a mild spring Thursday evening we tinkered with it in the hope of getting it to fire up.



Within an hour we cleaned up the and freed the points, addressed the catastrophicly mangled mouldy wiring, home-brewed a Fanta bottle fuel tank, and the old girl fired right up! No air box and no exhaust manifold… she was screaming the 2 stroke dream! We also freed off the clutch and managed to do a small yet satisfying burnout… as you do.




Our incentives are now extremely high to get this old girl on its arse and back on the road! Loads of wonderful and crazy ideas have been floating around in preparation for the daunting task ahead. Discussions have been leaning towards another Beetle panned body dropped platform.



As always with us, it’s go hard or go home! Luckily the DKW is a separate body to chassis car, which will make things slightly easier in removing and fabricating the body onto a Beetle pan.




With the Summer and show season right around the corner, the DKW will be tucked up and tinkered with, whilst no doubt planning and preparing it for another Winter build. We’ve still got tons of work to do on getting the rest of the fleet up together so we can party hard with you lot at the shows this year. We’ll keep the updates and photos flying in as we carry out the build.

Project 635csi

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


I’d like to welcome a new addition to Slam Sanctuary, a car I have dreamt about owning for years, ever since my dad had an M635CSi during my childhood. From that moment I was hooked on BMW’s, with the E24 forever stuck in the back of my mind. It’s that classic shark nose that does it for me, a timeless shape. Anyway, I was originally on the hunt for an E34 540i, another personal favourite. Having looked at a couple, the search was proving difficult. Then out of nowhere, a friend mentioned he knew of an E24 coming up for sale. He sent me some bad phone photos and I saw that it was white in colour, pretty rare especially in the UK. I phoned up the seller immediately and arranged to have a look…



I drove up to view the car with hardly any details or specifications, other than it had a few issues. It happened to be a 1990 635csi. Yes, a 1990. They stopped production of these in 1989, so this would probably have been sitting on a forecourt somewhere before it was registered, making it one of the very last E24’s. I gave the car a test drive, inspected it with a friend, and the deal was done. She drove home with no issues whatsoever.



When I picked up the car, it was sitting on a very tired set of original metric wheels with tyres nearing the limit, so I had to change them as soon as possible. I had a set of BMW Throwing Stars in the garage, waiting to go on an E34 I had planned to buy. After a bit of googling, it turns out these bolt straight on to E24’s, so I sent them off to be refurbed. The guys at The Wheel Specialist Bournemouth did a fantastic job on them. I’ve already had mixed opinions on the wheel choice, but they’ll do me for now until I am ready for some deep dish splits.



After a bit of DIY at Coltech Classics, we have the 635 temporarily sitting a little lower than when it left the factory. The ultimate question for the future is, bags or coilovers? A difficult decision for this car!




On the whole, the car is a little rough in places and its going to need a bit of TLC. I’m already in the process of replacing the brakes all round. The tappets are pretty noisy, there’s an oil leak, quite a few bushes need doing, the fuel pump is on the way out, and countless small issues to add to the list… but to be honest it’s not surprising with such an old, expensive car.



Inside is the definition of 80’s luxury, with the full leather interior including the dashboard, door cards and headlining.



The 4 speed automatic gearbox suits the 6 series as a cruiser, but maybe one day I’ll look at a manual swap, which isn’t too difficult on an M30 engined car.




As much as I was looking forward to 540 V8 ownership, It feels great to finally be driving my dream ride. The looks this thing gets literally everywhere is incredible. I think everyone can appreciate a 635csi, even if you hate BMW’s, this shape just oozes ‘cool’. I can’t wait to get it how I want it, and on the floor of course. Keep your eyes peeled for updates in the near future and come and say hello at shows, the 6 will be there!

Early Edition 2014: Part 2

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


As I mentioned in Part 1 of our Early Edition coverage, the show was absolutely packed with people and cars, so many in fact that I had to split the report into two parts. There was so much to see with such a variation of vehicles including a countless amount of non-VAG cars finally being appreciated. Walking around the show, of course I still heard a few people complaining that Edition38 is a VAG show despite them being outside the show anyway. If you don’t like it, move on, and let others enjoy a day out with other car enthusiasts! So, let’s take a look at some of my highlights from the lower and upper car parks at the venue…


Starting off with the FourSeasons Audi’s. B5 perfection right there.




This was pretty badass, an EOS with Scirocco front end conversion.



I was ecstatic to see this classic, a BMW 2002 looking elegant.





A familiar set of wheels from Ultimate Dubs…



You don’t come across Mk1 Polo’s that often, except for Famous James’ of course, so this was a nice surprise.



A bagged E46 rocking the new Rotiform VCE rims.




These Mazdaspeed wheels were awesome!




I’m a sucker for RF’s, yes they are popular, but as we saw the TT in Part 1 pulled them off as 18″, and here on this E46 they’ve been stepped up big time. Very cool.




A personal favourite B5 wagon, I had to wait about 10 minutes crouching down to get this shot with the amount of passers by.







Nice to see these two out together again, they make a great pair. Lovely clean examples of the E36 M3.



Later they were joined by two more…





An absolutely stunning E21 on air.






Both these guys are taking E46’s to the next level with seriously impressive static ride height.




There were also a few air cooled VW’s near the show entrance including this Beetle.




Moving on to the upper car park, there was even more variation to see.




Even a couple of nice Jap examples…




It’s always nice to see the LikeHell Mini, this year rocking new wheels!




It’s not often that you see these on anything other than a BMW, but this set of BBS RT splits seem to really suit the Mk3.






You’ll either love or hate Rota’s but I personally thought this E36 touring sat nicely on them.







Cool Fifteen52 TurboMac’s on this TT…




I’m not normally a roofbox fan but this “LOLVO” caught my eye with a few tasteful modifications.






Two nice examples of Rotiform IND usage, they seem to work on so many cars.






I’ve noticed that E39’s are becoming more popular this year already, perhaps people are getting inspired from Rich’s example we featured? Great to see.



That about concludes our Early Edition photo coverage. What a simply breathtaking turnout for the Edition38 guys, so thank you for having us. This was just the pre-show, I can’t begin to imagine what the main show and shine event will be like later in the year!

Early Edition 2014: Part 1

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Another Sunday, another car show. This time I travelled up to Northampton Saints Rugby Club where the organisers of one of the UK’s biggest VAG shows, Edition38, hold their annual warm up show ‘Early Edition’. It’s only been going for a few years and I was expecting it to be a rather small show. On the contrary… I have never seen so many people at a car show before; the turnout was outstanding. This year they managed to completely fill the overtop car parks surrounding the rugby stadium. Clearly people couldn’t wait to show off their new projects at what is one of the first main outdoor shows of the year, that and the amazing weather – I even managed to get a little sunburnt!


Here in Part 1 of our coverage, I’ll take you through my highlights from the main show ground. The second part will feature the cars from the lower and upper surrounding car parks.




The step up lip on these BBS’ were pretty impressive. Not entirely sure how I feel about the final result, but it is cool nonetheless.




Louis Nobbs’ Lido Green Mk2 Jetta was one of my highlights at the main E38 show last year. For 2014 he’s switched up the wheels for a set of BBS RC041’s with a polished lip. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a nicer Mk2 Jetta in the country.



I had a sneak peek of Famous James’ new wheels during the build process, and I’m delighted he managed to pull them off. Yes, they are indeed Koala splits.. certainly not to everyone’s taste, but for Jame’s its all about being different and he has succeeded in doing so yet again.




This was without doubt one of the nicest Mk2’s of the day, Tim Vincent’s stunning example sitting well on face mounted RS’s.




With Ultimate Dubs and now here at Early Edition, it’s becoming clear that this year is all about wheel modification. Check out these 18″ RFs on Dale Buckley’s TT…



It was good to see the Airlift/Rotiform Mk2 in the daylight, having previously been indoors at Ultimate Dubs.





RCs are a difficult wheel to pull off, but they looked outstanding on this black Mk4.





On the Meguiar’s stand was this TT sitting on newly coloured Rotiform DIA’s.



Siting alongside it, Dale Masterman’s lovely bagged Beetle.






Last time I saw the Edge Automotive RX-7 was at Players. As if this car couldn’t get any wilder – it’s now bright blue! A brave choice, but it really works and looks more aggressive than ever.



The Auto Finesse project Caddy was looking super shiny in the sunlight.



Undoubtedly one of the most photographed cars at UD14 was Steve Fraser’s Mk6 Golf GTI. I’ve been waiting patiently to capture it outdoors and this was my chance! It’s a mean looking machine.



Autostrada Monza splits are always a winner and look awesome on Steve’s Mk6.



The car scene unfortunately can become a little boring at times, especially when people hang on to current trends and cars end up looking the same time and time again. Ok, one argument is that if it looks good, why change it? On the other hand, enter Julian Loose’s Avant with the opinion splitting Messer wheels. You’re quite simply going to either love or hate these, clearly! But, you just don’t see these around our parts, so I salute you Julian.



However, you can make common wheels unique, just take Kats Giles’ 3SDMs which have been given the Flocky treatment.



So this has got to be my favourite photo of the day, can I have one of these pups please?





I’m becoming a big fan of the new Rotiform OZT’s.



The Still Static Golf is modern car perfection for me. I’m more of a classic guy, but if I had to have something newer this would be it. Those black Eta Beta rims really expose the awesome Lambo brakes showing what a weapon of a car this is.





Wilma wagon was looking great in the sunlight!



It was good to see one of the best ever Mk3’s again, such attention to detail with this car.




On the whole it was a great day, seeing a few old faces from UD in addition to several cars making their 2014 debut. The right atmosphere was evident; sunshine, friends, tunes, beers and cars – for car enthusiasts, what more could you want on a Sunday? And that’s not it yet, check back for Part 2 of our coverage where I’ll take you for a tour around both surrounding car parks, for a whole variety of cars.