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The Volksworld Show 2014

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Sunday saw me heading to the historic Sandown Park racecourse in Esher for day two of the Volksworld Show, something a little different to my previous car show experiences. This time it’s all about air-cooled, and what a treat it was. I spent the day with my good friends Muttley Racing and Coltech Classics who live and breathe old school Volkswagens, ideal companions for someone like me with only a basic understanding of air-cooled vehicles. We arrived nice and early, skipping all the traffic and allowing us time to look over the car park before entering the main show. Anyway, on to the photos…


I’ll kick things off with two of my personal favourites of the show, these Beetles on the Bugpeople stand looking classy.




The guys from The Lower Class had an impressive line up of cars on their stand including this stunning Fastback.




Check out this Rometsch coupe, a truly incredible vehicle and the definition of slammed.



This fresh Squareback also stood out to me with a gleaming paint job and narrow beam.









A couple from the Rothfink crew doing it right as per usual.






Due to there being an excessive amount of barriers around the cars, shooting indoors was not an easy or enjoyable task, here’s what made the cut…




Aaron’s beetle on hydraulics was phenomenal, clearly a lot of hard work has gone into this build. Custom is always best.







A gorgeous green example of a Squareback.



It was nice to see the organisers making an effort on this being a family friendly event, with live music and even a skate & vmx ramp running throughout the day.



What we were most looking forward to seeing, after numerous convoy photos on Instagram the previous day, the DTA crew..



Matty’s fully badass and narrowed on a set of RDW rims.




A very cool static 411.



Fuchs will always be a timeless addition to air-cooled.



…working well again on this Karmann Ghia.



Which one would you pick? I’d have both please.



Awesome patina going on here.








If you’re after a slammed bus, this was one of the more hardcore examples of the day.




It was nice to run in to some of the Hayburner crew.



I love wandering around the car park at shows, there’s always interesting stuff to be found.



This guy has got the right idea.




See what I mean by ‘interesting’. Where else would you see this kind of thing?..






I genuinely had a great day out and found myself falling in love with several Volkswagens, which is rare for me! Hopefully Slam Sanctuary will make it to some more air-cooled events throughout the year. If there’s anything you think we should be attending, let us know in the comments.

Bimmer Boys Start of Season Meet

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


After Ultimate Dubs last weekend it was nice to get back to what I most enjoy, BMWs. This Sunday was the ‘Bimmer Boys‘ second meet of the year, following the successful “Bacons, Eggs & BMWs” meeting in Woking a few weeks ago. This time things have been stepped up a notch, holding the meet at an iconic motoring landmark – the Ace Cafe in London. The organisers timed it nicely as a start to the show season, a good chance to see what everyone had been working on over Winter, before the larger shows start coming up.


Seeing as I am carless at the moment, I took the trip up to London with Rich – who’s E39 we featured recently. We heard of a convoy starting from the Verizon building in Reading just off the M4, so we set off and met a few of the guys there.



We had a nice little drive into West London, giving everyone the chance to see each others cars rolling, and to hear some nice sounds!



We arrived at the Ace Cafe in good time, allowing a click clean of the cars. Did I mention we now have t-shirts for sale? Check out our store:




It turned out that some of the guys from Total M Cars beat us there, and bagged the best parking spaces. A really nice selection of M3s on display here.



Kav’s F10 M5 had people stopping in their tracks as usual, not only is it a stunning looking car, but it sounds mean too.





A few cars you may recognise from the previous meet also turned up.






Gorgeous Schnitzer splits with meaty tyres on this E46 M3.




Rich has now added front ambers to his E39 since we featured it, they really make a difference!



And of course Tallis’ E36 M3, now rocking a lovely set of Speedline splits.





This was a great example of an E30, sitting on style 32s. Black on black with sport leather interior.




Ben’s bagged 335d is now running a set of 3SDM 0.06’s.





Later in the day, everyone suddenly rushed over to the entrance. I wondered what was going on, then noticed that Studio Incar had just rolled in to the car park with their crazy E92 M3.



These guys pretty much stole the show. And to step up the game further, they had Nick and his E30 M3 along with them.



Show season has barely started and this M3 has become one of the most talked about cars already. I saw it last weekend indoors at Ultimate Dubs, so it was ideal to finally see it out in the sunlight to admire the paintwork.



Notice the private plate, meaning “purist”, which goes to show the “no f**ks given” attitude the guys had when building this car. Firstly, it is on air ride. Secondly, it has had a full S54 engine swap – which I didn’t even realise when I first saw the car last week. Clearly a lot of work has gone into the build, fair play to the guys at Studio Incar for doing something so crazy. I guess you’re either going to love or hate it, and I’m sure it will continue to be one of the most popular cars this year.




So there’s your air ride fix.. then Jas arrived in his E38, nicknamed the ‘Slamsporter’. This thing is completely static and seriously low for a 7 series.




A look outside, and there were just as many cool cars parked up on the road…



Including the Mercedes E63 V8 Bi Turbo, we saw this back on the Accuair stand at Ultimate Dubs.



Over the road, George’s E24 635CSi, looking stunning as always.





In standard Ace Cafe meet fashion, cars were parked up all over the pavements surrounding the cafe.





One of my favourite E36 colours, sitting rather nicely on a set of Rondell split rims.




Considering Bimmer Boys only started out last year, the turnout was very impressive. Props to the main organiser Stew for the hard work gone in to getting the group to this stage. As you can see there was a real variation of cars and it was delightful to see everyone getting along and chatting, showing that all BMWs are welcome no matter what your taste.

Ultimate Dubs 2014 Part 3: Outdoors

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Continuing from Part 2 of our Ultimate Dubs coverage, it’s time to take some air and have a look at what the car park had to offer. Weather wise, it was an absolutely stunning day, which meant a lot of the show goers were spending most of their time outdoors to explore the cars and to just generally hang out with friends. I highlighted a few non-VAG cars indoors, continuing more so here as the variety outdoors was a mixed bag. I’ve taken focus on a few BMWs, Mercs and a selection of classic air cooled stuff that stood out to me, a real treat – and hopefully you agree.



The first car that stood out for me was this tornado red R32, on Rotas and static. An impressive ride height which is something you just don’t seem to see that often on Golfs of this age unless they’re on air.





The guys from FourSeasons have kicked off the year hard with an eye catching trio of cars, including Thom’s E46 sitting really nicely on BBS RF splits.



…and Steven’s stunning B5 S4 with a healthy drop. You should hear this too, very loud!



Standing out with an E36 has become tough practice, given the popularity of the model. Josh however has pulled it off with his 328i, adding a set of Carline CM6’s and a crazy bit of rear camber.




This 911 appeared to be parked up here throughout the show, a shame it wasn’t more involved in the show as its a lovely example.



Taking Scirocco’s to the next level…



I had a bit of a moment finally seeing Ian and Shaun’s E36 M3’s in person. Both are extremely tidy and look stunning parked up together. Hopefully they’ll make this a regular occurrence at shows this year!





“Miss Piggy” hanging out with a bunch of cool B5s.




The colour coded lips work nicely on this Golf.




One car that had people breaking necks throughout his entrance was Muhammed’s retro cool Mercedes 190e. It doesn’t get much better than this.




Another car I’d been admiring online was Jas’ E38 so I was ecstatic to see it parked up.





This Speedster coupe was a nice surprise!





A good 5-10 minutes were spent taking in this awesome Beetle, done right.



The same goes for this Type 2, which immediately attracted a huge crowd of admirers whilst it was parking up.




The E36 theme continues, with Kaz’s static example. One of my favourites from Players last year.



One of my cars of the show was this Notchback. Utter perfection.




That concludes our photo coverage of Ultimate Dubs. There’s been an amazing selection of cars and the standard was simply jaw-dropping. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings – people definitely have their work cut out to better some of these cars. I’d like to say a big thank you to the team at UD for having us, a fantastic start to 2014.

Ultimate Dubs 2014 Part 2: Indoors

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Following Part 1 of our Ultimate Dubs coverage, we’re finally indoors (slightly hungover from the previous nights antics) and ready to take a look at what’s on offer at the show season starter. Get ready for some stunning vehicles and a surprising variation from within. Luckily we were able to shoot most of the show on the Saturday afternoon, just as well, because show day on Sunday was absolutely packed with people. It was difficult to even move around at times, a tremendous turn out for the organisers.




This E63 AMG V8 biturbo Mercedes was pretty impressive with Rotiform splits and painted in a controversial taxi-esque yellow, on the Design4Automotive/AccuAir stand.



Yes, there are going to be a lot of Rotiform wheels…




I remember this car from Edition38 last year, a really well executed Mk2 Golf on Ronals that made the journey over from France.



And another from Europe, this Type 2 came over from Belgium and was a major head turner.



Unfortunately I heard these guys had some bad luck on the way home and the engine caught fire. Hope you guys manage to sort it out!




There’s a big question being asked throughout social media at the moment – isn’t UD supposed be a VAG only event? Well, there was certainly quite a large selection of non-VAG around. Personally I don’t have a problem with this, but I am biased being a BMW guy and everything… I know some people seemed to be a bit upset about it, but it’s all about variation in my opinion, so I fully support it, and it was nice to see some great motors like this bagged E21.




Amazing bit of tuck on this air ride S3, with a set of stunning Vossen rims.





It was great to see Kristof’s 911 from Belgium again, one of my personal favourite Porsche’s, now sitting on Rotiform FUCs.





Danni’s new colour definitely helping her Scirocco stand out from the crowd.




More Mercedes wheels on this cool Mk6 Golf on the Lowsocial stand.




Famous James returned with the Polo on a set of 16″ Teddys, helping him take away Wheel Whores Best Wheels and Best Polo of show.



Mark’s “Bolf” estate now rocking new paint.





The guys at RollHard had their own stand this year with some impressive cars including this Mk2 Golf.



Dan’s E46 was a favourite for many at the show, not surprising with such great fitment and a super sexy set of Breytons.









As per usual, our friends at Forge Motorsport had some awesome race cars on display!




The Milestone 71 Porsche was rocking a brave new colour for 2014. You can’t get much more eye catching than this.




Brian from Rotiform brought along this Mk2 on the Players stand. I love the aggressiveness of this car thanks to the huge dish and flares.



..and the Players Datsun we spotted on the way into the show in Part 1. Balls’d have done a fantastic job with this, looking forward to seeing it completely finished.



The Auto Finesse shop caddy was drawing in crowds throughout the day, nicely done guys.




After seeing them on the road, rolling, on the way up to the show (see Part 1), I was intrigued to see Car Audio Security‘s cars close up.



Personally I wouldn’t bag an E46 M3, but there is no denying it looks incredible, a definite OEM+ car, with a square setup of the standard 19″ wheels.




Their E92 was sitting on a super cool set of Rotiforms, with just the right amount of dish.




It’s always a relief to find some classics, like these nice examples over on the Euro Sunday stand.



The Autostrada Monza’s are a nice addition to this Jetta.




The colour coding and Porsche twists on this TT really work well.





I’m not usually the biggest fan of the newer Golfs, but this Mk7 GTI was fresh. The BBS’ and those lips set it off extremely nicely.




There’s always time for a B5 Avant.




Nick Sahota’s E30 M3 built by Studio Incar is going to divide opinions. Its on air ride. I’ll let you make your own judgement, but I think it looks stunning, and they made a great choice on the colour. Fair play for taking on the project, it’s certainly different!





This SWB Quattro was an absolute beast of a machine.




Rocking that classic Mk1 look…



Studio Incar‘s E92 was looking a bit different to when we all saw it last year!



As common as BBS LMs have become, I still think they’re awesome wheels. Especially when they are genuine like the ones on this B5 RS4. It just works.




So, a stunning selection of cars on display. Ultimate Dubs have really set the standard high for the first show of the season, especially with the acceptance of a few non-VAG cars this year. This meant there really was something for everyone to enjoy. And that’s not it, there were just as many cars outside as there were inside the halls, so check back soon for Part 3 of our coverage.

Ultimate Dubs 2014 Part 1: The Road To UD

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Show season is finally here, kicking off in style with Ultimate Dubs up in Telford. This was the first time I’d been to UD, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but nonetheless I was fully stoked. Initially I thought I’d be travelling up early on the Sunday morning, but amazingly managed to get hold of a hotel room next to the venue, an ideal situation – meaning a later start and the chance for drinks on Saturday night! I decided to bring along my good friend and photographer Keith (check out his work over at Bridle Photography). He picked me up Saturday morning in his Mk3 and we set off from Bournemouth to the Midlands, or ‘up north’ as we refer to it. We are proper Southern boys, anywhere above London seems like the North to us!



A morning coffee pitstop was definitely required. The amount of McDonald’s consumed on this trip was quite plainly, ridiculous.



We were hoping to catch a few other show-goers on the journey and amazingly came across the folks over at Car Audio Security and their epic convoy.



These cars look awesome on the road!




We got up to the Midlands in good time, but instead of heading straight to the show in Telford, we made a detour to Stoke to meet up with our friend Danni who had just finished her Scirocco ready for the show.



After much waiting around for her to get back, we hit the road again. She’s done a good job with the new colour, plus the addition of a fresh set of Mercedes rims, a nice surprise to the typical 3SDMs or Rotiforms.




On arrival at the International Centre we were met by the new Players Datsun, built by the guys at Balls’d. It’s unfinished, hence the trailer, but this thing is still pretty badass!



We checked in to our hotel and then headed down to the show to help Danni prep her car for the stand. (ok, I just took photos, d’you expect me to get my hands dirty?)




We took advantage of our early access and spent the rest of the day shooting the show before the general public came in on Sunday. Make sure to check back here soon for Part 2 where we’ll take a look at the indoor show cars, which will be followed by a third post showcasing the cars outdoors, stay tuned!