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Event Coverage: Dorset Volksfest 2013

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


The last weekend of July saw the arrival of a new Volkswagen show, Dorset Volksfest. From what I gathered, the idea was to provide a show for the Dorset locals who don’t want to travel up the country for similar events. Volksfest is a very family oriented car show, there were plenty of families and kids running about the place, hence the vibe was very chilled out. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon when I decided to check out the show.



Now let me get something straight… On my arrival it was clear that this is a bus/camper oriented show – this is not surprising as the show offers two days camping and for bus owners this is the perfect opportunity to show off your pride and joy. For the Slam Sanctuary audience I tried to highlight vehicles our reader’s would be more interested in, and from what I’ve noticed campers are not at the top of this list, so here’s a few cars that stood out.



As well as the buses, there was a decent variation of VW’s on display, including a whole host of Beetles.


Plus this slammed Citroen…



And of course a few Caddys.



This Mk1 Golf was looking good, owned by Paul at Coltech Classics who has just put it up for sale.




…Even a Lupo can look incredible just with a little drop!



Probably one of the newest cars at the show, this Up! on Merc wheels. A nice little touch was the decal on the rear that had been renamed to “Down!”, very appropriate.





A Mk2 Golf GTI also spotted at The German Show last weekend.



A Polo showing off it’s new paint job courtesy of Kustom Kolors in Christchurch. Top job.



Mark Allen’s Mk4 Golf estate with Bora front end on air.






James McCaffery’s Mk1 Polo is always a crowd favourite.




Something a bit different, a Mk1 Golf on a Beetle pan that won “Best air cooled” award.



This thing is seriously crazy. Expect a full feature in the near future and you can see all the work that has gone into this car.



The OZ Futura’s really set this Mk3 off nicely.




This Mk2 was looking immaculate, something about this just caught me – tastefully done indeed.




The winner of “Best Beetle” looking sparkly.



On my way out I stumbled across this RS4 Avant, looking totally standard, but still, what a machine!



So, let me conclude.. This was a small show – but don’t forget this was Volksfest’s first year – they did well considering, especially as the Sunday shares the same date as All Dubs (an absolutely huge VW show). I only hope after the success of this year Volksfest continues to grow into something even bigger and better. I am looking forward to next year!

Event Coverage: The German Show 2013 at Beaulieu

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


I first attended this show back in 2010 when it first started out, and it’s amazing to see how it has grown into such a special show for German enthusiasts. The vibe is chilled out and the venue is spectacular, hosted in the lush grounds of Beaulieu in the New Forest, Hampshire. A £13 entrance fee also grants access to the historic Beaulieu Motor Museum onsite, with camping available on the Saturday night at additional cost. It certainly seems like a good deal for a great day out, and very family friendly too.


I spent the morning at Beaulieu, as I had another show to attend later in the day. I parked up and the first spotting was this E31 850i beast.. can’t beat a bit of V12 power!



As much as we love lowered cars here at Slam Sanctuary, there’s still admiration for the OEM and standard cars, that’s where it all starts anyway, right? Well that’s the reason The German Show is a favourite – there’s a huge variation of vehicles on display. Take this E36 M3 saloon for example.




There was quite decent turnout for the Porsche fans, including a RUF.









…and an amazing selection of classics.



The German Show falls on the same weekend as Bug Jam, where the majority of the VAG guys head to religiously, so it was good to see some made the effort to attend.




These two E36 Sport’s were looking tasty side by side with matching blue centred Style 5’s, always a winning combination on these cars.







I followed this French caged E21 320 coupe into the show, which looked just as good rolling as it did parked up.







The E30’s were out in full force, as the show is sponsored by so many of their cars were on display, including various ‘verts like this…



One of my stand out cars of the show, an V8-powered E30 saloon. I first saw this car parked up at Players Classic a few months ago so it was awesome to see it on display getting the attention it deserves.



I didn’t get the chance to chat to the owner, but it is obviously an M60 lump. A lot of people have done this swap but the execution of this one is stunning. The bay is so so clean, with freshly painted rocker covers and removal of washer bottles, it’s just flawless and sounded like an absolute beast driving in.




This Caddy was extremely clean for good reason, parked up on the Kleen Freaks stand. Very nice indeed.



The shark nose BMW’s are probably considered some of the most prestigious to own. I spotted this lovely E28 5 series on polished Style 5’s with black centers.




There’s always time for an OEM RS4, one of the finest power houses to come out of Germany.



…or forget power, how about a cleaner than clean Mk1.



Being an ex E34 owner and a huge fan myself, it was sad to see just one example, so I had to get at least two shots.



This white E34 was fully stripped out for drift days and pretty mean looking! The owner said it was the car’s last day out as he had just upgraded to a 540i/6 – where the real power is.



A Mk2 Golf sitting pretty on a set of Ronals.



I’d not seen a set of these 3SDM wheels on an E46 touring yet, but they work well especially on a silver car.




This E36 M3 was a very tidy example with BBS LM’s and a red Vader interior. Great colour combo, and amber indicators to finish it off.



An E36 I remember from DC13… This is a ‘vert done to perfection.



Thanks to the heatwave the UK is currently having, the grass got worse further out from the show ground, so this Jetta became slightly camouflaged thanks to its body colour! Still a fantastic car.



Another highlight, Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Cosworth, one of the cleanest I’ve seen. Just check out that engine bay.







A badass E39 M5 looking mean in black with huge BBS LM’s.



Check out the US-spec boot lid which features the square number plate. I think this really transforms the rear end of the E39 – great mod!



A Rallye sitting nicely on the hill.



If you’re looking for one of the cleanest classic BMW’s out there, have a look at this beautiful E21 316 in red.



At the other end of the scale, V8 M3. That is all.



It was parked alongside two stunning E46 M3’s, including this stunning Laguna Seca blue example on black CSL’s.





One of my favourite cars of all time, an E24 M635csi, completely standard.



There was a nice selection of Karmann Ghia’s dotted about the show.




Our Slam Sanctuary project E46 taking in the sun.



You don’t see too many of these about, a BMW Z1.



A nice Audi B5 on Merc wheels.



Another classic, a black 2002 resting under the shade.




A nice bonus to the show was the arena that encouraged owners to come and show off their cars and provide everyone with a bit of entertainment.



…like a bit of field drifting in a stripped 2002 and E36. Looked like a lot of fun!



The time I spent at The German Show was brilliant. As I said earlier, it’s great to see the show attracting so many attendees now. I’ll definitely be there next year, you should too.

Brad Coup’s Integra DC2

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


I’ve wanted to photograph this car for a while now, so it made sense to make it Slam Sanctuary’s first feature. May I present to you, one of the cleanest Honda’s I have ever seen – Brad Coup’s 1996 JDM Honda Integra Type R. Some would say it can be a daunting task to try and make these stand out from the rest of the Integra herd, many fail, but it’s clear that Brad knows what’s up. Subtle modifications and a clean cut look is the winning combination here. We met up in the New Forest in Hampshire on a beautiful Summer’s evening. Let’s take a closer look…




A lot of love, time and tremendous care has gone into Brad’s pride and joy. You’ll never see it out in the rain, it’s treated to the garage – except when he’s out enjoying it of course. Fair play to him because the condition of this Integra is stunning.



The roads around these parts are atrocious and Brad likes to drive the car hard so it sits at a respectable ride height on a set of Meister R Zeta S coilovers.



Catching your eye first are the yellow tinted headlight lenses, not to everyone’s taste but a definite way to stand out. The front bumper has been paired with a colour coded Fiberworx Spoon lip and a J’s Racing air duct. Also noticeable is the Feels carbon bonnet and Spoon mirrors – always an effective upgrade on any Honda.



A look at the rear end shows more tasteful modifications including a Mugen Gen 1 spoiler, and an Aztect rear lip to set off the bumper. Underneath you’ll notice the Beaks lower tie bar and aftermarket exhaust system; an HKS Super Dragger coupled with a DC Sports 4-1 manifold.



The attention to detail continues inside the cabin, which is fully stripped out, featuring a Recaro Pole Position drivers seat fixed to a Buddyclub low rail, along with a Sabelt 4 point harness. A Personal Neo Grinta steering wheel with D1 Spec carbon snap-off boss really sets the interior off nicely. Brad has ditched the flimsy looking OEM gear knob for a D1 Spec heavyweight knob along with a K Tuned shifter, which works oh so well.



As good as the OEM rear strut brace looks alone, Brad wants to take it to the next level, with plans for a full MSA welded cage!



A glimpse under the hood and the first thing that hits you is the monstrous Tegiwa Carbon CAI, additionally a Koyo radiator and a Tegiwa 3-point front strut brace. More noticeable improvements include an ACT Lightened Flywheel and ACT Stage1 clutch tied with a Kaaz 1.5way LSD plus s80 – mfactory 4.923 Final Drive. If that wasn’t enough, Brad has had the P72 remapped with Neptune and shed some weight by removing the ABS, air con and power steering.



The DC2 sits on a bronze set of Volk TE37c’s (15×7 ET43) paired with Yokohama Advan AD08 195/50/15 rubber all round. Braking enhancements include Wilwood Dynalite calipers, 282 discs and Ferodo DS2500 pads. The front bumper is also finished off with J’s Racing canards, but soon to be replaced by some colour coded Fiberworx examples.



It wasn’t always smooth sailing for the Integra. Unfortunately last year a valve spring went on the gassflow’d big cammed head. Brad took it on the chin and decided to rebuild it as standard but to make it more to par he had the gearbox rebuilt with a 4.9fd and the Kazz diff. Right now the car is pretty much where Brad wants it to be, bar a few small modifications to come of course – let’s face it, a car is never finished.



The headlights looked great lit up as Brad set off to leave.



There you have it, our first feature. Stay tuned for more cars coming in the near future.

Event coverage: South Mimms Honda Meet Part 2

Words & Photos by Henry Phull


Yesterday we attended this year’s second Honda meet at South Mimms services on the M25, organised by EHM parts and Endless Horizon Motorsport. This has got to be the largest Honda gathering in the UK – I’ve never seen so many Honda’s in one place… a Honda enthusiast’s dream. I thought it slightly strange that the meet was held at a service station, not the most impressive venue, although it was very accessible and good location for most people attending. The organisers managed to get the lorry park closed down for the meet, however some lorries got stuck in whilst the show took place. Some didn’t look too pleased, but oh well!


Now, let’s get down to it. The photos…



For me this Integra DC2 was one of the highlights of the day, owned by Rajesh Mannoesingh who had travelled all the way from the Netherlands for the meet.




…Joined by this pretty awesome Civic.






S2000’s always look so good in black.






There were a few other non-Honda Jap cars around, like this stunning RX7. Just needs lowering, pretty please!







This menacing PS13 dominated a whole section of the car park.




An EK sitting pretty on 3SDMs.



Another attendee from the Netherlands was this tidy EG.





I always have time for Skylines, so it was especially nice to see a few R32s.




Loved the blackout look of this slammed EK, caged and on steelies.



I was hoping to see an NSX, and was in luck with this white example – such awesome machines!





Later in the day this AE86 turned up and I managed to shoot it as the owner was parking up. This car is just as clean inside as it looks out. Great example of an iconic car!






It’s nice to see something a little different like this subtle 4-door Integra.













How about a bit of Honda luxury?




Or a wagon on steels!








This teg could be heard making many loud noises throughout the day. Hey, it wouldn’t be a Honda meet without a bit of limiter.




Loved the stance of this EG, great fitment right there.




Another real head turner, Mark Loony’s EK fitted with hydraulics.






This EP looked pretty different sat on a set of BBS’ that are more commonly seen on BMW E36 328i’s..






Another stand out car drawing in the crowds was Ben Chan’s DC5 sitting on Enkei wheels.




Our friends the ShootAll Ballers were out representing hard, with Benny Rees’ EG and Thierry’s EK, both fully stripped out.




Marc Moss’ clean DC2 running an Air Walker front bumper, C-West side skirts and Back Yard Special rear bumper.



Dave Loosemore’s EK with colour coded wheels.





I’m so glad I stumbled across this Skyline hiding away just before I left, seriously awesome.








There were a few German vehicles in attendance, not getting much love, but as I’m a true Euro fan at heart I could not resist, here’s some that caught my eye…



This E36 M3 was incredibly clean with a beautiful Vader interior too.




All in all a great day out and a real mecca for Honda fans. See you at Mimms 3!